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Inkigayo 7/29

Haven’t done one of these in forever.

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Music Core 5/8/10

f(x)’s “NU ABO”

You know how in a lot of songs, you hear a line in the studio version and everything’s fine, and then when you see it performed live, you’re like, “Oh, so that’s how it’s supposed to go?? Huh.”

That’s me with Sulli’s spoken/rapped/half-sung line where she first sidles with Luna and then switches off to Krystal. It sounded a little out of place tonally and I hate this stupid half rap/half spoken/half something else thing that’s been going on in SM songs (like Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung’s lines in “Run Devil Run”). I don’t know because I’m not a performer, singer, or dancer, but it seems like speaking lines while dancing is harder to do than singing, because when you speak you have to go at an assured pace, and it’s hard to do that when you’re out of breath and have generally been going with a melodic flow. The speaking punctures the flow.

Other than that, I love the choreography for this song. It’s another piece of Rino work and I love you can tell she choreographed this. Rino’s choreography is really nuanced and has a lot of little movements that are hard to catch because they happen so intricately and they’re not part of a “hook” move that’s meant to be repeated over and over again. (This, like I’ve said, is not factoring in the stupid work she did for “Genie.”) I love the part where everyone shuffles to the left as Amber does her first verse; I love the Sulli/Luna and Sulli/Krystal coupling as Suli does her lines; I pretty much just love everything.

I may like the choreo more than the song itself, but the song is a helluva lot better than LA cHA TA and Chu. It’s a shame that Super Junior’s coming back next week — NU ABO will mostly be ignored after that.

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Real talent, guys

My fave performance from the MBC Dance Battle:

I don’t know which aspect is more perfect — the fact that Bong Sun has a less annoying voice than Hyunah, Yoseob’s complete disinterest in the dance/simultaneous rigorous pelvis thrusting, Hyunseung’s sick body waves, Dongwoon’s amazing fascination with the whole thing, or Junhyung’s complete embarrassment.

I think I’m gonna run off to watch more of Beast’s documentary now…

(Other great performances at the dance battle [which is one of my favorite idol gatherings every year, heh]:

Beast – Ice Box, Flashy and Fly
After School – Lipgloss, Wall to Wall
Rainbow + Jung Juri – Single Ladies
SNSD – What it Is (I wish this song were more compelling. The choreo is great, but the song is so boring.))