I started this blog three years ago to write about my three loves in one place: Asian pop culture, fashion, and the media. I love talking about them separately, and it just tickles me pink when I stumble into chance to talk about them all together at once.

I watch TV incessantly and I write about it. I love analyzing Asian dramas specifically because while I do not live in East Asia, I know about and have an interest in East Asia and believe that TV is as good a way to find out about a culture as reading a book.

Some of my favorite things are: Washi tape, instant photos, Balenciaga, Baek Ji-young, struggling painfully with hiragana and katakana (because when I succeed, it will be oh so sweet), good songs from good drama soundtracks, T.O.P., Kimura Takuya, Kimura Takuya’s stare, Kimura Takuya’s ridiculous inability to sing at any capacity, Asian editions of international magazines, books written by John Dower, F.Scott Fitzgerald and David Brooks, Dong Bang Shin Ki, learning about Maoist China.

Off the internets, in the “real world,” I also write for a living. It’s fun.

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A word on the blog:
Sometimes when I dig a song, I’ll upload it and share it with you for sampling purposes. Songs more than 2 months old will be removed. If you like anything you hear, don’t hesitate to try the artist out by buying their music. Don’t hotlink images or take my words without permission, or I’ll run after you with a stick covered with ants. This blog doodad is powered by WordPress, running on the Plainscape theme.

  • manda

    Just found your lovely blog through seoulbeat link. I love it. keep up the great entry!

  • http://www.mynursingnotes.com Val

    found your blog through seoulbeats too and spent a few hours reading all your past entries…easily became a daily must read for me. great job in being more than the average k-popper.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      hi! thanks so much for your comment, i really appreciate it. your site is quite unique as well :)

  • http://tailorstitch.blogspot.com tailorstitch

    Amy i found your blog through seoulbeats and i must say i love it!! you’ll deffo be seeing more of me lol

  • korea

    I also found your site from seoulbeats
    amazing site (:<3
    Keep it up for i will be a follower@!

  • Binda

    I absolutely adore your site! Found it through seoulbeats – I shall be a regular reader from now on. Thanks!

  • Cel

    hi! i enjoy reading your blogs. thanks so much girl keep them coming cause you have a lot of followers. God bless. ^_^

  • mary

    hi i love your blog, found it randomly when I googled and searched for cinderella’s sister fashion style. :) Definitely gonna back here for more, to check out more of k-pop and k-drama..yea…k-pop is like an addiction now. lol. Anyways, take care. good job with the blog..keep em coming ya!

    much love from malaysia!

  • Angelia

    great blog?
    i noticed u listened to chinese songs too…
    so are you chinese? and why not blog sth about yourself like your work/sch etc?