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Exo notes, July

Just in time for the 100 day tomorrow! I cannot believe it’s only been 100 days since their debut. Longest debut-in-progress-and-aftermath ever.

So these will be round-up posts of random thoughts on Exo. They’re the only thing I’m following this religiously in K-pop since Shinee’s debut, might as well document it properly. (Looking back on it, I wish I kept a better thoughtbox of sorts on Shinee.)

Gonna try to refrain myself to one of these a month ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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Music roundup, July 8

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Listen, and read

For people in a crappy place right now.

Way too many words on Exo

1) Let me be verbose, lest my brain explode.

2) Let me use the amazing photographs fans have taken at events, lest my Tumblr explode.

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Mama Mia

I’m glad I spoke too soon in my previous review of “History,” because I think K and M are equally talented, and what’s even better is I think SM’s releasing some of the best material they’ve released in years for this debut. Yay concentrated efforts funneled all into ONE group! That’s not a bad idea at all for a company with a roster of 11 active groups/artists! Bad for them, good for me who hasn’t cared about anything any SM group/artist has done since f(x)’s “NU ABO.”


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