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Current K-pop #6: Exo M vs. Exo K

There’s finally enough material to warrant a “M vs. K” debate. What is Love was nice and all, but K-pop is moot without seeing idols in action, aka DANCE.

Now there’s a more holistic picture of the groups with History since the music video is a little more linear and less like a random sci-fi montage of clips. There’s still some grey area ambiguity with who’s doing what, and whether or not that translates live, which I don’t think we’ll be able to judge with Exo-M since China/Taiwan/HK are going to be their stomping grounds and good luck finding live anythings, but I digress.

I also have to get this off my chest: That desert storm set is SO ugly. The color palette, the way the clothes blend in with the ugly rocks in the back. Everything is SO ugly.

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Two Tone

I really wanna know why Yunho looks like an Angry Bird doing the Irish jig on the yellow cover.

All of TONE‘s covers are incredibly uninspired. They’re the covers you look at when you see them at the CD store (do these…still exist?) and you go, “…Okay.” And then you shrug before you put it back down and head on over to judge other CDs by their more awesome covers.

The covers actually match perfectly with the content of the album — both bland and possibly a regression in style and execution compared to past works.

Tohoshinki’s past albums have always been a great mix of everything. There were the uptempo ballads, the downtempo ballads (I call them the ‘weepies’), the dance tracks, the tea-time melodies, the jazzy lounge tracks, the randomly intriguing pop songs that have a very distinct J-pop feel to them. They were all really unique in their own way and I would be incredibly happy as a listener because I got a little of everything. Of course there were the one or two throwaway weepies that I just did not care for at all, but they were the minority and they were usually on the second disc of the album or something (and this distinction between material from the first disc and the second disc is a big one).

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If you havin’ girl problems, I feel bad for you son

This picture is a pretty accurate reflection of my mood lately.

I’m currently nursing the sickest skin allergy ever and I’m spending a lot of time cleaning my room out of boredom and inability to concentrate on doing things like reading, watching TV, etc. I don’t know why I have these weird OCD tendencies all the time. I also don’t really understand why my room is so dirty all the time.

Unrelated to the room cleaning, I’ve decided that carrying around a journalism degree as a post-grad in 2011 is one of the most depressing and unfulfilling things right now. My vision of the working world is murky and indescribable.

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Hugo’s cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”

Apparently this is on the Fright Night soundtrack but I heard this way long ago on No Strings Attached. (Clearly, my movie tastes are awesome and amazing.)

Kara’s “Step”

This is surprisingly good? Kara’s one of those groups I would never ever watch live because they’re just so awful live, but studio versions of things hide all their flaws nicely. And DSP actually puts out a lot of good stuff, but their groups just never really get there, y’know?

Baek Ji-young’s “Love Game”

This song is so good. I guess Baek Ji-young’s latest album didn’t have that it song that could top “My Ear’s Candy,” so her 8th album went mostly ignored, which is a shame because I think it’s one of the best albums of the year.

Fanmade acapella version of KJ8’s “I to U”

Still can’t tell people’s voices apart aside from Subaru, Ryo, Murakami, and Okura, but I really like uptempo ballads like this. It reminds me of DBSK’s “Doushite” and “Stand by U” a little, but maybe a wee bit less depressing.

Song of the day

Kanjani8 – Tsubasa ni koi

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So I have a love/hate relationship with this song.

I love it because the instrumental melody is amazing and I get chills listening to the first few notes.

But I hate it so much because omgwtf-my-LORD-who-let-these-people-sing.

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Current K-pop #5: CSJH is in the hizzle

What to say? This is a well-deserved comeback to be sure, but it’s underwhelming.

For one, it looks like Dana and Sunday have forgotten how to dance. Dana and Sunday were never the dancers of the group anyway, and on top of that, CSJH was never a particularly strong dance group, so watching the two dance has just been awful so far.

And the other more important thing is — this song is a good example of the sort of stuff that is wrong with the Kpop sound.

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