Exo on Weekly Idol (8/14) (aka, Exo notes, August)


This is the funnest fandom flail I’ve had in a while. A whiiiiiiile. So I guess, long overdue Exo notes-ish as part of a running commentary on Weekly Idol?

(Watch the episode with English subs here.)

– So unfortunate that Luhan is not good at variety that’s less activity-focused and more personality-focused, which Weekly Idol is. There was a lot of obvious interfering from the hosts and the writers’ parts to make sure that Luhan gets a spotlight, which really isn’t fair for a group with twelve mafackin members. Luhan needs a heavy supporting hand from everyone involved and even then there were so many opportunities he wasn’t able to take advantage of despite them being handed to him. If fans who are lukewarm towards Luhan get frustrated about this, I would totally understand.

– Oh my GOD Sehun is the big shit mannerless brat I’ve always said he was and this episode of Weekly Idol vindicated all my feelings about this. Anyone who follows me on Twitter and Tumblr knooooow that I find Sehun super attractive, but this doesn’t negate the fact that I find him SO irritating. You can tell he’s someone super spoiled by his members and by his family too as the baby boy of both groups. Add the fact that he’s pretty good-looking and that he has a naturally soft and yielding personality, and he’s probably constantly in a position where people want and like to spoil him, and he just gets more and more spoiled and it DRIVES ME NUTS.

I’M JUST GONNA USE THIS SPACE TO RANT ABOUT SEHUN THE MANNERLESS BRAT. He never bows properly. Never ever ever and I just want to spork him in the face. What are you doing?! You’re a NEWBIE. Does he think nobody notices? Because Exo’s such a big group? Does he think nobody cares?! Because he’s in SM?!

I don’t know how he is with the other China-line hyungs, but it drives me nuts how he treats Luhan. It’s nothing majorly disrespectful (or maybe it is, depending on how you were raised), but there was a fancam from Idol Sports Championship that caught Sehun calling Luhan out to go to the bathroom or something like that, and Sehun calls Luhan by his name, with no suffix. He goes, “LUHAN!” “LUHAN!” YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH THIS ANNOYS ME. And then after Luhan ignores him, Sehun finally goes, “HYUNG!”

First of all, Luhan is a solid four years older than Sehun. This isn’t a four-month dong-gap difference or anything remotely even similar. Luhan is FOUR YEARS OLDER than Sehun. I know they’re super close and probably use banmal with each other. But I can bet top dollar that Sehun would NEVER DARE call any other hyung four years older than he is BY NAME ONLY in an exclamation, especially not in a culture that’s pretty rigid with names, suffixes, position, and hierarchy. There isn’t really an equivalent honorifics system in place in China, but Kris even jokingly called Tao out for not calling him “Kris hyung” (just “Kris”) once, so I know this is something you are taught when you’re in Korea and learning its culture. And Sehun was raised in this environment, so he should fucking know better.

Luhan is probably a horrible discipliner and this stuff doesn’t bother him, and so Sehun can get away with shit like this. In the episode, the second Luhan calls Sehun out, even Hyungdon goes, “I knew you were going to call him out!” I’m telling you, older people (older Asians??) just know when young kids are little shits. They just feel it in their creakity bones! It’s called the Asian Discipline Intuition, folks. This is why I’m SO MOTHERFUCKING GLAD Luhan literally kicks Sehun’s ass. I’m sure it’s cute to fans that Sehun does this because it comes off as jokingly cute, but I know that if he did that to me I would bust his balls in a fucking second. Both Defconn and Hyungdon are kinda taken aback by what Luhan tell them about Sehun, and they react in a way totally normal of people who don’t know Sehun and just see him as a younger kid with seriously questionable manners.

And sometimes Sehun really just pushes it. I think we got a chance to see that in action after he volunteers to kick Kai in the ass. First of all, who asked??? Who asked you to do that to Kai?? What part do you have in all of this??? I’m sort of glad this played out the way it did though. If it were anyone else, I don’t think Sehun would’ve volunteered, because it’s obvious that SeKai are super close as well and he felt like he could do that jokingly to Kai. And if Kai weren’t the one who got kicked, Sehun wouldn’t have gotten the asskicking he deserved. Kai looked pissed as SHIT that Sehun kicked him basically appropos of nothing. He yields to Luhan well, but he has no reason to let Sehun do that to him, so you can tell he felt super combative. And look, again, older Asians have ASIAN DISCIPLINE INTUITION. The minute after Kai gets kicked, Defconn tells him to kick back, because if he doesn’t, the two were definitely going to fight after recording was over. Also, I fucking love that Sehun has the fucking audacity to say “약하게!” (“weakly!”) to Kai before Kai kicks. ARE YOU SHITTING ME, SON.


