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Catching up on magazines

I have a bad habit of accumulating a ton of magazines that I don’t read, so I’ve been diligently going through all of them to read them and then salvage the things I like.

I currently have two notebooks: one for taking down notes and titles of articles I like, and the other for visual scraps. These are some of my visual scraps.

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Little snippets

The January issue of Esquire is pretty weaksauce, since the majority of what I read (in an already really thin issue) was a recap of material from the past year, but I did enjoy this little “What I’ve Learned” interview with Gary Oldman:

My kids are my greatest achievement.

They’re proud of what I’ve done, but wonderfully underwhelmed.

I love it when journalists can catch the most interestingly articulated items from their subjects. And then again, some subjects are just naturally wonderful, articulate people.

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Random photos of inspiration #6

(santa hat brownies)

(mood swings)

(aw, look at that fuzzy sweater and smiling ryo)

(pom pom!)

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Margaret Howell Spring/Summer 2012

Is perfection. The silhouettes could be a little tighter but maybe t’is the British way. This can be a pretty “boring” collection but it’s incredibly practical and I would wear every single thing.

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Random photos of inspiration #5

Haven’t done one of these posts in seven months…

(gq china)

(peter som spring/summer 2011)

(song joong-ki in in style)

(artwork by nancy zhang)

(alden for obscura mag capsule collection)

(g-dragon for bean pole)

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