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Stars in my eyes

In a few days, it’ll be October 1, 2009 and that day will mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The preparation going on right now leading to the celebrations that will take place on that day are INSANE and I for one can’t wait to see what festivities are going to take place.

The reason that the 60th birthday is so important is that in Chinese custom, a 60th is probably the most important birthday after actually being born. 60 years constitutes a cycle in traditional custom, so a lot of the elders say that once a person reaches 60 years in his/her life, he’s back to being a child. So technically, an adult that’s 60 should be able to enjoy life again and do none of the actual “adult” stuff anymore like working, earning money, etcetera.

But anyway, the stars in my eyes are not because I’m just so excited for China’s 60th (although I am just because it’s a really big deal), but for this editorial from Vogue China that was inspired by the 60th anniversary. From the October 2009 issue of Vogue China, “60 Memorable Fashion Moments,” chronicling the sixty years of fashion in the PRC:

I actually have a huge gripe with whoever put this editorial together layout-wise because it’s so distracting and takes so much away from the images of the editorial itself. I love the idea and the concept (minus the fact that it’s inaccurately titled; there aren’t actually 60 moments in this, there are only 60 years of fashion) but the little graphics around the editorial itself are distracting. The 1969-1979 spread is particularly messy because it’s two images on two pages and it would’ve been perfect seeing it as a full spread, but instead there’s that junk on the bottom.

I think the perfect way to have executed this was to have the entire spread run its course on a full 12 pages, and then explained the fashion in the pages after. Maybe even after that can be an article written by some fashion editor/celebrity/historian of relevance with his/her thoughts.

And because I am a person who does things she shouldn’t be doing during the time that she doesn’t have, I redid the pages:

Larger images behind the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

I can’t find a bigger version of this picture but this is the best I’ve found; it’s a photo taken by Robert Capa during 1944 where a French woman (center) was punished by having to shave her head because of a disgraceful affair with a German man that resulted in the child she was holding. The picture is freaking amazing in the kind of astounding hostility it shows. Basically, humans suck. The swarms of women who are crowding around her turning their heads to look at the woman in the center. You can’t see very clearly, but the group of people behind the front line stretches very far to the back and almost all of them have their heads turned to the woman up front with her baby. Most of the people in the crowd are wearing gleeful smiles like they’re amused at the fate of the woman who had a baby with the German soldier.

Looking at the picture stresses the eff out of me because people can be so incredibly close-minded about things they don’t know or don’t bother to understand. And also, kudos to Robert Capa for snapping this amazing photo.

Here’s a closer-up version of the center:

I came across the photo via today’s edition of the NY Times, in an article called “Tracing Roots Fostered by War, Severed by Shame.” (Great title, ain’t it?)

Q&A book covers

Am writing a paper on Slumdog Millionaire and in my quest for info, found that there were multiple book covers for the book Q&A, the story written by Vikas Swarup from which the movie is based. Look at these beautiful covers:

And then of course, the version in wide-release in the US has this cover:

The cover is straight from the SINFULLY ugly movie poster. Who the hell is the graphic designer who thought that that was an okay movie poster? A first day user of Photoshop could blend two obvious pictures better than that graphic artist did. And the font? ARE YOU JOKING ME? You couldn’t buy a better font to use?!

MYK & “Mad World,” participatory culture

I wish I could embed, but I can’t so go here:

MYK playing and singing “Mad World”

MYK remixing “Mad World”

I’ve been studying participatory culture non-stop lately, so I appreciate what MYK’s doing and am really keen on the whole creative process that goes behind the reinterpretation of something. Participatory culture basically is the culture of the, loosely put, remix. Not just the standard idea you have in mind of a song remix, but it ranges from reinterpreting popular media to creating something new altogether from something you’re given.

Some excellent examples of participatory culture:

“The Shining,” recut

“Scary Mary”

DJ Dangermouse’s “Grey Album” project (mashups of songs from The Beatles’ “White Album” and Jay Z’s “Black Album”)

“Don’t Forget”

It hurts me how good this is. Love the scenes used, loved the coloring, love the transitions, GOOD SONG, and everything that the actual show was not. Oh man, am still trying to wrap my head around why such a seriously flawed drama like Boys Over Flowers had so much of the drama watching world captivated. Maybe if the scene in the drama was presented in the way it was the fanvid I would’ve liked it more?