– Let’s go back to Luhan for a second. Oh my god this boy’s personality is too soft. I want him to get seriously wronged one of these days in whatever interactions with whomever, and I want him to learn to be more aggressive. He’s gonna get eaten alive if he doesn’t learn to be harder and meaner. For the zillionth time, Asian Discipline Intuition: after Luhan tells the MCs what Kai says to him, Defconn immediately intuits, “I can tell Luhan is lenient because he’s too nice (착해)” and he just kinda lets people do whatever. “Nice,” I feel, is not even a super accurate English translation of “착해,” because I know it means “乖” in Chinese, and that word connotes way more. If I say “thank you” to a Starbucks barista, that’s being polite and nice, but that’s not 착해. It’s like a mixture of being nice, thoughtful, polite, obedient, amongst others.

So Luhan is a pretty good embodiment of being 착해 (Lay too!) and that’s basically why he lets Sehun get away with the shit he does, and why Kai was also being called out for basically talking to Luhan in a way he shouldn’t have. Suho, Jongdae, Minseok, and Kyungsoo all agree and are nodding along with Defconn. All the members know. I’m sure Sehun and Kai also know that Luhan is maaad 착해 and hence why I’m sure they felt comfortable doing that to him. I would also bet major money that Sehun and Kai would NEVER DO ANY OF THIS with Kris, let’s say. Sehun would NEVER DO THIS to Baekhyun. And on and on and on.

Luhan, be meaner, kthxbye.

– Lay looked ultra handsome today. Booooyyyyyy.


– I like that Kyungsoo is the kind of person that can get away with saying that another member looks cool when they stand still, but ugly when they smile. I love that Kyungsoo is the kind of person people will concede 100% to. He says something, and you’re like, “Yep. That’s true. What can ya do.” He’s super on point about a lot of things and not very responsive to many situations, so if he states something, it’s probably true, and if he reacts to something, it’s probably worthy of reaction.

– With all of that said, though, I really do wish Kyungsoo were a little bit more passionate. A lot of times, he just does things because it’s easier to go with the flow than question it, even though I KNOW he doesn’t really think X or Y. I guess it’s a good way of preserving his energy/mood instead of getting worked up about every little thing, but I do wish he were more energetic, and I do feel it’s a bit of a drag to watch him Kyungsoo sometimes. He isn’t someone who likes being in the spotlight too much, so when he is, I think he tries to get out from under it as fast as possible by just going with the flow.

– This episode revealed sooo many things about people’s personalities. All my ill feelings towards Chanyeol were further confirmed and I’m liking Jongdae more and more. These two are really good foils to each other in terms of personality. Chanyeol TALKS A LOT but never says anything. Jongdae is witty, humorous, and observant. Chanyeol tries to play criticisms off, but it’s so obvious that they bother him. Jongdae takes joking criticisms about him in stride and he’s such a good sport about everything.

I guess he’s not as attractive to Baekhyun and Kyungsoo as he thought he was (but who knows! when you’re put on the spot to do these things on TV, people forget and black out!) but this reallllllly seemed to bother Chanyeol, and he kept trying to joke about it, but…come on Mr. Teeth Rich. We weren’t born yesterday. And then the jokes about him and his dancing, it just looked like they bothered him, and then making him go after Chen was the worst thing ever, because he felt the need to overcompensate and he fucking busted his mic pack. He looked so embarrassed and Hyungdon even said he was embarrassed too. Good lawd.

Chen on the other hand: I’m sure it’s not fun to be made of for not dancing really well, but he was a good sport about it, which gave his personality some room to breathe. Hence why his “bad dancing” was such a funny spot in the episode. And you have to learn how to do this well as an idol and you can’t let these things bother you, because they further stifle you. Suho is like this a lot too, but he’s less crazy and less high energy, so he doesn’t have the same potential to completely sabotage himself like Chanyeol did.

– Tao is so vain. Good lord, he is so vain.

– Kai is really coming out of his shell, which I’m enjoying. He’s still not the most natural at variety, but I think being on a funny show helps him loosen up a lot, because he laughs a lot and reacts very easily to jokes and lines. Also, I get enjoyment out of this just because …………. he has the most gorgeous smile in the world. :)

– I think there’s a weeeeeettle tension between Kyungsoo and Baek. But Baek lets it show and Kyungsoo doesn’t care about these things, I think. And also, Baek and Chen. We’ll see.

– Speaking of Baek. I think Baek is kind of caught in this feedback loop where he is naturally good at dancing, he is naturally good at singing, he is naturally funny, he is naturally good at his words, and he’s constantly being met with positive feedback with regards to those skills, so he gets a bigger and bigger spotlight in everything Exo does. And Baek is starting to want and need more, and that really isn’t good for a really large newbie group that’s still really green on stage, not very well-received with the general public.

