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Blue, blue, blue

This will be one of those not-fandom posts I litter here once in a blue moon. (Blue! Everything’s so blue.)








Some of these are from forever ago. I’m horrible at keeping up with photos.

Here are some tunes to listen to:

Photography is a lonely hobby, ain’t it?

Keep Calm and Swag On

Look at what my favorite Dragon Soup is wearing:


And look at what I got:


I know, I know. You look at it and for a split second you’re like, “Ugh, how obnoxious.” But after that split second you’re probably thinking, “Wow this is awesome, it’s the best thing ever.” Don’t be jealous.

Anyway. Last week, I went to the Apple store to see if they could get my iPod nano fixed, because the home button on it wasn’t working. I’ve been putting my entire library on shuffle for a while now, because I’ve been sick of all the music I listen to and putting 2000 songs on shuffle lessens the pain a little. I discovered that you can set the home button to skip songs when you double click on it and have been abusing the poor button, so last Wednesday it just got stuck and refused to pop back up.

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What I mean when I talk about podcasting


Now go listen :)

(Whoa, whoops, when I fixed the ‘s’ in “listen,” I ended up writing over the ‘i’ heh heh.)

Another weekend is over

I took these photos with my Nikon FM10 at the end of 2010, and didn’t get around to scanning the prints until now. Ummmmm yeah.

I have another roll from 2011 that I didn’t even develop yet. I don’t even know where to get photographs developed anymore, it’s such a dead art form. Committing to film photography is a huge labor of love (and lots and lots of money). I don’t know how anyone does it.

When I first got my FM10, I made Melissa sit with me on the phone for an hour to walk me through the camera, because it was my first film camera. My first ever roll was disastrous, these are some of the better shots.

Once the weather gets nicer, I promise I’ll make an attempt to find a film place to get my other roll developed (shots from China from two years ago! #fml) and to take more photos.

In the meantime, here’s a happier-weather-ish kind of song.

And here’s a cover I like just as much.

Weekend’s over

Sunday night reads

New top and color-blocked sweater that I’m oddly excited to wear