Drama styling tips #7a: Heirs, episodes 1 to 10


Drama styling tips are actually my favorite posts but I haven’t done one in two years since “City Hunter.” Then I actually sat down to compile one and this is what my desktop looked like as I was sorting through images, and I remembered why I haven’t done one in two years. Whoops.

This is an extremely image-heavy post given the huge cast, so you’ve been warned!

Let’s start with Lee Minho, since he inspired this series anyway and I just love the way clothes hang on him. His character Kim Tan’s style include lots of prep: sweatshirts with button downs, casual outerwear, mixing of patterns, Breton stripes.





This is my favorite outfit of his so far. I squealed when I saw it:

ews20131110heirs_minho_dandy3 ews20131110heirs_minho_dandy4

I love the way the coat is structured, I love the dark green color with the red paneling behind the collar, I love it over the polka-dotted shirt, matched with jeans and the red wing shoes.



Formal-wear looks great on Lee Minho, who’s tall and lean. Tucked in button-downs flatter every size and shape, but especially Lee Minho and his long, long, legs. This is my favorite formal outfit of his so far, which I like because he wears it without a tie. I also love the detailing on his coat, which is subtle, but a nice spin on a classic black suit. And the shirt collar is my favorite since it’s thinner than the collars on typical white shirt.

Speaking of white shirts, Lee Minho wears the below white shirt a lot, and I like how the stylists pair it with different types of jackets. It’s also weirdly realistic that someone would wear the same white shirt over and over, though not very realistic by K-drama wardrobe standards, especially since Kim Tan is a chaebol’s son.

ews20131110heirs_minho_theshirt2 ews20131110heirs_minho_theshirt3

ews20131110heirs_minho_theshirt4 ews20131110heirs_minho_theshirt5

ews20131110heirs_minho_theshirt6 ews20131110heirs_minho_theshirt7

(That necklace? collar accessory? gets a lot of play in Kim Tan’s outfits so far.)

Now, Kim Woobin’s turn. This is a good representation of the difference in style between Kim Tan and Choi Young-do:


If Kim Tan is the dandy boy with a penchant for the preppy hipster look, Choi Young-do is the classic bad-boy biker type. Young-do’s outfits aren’t really that much different from each other, and center around the same things: knits and leather with a sleek silhouette. He wears really classic and really structured pieces — no bullshit, straight and to the point about the kind of rich he is.





I didn’t screencap their shoes, but Kim Tan is the colorful sneaker type, whereas Choi Young-do is the lux, driving loafer type. Kim Tan is the wingtip guy, Choi Young-do is the white tennis shoe guy. Really, if we had to break down types according to dress, Kim Tan is the New Rich, Choi Young-do is the Old Rich.

Also, Kim Woobin wears a lot of sweaters. So much that I think the stylists are doing Kim Woobin a disfavor, because he’s a model with a great frame, and they’re letting him waste away by constantly making him wear sweaters. Come on!

ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater2 ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater3

ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater4 ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater5

ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater6 ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater7

ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater8 ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater9

ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater10 ews20131110heirs_kimwoobin_sweater11

I’m also really enjoying Krystal’s outfits, which is not a surprise, given I think she personally already has a great sense of style. Barring the weird hats and hair accessories, I wish there were more scenes of Krystal not in her school uniform.





I already proclaimed my love of collars up there, but there are so many good collars in the styling, guys. I love a pop of pattern in collars, and I love collars that are different than your usual shirt collar:

ews20131110heirs_collars1 ews20131110heirs_collars2

ews20131110heirs_collars3 ews20131110heirs_collars4

ews20131110heirs_collars5 ews20131110heirs_collars6

Let’s give a round of applause for Kim Sung-ryung’s amazing makeup. Madame Han’s makeup and wardrobe choices are really dramatic for someone who never seems to leave the house, but it does feel like her character escapes her boredom by dressing as she would if she were a legitimate wife, with the actual ability to go out and socialize with peers, instead of being a hidden mistress who drinks alone all day.

ews20131110heirs_kimsungryung1 ews20131110heirs_kimsungryung2

ews20131110heirs_kimsungryung5 ews20131110heirs_kimsungryung4

There are some pretty fantastique jackets being worn by the cast.




I mean, Lee Minho’s wearing a jacket with CLOUDS ON IT. More more more!!!!

Okay, until next time :D

  • http://astromantic.net/ astromantic

    “Tucked in button-downs flatter every size and shape” AMEN

    I love a bold lip (Madame Han’s lipstick looks wonderful), but I’m not a fan of the orange lipstick Krystal is sporting/I’ve seen in a couple k-dramas, but her look is especially fresh in the shot where she’s reading the magazine! So cute and flattering.

  • bigmamat

    Lee Min ho and Kim Woo bin could wear black plastic bags and look good in them. Kim Tan did wear an especially ugly sweater in one scene, I think it had parrots on it. It looked like an “iron on”. I also don’t like that it sometimes looks like he’s wearing pink lipstick. I’m sorry, guy liner is ok but lipstick! What I notice about K drama is that very often the men are really well turned out. Even when they aren’t playing rich they often wear much more flattering clothes. You are right tucked in button downs do look great. When you wrote that I couldn’t help but think… Gong Yoo and Song Seung hun, nobody rocked a button down better than those two. I’m not especially fond of women’s clothes in Kdrama. Very often I find them shapeless and ugly. I think the girls are lucky in this drama because the school uniform is styled well, and more fitted. The girls in the this drama are all just darling.

  • http://www.ofstrangersensibilities.com/ Joy of Stranger Sensibilities

    Did you Cyrano TvN drama version? EXCELLENT STYLING there.