His greed for a solo spotlight is so obvious, so repetitive, and personally it does nothing for my good-feelings towards him because someone who’s that obsessed with being good by himself is not someone who’s going to work hard at gelling with a team, and especially a team of twelve. As a newbie and as a group member, you have to be super sacrificial at certain points of your career, whether as an entertainer or a performer, but most of my concern right now is for the performance part, because Baekhyun does not harmonize well with his group. He doesn’t lend support with backup vocals, he’s super focused on how to shine with his own lines, and that’s not how you grow as a singer. This particularly bothers me in “Baby Don’t Cry” performances where he’s just ad-libbing like crazy, which, yes, that’s how the division of lines goes in that song, but also, when you’re ad-libbing, you really have to pay attention to the person you’re singing over, and Baek doesn’t want to do that. He’s just singing over people and is really aggressive about it, which is why it’s so terrible to listen to.

With the way he’s being pushed by SM right now, I have no doubt he’ll get super popular in no time, but someone like Baek needs to be majorly humbled by his own weaknesses in order to grow more as a person and as a performer. He’s so young, he has plenty of room for growth and I’m going to be wary watching him these years.

– I really like that Kai and Lay both genuinely and sincerely respect each other as dancers. There’s competition, yes, but it’s good-spirited competition with lots of learning from each other, which is AWESOME and warms my heart.

  • thekors

    Hi Amy, I’m sorry if this sounds like I just want to copy your words but you have just perfectly described EVERYTHING I observed from this Weekly Idol episode 100,000x more coherently than I ever could.

    All of those things about Luhan, Sehun, Kai, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Baek, Jongdae, Lay. And even that single line on Tao – I COMPLETELY AGREE.

    And having said that about Chanyeol and Baek, I still like them more than other members for their ontribution as singers in the group (and they were one of the earliest to leave a strong impression upon debut). I guess those things that you point out become really apparent in variety shows/interviews and yes, I do find it overwhelming at times.

    I also like your whole elaboration of “Asian Discipline Intuition”.. which is trickier in Korea with their levels of speech and bowing. It’s interesting with Exo because I find the mat-hyungs of the group ‘nicer’ and tend to let the young-ins of the group get away with a lot of things.. ahh, not sure if I’m making sense here – but sometimes it’s hard to believe that Lay and Luhan are the hyungs of the group, probably because they didn’t grow up in Korea and thus appear to be the easy target for their dongsaengs to bully. Kris is an exception though (and he’s mentioned in an interview before, if I’m not mistaken), he obviously LOVES this whole seniority thing and in this episode he actually called out on Kyungsoo for leaving out the “hyung” in “Kris” when KS was ranking their looks, didn’t he?

  • guest

    Hahahaha, Amy you’re so funny, on point as usual too.Sehun probably grew up with half of Exo, this is probably why he feels he can get away with most things . I’m so glad Luhan finally got to kick his disrespectful ass, it was a beautiful and glorious moment.Luhan is too soft hearted….not in a good way this time, how is he going to discipline his child if he ends up getting another Oh brat?Luhan, you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes.When you put 12 members on a variety show, it’s pretty obvious between the loud and quiet ones.Baekhyun, Chanyeol.and Jongdae are the talkative ones and the rest are pretty passive.Jongdae is perfect for variety, he shines but doesn’t steal the spotlight.I really wish Luhan and Lay would have more chances to show their abilities, they are better for OT6 promotions.Kyungsoo is just so straightforward and sharp despite his cute exterior.I don’t think he would expend his energy into something he doesn’t feel its important or worthy. Well, there are other 11 people to make up for him.I don’t think he’s not enthusiastic, just chill. The question of why Jongdae chose to enter M still bugs me although he fits in perfectly there.

    • Rejca

      Chen said something that the “chinese hyungs” were pretty nice after he joined SM .
      Someone wrote that because of trainee competition the korean trainees were probably not easy to approach which makes sense to me. And I can perfectly imagine an oblivious luhan/yixing not even thinking about beeing cut, but just beeing nice.

      • Chic

        there’s a rumor that chen complained to SM why they put him in EXO-M instead of EXO-K. honestly, i like that chen was put into EXO-M since there isn’t any strong vocalists in the M unit whereas they got Baekhyun and D.O for K. so everything worked out great, i think

  • jamie

    I’m not a real big Exo fan, don’t know all their names and whatnot, but their recent release “Growl” really made me become more interested in the group. As such, I have a rather different take on things.

    I’m not Asian either, although I have some knowledge of Korean culture enough to understand why you think Sehun’s manners or lack of them is a big problem. But aren’t maknaes in general given a bit more leeway, especially in more easy-going groups? Sehun just seemed like an example of that sort of maknae.

