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Dramas of 2010

Let’s wrap this up, procrastinator style!

2010 was a really good drama year for me. I tend to do this thing where when I get really bored with Kpop, I deviate to dramas. Last year was a relatively decent year for music, so my drama list was a little shorter. This year, in contrast, was a really bad year for music, so I found it easier to concentrate my energy on watching dramas.

I watched a lot of dramas this year. I’m usually not a person who keeps up with every single new drama, but this year I did manage to watch a new drama every time an old one wrapped up, so I’ve developed a pretty good sense of how the year in dramas flowed together.

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Drama styling tips #4: Bad Guy

I’m all about the styling of Han Ga-in’s Moon Jae-in in this one.

The guys are standard suits and chaebol-wear, and everyone looks sharp, but it’s nothing to write home about. Moon Jae-in, on the other hand, I love. I’m not that interested in how the Hong family daughters are dressed because it looks like typical expensive-women wear, and that bores me.

The one winning thing about a good majority of Jae-in’s outfits is that her shoes give her rather girly get-ups a sharper, harder edge. She almost always wear badass biker boots, either with stacked heels or no heels at all. Everything else about her outfits are extremely girly — pastel blouses, slouchy button-downs — but once you look down at her shoes, the feeling completely changes.

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Bad Guy, episodes 1-5

So far, the only thing that’s really keeping me invested in this drama is the acting from Kim Nam-gil and Kim Jae-wook. The story is been-there-done-that-and-better and I shrug constantly when Han Ga-in or Oh Yeon-soo are on screen.

(P.S. Already groaning at the fact that this is going to be 20 episodes long. By about episode 14, I’m going to start cursing excessively at illogical plot turns and ridiculous lapses in judgment.)

(P.P.S. Is it weird that I find all of the characters’ names really pretty? Tae-ra, Mo-nae, Jae-in, Gun-wook.)

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