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Happy 2nd!

It’s the blog’s second birthday!

I started the blog two years ago on this day. I’ve kept a plethora of blogs, from personal, to fandom-y, and I started this one primarily to write about all my interests without getting too much into the personal stuff. And it’s worked so far — I hope!

I have interest in so many things, and I wanted a place where I can talk about pop, fashion, sociocultural issues and show pictures of things I’ve done, without pigeon-holing myself into one specific category. And one thing I’ve always struggled with in terms of talking about my interests is being proud of all of them and what they say about me.

There are certain things that I always thought were cooler and more “presentable” than others — writing about a Chanel bag is cool, writing about 13 boys dancing to bad music is not. Generally speaking.

So I found that I unintentionally always catered to a certain audience and saved the Asian pop stuff for the Asian pop audience, and saved the fashion stuff for the fashion audience and saved the photos for the photo people. That gets tiring, and I wanted a new place where I could just keep a blog that is representative of me through my interests, instead of keeping a blog that is about one interest, written by me. I’ve come to terms with my interests and my writing ability so that I can tell people, hey, it’s great that you come to my blog for fashion posts, but I also like it when boys do stupid things on variety shows and I will write about it, and you should still keep in mind that no one interest is greater or better than the other.

I’m uncomfortable with people thinking that Asian pop is just a bunch of weird Asianphiles who like to listen to songs in languages they don’t understand and then dabble in kawaii shit, and I’m uncomfortable with people thinking that fashion blogs are only real fashion blogs if there’s a pretty girl standing in pretty shoes carrying a pretty bag while posing in front of the camera like they don’t know they’re being photographed, while looking lost and posing hunched over.

So, this blog is my attempt to write about all these interests without feeling embarrassed of any of them, or that they should be reserved for only those who understand that type of subculture.

For everyone who’s been reading since the early days, I salute you! I’m glad I haven’t scared you off :) And for those who are new to the blog, welcome and enjoy!



I’ve run out of room on my closet walls to make wall collages, so I’m marking my territory elsewhere. I also didn’t want to tape anything down, so I hung some string and voila. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to remember to do this instead if taping is not an option. Can we get a “doy” here?

Anyhoo, I just wanted to plug some sites I’ve been frequenting, that I’ve put up links to on the side:

I tumble,


and tweet!

And some blogs that I’ve been frequenting a lot lately, which I will eventually update the “site” page with:

FoodRasa Malaysia, Simply Breakfast, Smitten Kitchen, and my favorite, it will stop raining*

Fashionle Blog de Betty, Maisons de Reverie, Stylites in Beijing

Pop cultureSasha & the Silverfish, Sociological Images, the Grand Narrative

On a random note, I went ice skating today! It’s like learning how to walk all over again.


If you want to contact me, do so below and I’ll get back to you asap.


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I started this blog three years ago to write about my three loves in one place: Asian pop culture, fashion, and the media. I love talking about them separately, and it just tickles me pink when I stumble into chance to talk about them all together at once.

I watch TV incessantly and I write about it. I love analyzing Asian dramas specifically because while I do not live in East Asia, I know about and have an interest in East Asia and believe that TV is as good a way to find out about a culture as reading a book.

Some of my favorite things are: Washi tape, instant photos, Balenciaga, Baek Ji-young, struggling painfully with hiragana and katakana (because when I succeed, it will be oh so sweet), good songs from good drama soundtracks, T.O.P., Kimura Takuya, Kimura Takuya’s stare, Kimura Takuya’s ridiculous inability to sing at any capacity, Asian editions of international magazines, books written by John Dower, F.Scott Fitzgerald and David Brooks, Dong Bang Shin Ki, learning about Maoist China.

Off the internets, in the “real world,” I also write for a living. It’s fun.

– – – – – –

A word on the blog:
Sometimes when I dig a song, I’ll upload it and share it with you for sampling purposes. Songs more than 2 months old will be removed. If you like anything you hear, don’t hesitate to try the artist out by buying their music. Don’t hotlink images or take my words without permission, or I’ll run after you with a stick covered with ants. This blog doodad is powered by WordPress, running on the Plainscape theme.