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Abs, thighs, objectify

Select members of SNSD + 2PM are in a new commercial together for Everland Caribbean Bay.

To be honest, after I watched the commercial, I wasn’t sure if I was watching a promo for gym clothes, a water park, or some kind of lotion that slims you up and makes you look like you’re skinny in all the right places.

I’ve never seen Seohyun in a risque commercial for anything, ever, so I assumed that somehow this would be a commercial that promotes healthy living. Oh, I’m so silly. Because half-way into the commercial, we get this:

This pisses me off like no other. The girls were born in 89, 90, 91. Whoever’s doing a strip tease is wearing a halter, and it looks like that’s Seohyun, and if that’s so, that’s an even a bigger offense. She was born in 91, for fuck’s sake.

And right now, there are no guys who are more objectified than 2PM, especially Taec. Male objectification, while it does have its implications, don’t have the same historical context as female objectification, so I take more of an issue with how SNSD are portrayed here. It annoys me so much that Korea constantly relies on exploiting sexuality in their youth in order to sell a product. Using sex to sell is inevitable in any entertainment industry, but can we at least try to be ethical about it and use models who are age appropriate and can own their sexuality?

Jaebum, oh, Jaebum

What someone says in the privacy of their own Myspace, whether it’s locked or not, is their own business. It is public, so it’s easier for people to scrutinize it or whatever, but still, it’s his own domain. He gets to say what he wants and it’s kind of nice to know that Jaebum still had his own source of outlet if he ever wanted to have one. Too bad it’s all gone now, thanks to netizens, but hey, moving on from that.

With that said, yeah Jaebum was pretty damn stupid to say “I hate Koreans” and “Koreans are gay.” He’s 22 years old this year, meaning he was 18 when he left those Myspace messages and he should’ve known better. First of all, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You were training to be an idol in Korea. Second, generalizations are just bad. You just don’t say “I hate” towards an entire nation of people, and you don’t say that an entire nation of people are “gay.”

But netizen response to this has been outrageous!! Seriously, there has never been a group of people more over their heads about their own country’s pop culture than Korea’s netizens. Calling for a cease of all 2PM’s activities? Saying stuff like “Jaebum is Korean American. He’s not Korean or American, he’s just garbage”?? WHACK, y’all.

Life rambles

On days I don’t have class, it’s such a task to get myself ready to go to the library to do some work because I could always just bum around and do it at home. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself before I spiral into the most useless web-surfing and before you know it, it’s time to take a shower and go to friggin’ bed.

So now, I’m at the library and I probably have to “ease” into paper writing by doing useless stuff like this first. Random things that go through my head as I “concentrate”:

  • My normal ringtone is Taeyang’s “Sinners.” I use Big Bang’s “Number 1” for my brother. But the annoying thing about that is that I didn’t cut a special segment of the song for it, I just used the mp3 I have on my phone. So whenever my brother calls, the phone rings for about 5 seconds before I pick it up, and that’s ALWAYS that point in the song where G-Dragon makes heavy breathing noises. Completely inappropriate out of context.

  • I’ve been dying to make a fanvid of something. Anything! Ever since studying participatory culture in my Media Crit class, I’ve been looking at those things in a whole new light. I mean, I was always aware they existed when I dabbled in different fandoms, but I never thought that was gonna be “my” thing, “my” medium of art. I always appreciated fan-vidders but now I’m obsessed with the vidding process. And since I’ve looked at so many nicely done ones, I’ve been itching to make my own. Nia also edits all our Seoulbeats Weekly videos and I’m sooo freaking starved to start trying out editing. Summer, I promise, this summer!
  • Is there anyone else who can’t stand to let their IM windows keep blinking? I have to click on them so they stop blinking or else I go OCD batshit.
  • Does anyone have a summer booklist they’re going to start working on? Share some titles!
  • Oh and I forgot to say, I’m a ridiculous huge 2PM fangirl atm. I don’t like their music but I watched so many of their “Idol Army” episodes. Taekyeon is freaking crazy, Nickhun is ADORABLE, Jaebum is so mischievous:

  • Ooookay back to writing.