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The Good Wife, baaaaby

If I haven’t stated it enough on all social media platforms, I’ve watched a. lot. of. The Good Wife. I am all caught up after a week (that’s 51 episodes, folks) and I have a lot to say.

What else is new?

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TV, my love

Two fan videos from “Community” that I LOVE. One is a recap of “Modern Warfare” set to music from Inception and the other is a redone trailer a la 500 Days of Summer.

Sigh, TV + fandom, never leave me.

Some cross-posted thoughts on “Community” and “Nikita” after the jump.

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Dramas of 2010

Let’s wrap this up, procrastinator style!

2010 was a really good drama year for me. I tend to do this thing where when I get really bored with Kpop, I deviate to dramas. Last year was a relatively decent year for music, so my drama list was a little shorter. This year, in contrast, was a really bad year for music, so I found it easier to concentrate my energy on watching dramas.

I watched a lot of dramas this year. I’m usually not a person who keeps up with every single new drama, but this year I did manage to watch a new drama every time an old one wrapped up, so I’ve developed a pretty good sense of how the year in dramas flowed together.

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Vampire what?

This photo was enough to stir me for a nanosecond, making me think I should go back and watch more of the Vampire Diaries. It kinda looks like a Burberry ad wannabe, which makes me laugh — the seriousness of the stares, the trench-y-ness, Somerhalder’s turtleneck.

I’m so shallow, but the show is so bad that when I watch, I tend to concentrate on superficial things. Like the fact that Paul Wesley has the most unappealing jaw ever. It makes him look like Frankenstein! And Ian Somerhalder’s blue eyes are really deceiving, making you think he’s a pool of depth and understanding as you get lost in those giant, blue pools of OMGWTFWHOHASEYESLIKETHAT, but when he acts…I dunno, man. His nostrils flare to epic proportions and he looks so comedic that it’s hard to take him seriously.

Something redeeming about this show, something redeeming about this show … umm. I got nada.