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Random photos of inspiration #8

(infinity pool in singapore)

(harper’s bazaar russia, march 2012)

(penny loafers)

(donut has super gr8 hair. and a great face. and a great jawline.)

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cow cow wow wow

This is why you should keep buying MT Tape and never ever stop.

Airport fashion #3

This time also featuring dudes who wear great shit too :D

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Random photos of inspiration #7

(winter lights – i featured this girl before!)

(sugar high feat. hyoni kang)

(gimme yo $$$)

(kiko, pretty as always)

(hey mir your glasses and hair are pretty cool)

(jenna lyon’s creative space)

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Tree With Deep Roots, part 1

Where do I even start with Tree With Deep Roots? There’s so much I want to say, but this first part is dedicated solely to the aesthetic value that Tree provided, which I think is unrivaled with any other drama I’ve seen in terms of production value and sheer ambitiousness of artistic vision: set design, costume design, music direction, cinematography. Everything was lush and inspiring, from start to finish, and the fact that this was only a drama belies just how meticulously crafted the final product was.

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