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Random photos of inspiration #7

(winter lights – i featured this girl before!)

(sugar high feat. hyoni kang)

(gimme yo $$$)

(kiko, pretty as always)

(hey mir your glasses and hair are pretty cool)

(jenna lyon’s creative space)

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The young ones in High Cut

The young adult cast of The Moon That Embraces the Sun in the latest issue of High Cut. They’re going a weedle too hard on the whole “Flower Boy” thing, but this is the cutest photoshoot ever. Whimsy and Victorian fancy…! Can’t wait for the rest of the images to be released.

UGH I MISS THEM. /sadface
Yeo Jin-goo, pick! next! project! soon!

I’m a creature of habit

So I basically have a billion striped shirts and a billion denim shirts. And since these photos were taken, I’ve purchased two more striped shirts, and another denim shirt.

I’m too much a creature of habit. Winter is also really boring to shop for :(

Catching up on magazines

I have a bad habit of accumulating a ton of magazines that I don’t read, so I’ve been diligently going through all of them to read them and then salvage the things I like.

I currently have two notebooks: one for taking down notes and titles of articles I like, and the other for visual scraps. These are some of my visual scraps.

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Lee Minho for Trugen, SS12 behind-the-scenes

Oh Minho you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Minho!

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