    I mostly thought the show highlighted more than anything Hyungdon and Deffconn’s wonderful MCing, as they got the best out of the boys and did so in a fun manner, as well as correcting behavior, and teaching variety in an easy fashion. I like Weekly Idol because the hosts really try to put their guests at ease, yet not let them get away with things (although Shinee’s appearance, eh…). For the most part that is.

    For instance, Doni totally cuts Tao down to size by buttoning up his shirt wrong. Whatever cool moves Tao did with the nunchucks were totally wasted on me, although Tao seemed pleased about it. I didn’t see Baek as putting himself forward in any way, I thought it was Suho who wanted a solo spot. At least I think it was Suho would came out during the girl group segment when it wasn’t his turn.

    I tried watching Happy Camp with Exo, but that was rather boring in comparison.

  • suzy_me

    Chen & Baek are variety gold. the rest are boring. sorry.

    ^ that statement took ALOT of guts to type considering my biases Lay & Kris are one of the boring ones in this episode (Lay’s dancing is a bit of compensation).

    Xiumin – was he even there? i barely noticed him. he looked like he wanted to sleep or something.

    Suho – being his fan is embarrasing. <- that shouldn't sound as negative though. it's embarrasing cause he looks game about doing things and almost failing everytime.

    Kai – all he has to do is smile and i'm sold.

    Luhan – i agree on what you said about him. although he isn't like this on Chinese shows.

    D.O – i actually find his always clueless/ blank/ terrified expressions adorable. and i felt that a little something of him died after doing that aegyo.

    Chanyeol – at least he knows how to be embarrassed.

    Tao – his love for his self is astounding.

    Sehun – i actually like him being a brat. i like how he does his i-give-no-fucks face. and he is NOT cute.

    i like this episode better than the previous one.

  • michelle

    Hi Amy,
    Just want to say that I have stumbled upon your blog posts for a while, and only realized now that you’re a writer at seoulbeats and have been doing all the amazing podcasts! (Please take this as a request to do an exo podcast =D)
    Agree with almost all of your comments. Two questions,
    1) How “impolite” are the phrases Kai usually say to Luhan? I guess I need a bit of context of when Kai would whisper things into Luhan’s ears. Kai looked flustered when Luhan was telling his version of the story. “I didn’t do it like that!”
    2) Some youtubers noted that Baekyun was using a “strategy” in picking his rankings, maknae-lines first, then the hyungs, and finally the 92ers (who are supposedly closer to Baekhyun). Some people have commented that he was really considerate doing this. Now that you mention how good of a grasp Bacon has on the whole variety game, I’m not sure if he purposely did this so the fans can catch on and admire him further =P
    Note: Tao could possibly be sad because it took him a long time to perfect the nunchucks move? Was that also why he was a little down throughout the session?

  • Judy

    Oh boy your commentary are always so entertaining to read.

    This episode shows and validates so much about their personalities. Luhan I feel has some serious insecurities issues – I don’t know why or what it is he’s specifically insecure about but sometimes it affects his performances (I believe he’s got heaps potential to be better) and also when he’s on variety shows :( he is very very lenient and considerate but I don’t think they’re traits he can change and to be honest I think those are the traits that make him even more likable to fans.

    Oh my lord Sehun is the most spoilt rascal in K-pop history. If it wasn’t for his body and face and the fact that he is the Hun to HunHan, I would’ve thrown him out the window ages ago. Why the hell would you volunteer to kick your bandmate!? Does he want to die, cause Kai looked like he wanted to kill. Dude he should take some manners class from Kris and let Luhan’s considerate personality rub on him even just a biiiit. Luhan even said he didn’t kick Kai hard because he was afraid that he would hurt Kai’s waist and yet Sehun the great friend that he is goes and does it *shakes my head*. I like Sehun a lot but when he does stuff like this I just want to slap him across the face and I’m glad Defcon and Hyung-Don can tell that he has no manners and calls him out for it.

    Tao is sooooooooooo vain. That is so obvious. Oh my gosh, both Tao and Chanyeol make me feel so uncomfortable when I watch them on variety shows (especially Chanyeol). I get that he has got man pride and doesn’t want to be ranked low but why couldn’t he take it like a man like Xiumin and Chen? Tao is generally quite likeable, except when he’s not all sad and gloomy whenever he’s not being recognized for his looks.

    Now Chanyeol. I’ve ran out of excuses for Chanyeol. I can’t find a reason to like him at all now. He comes off as really fake and it bothers me tremendously. I literally cringe when he exaggerates his laughing or clapping. And he’s also someone who clearly cares about his looks, you can see it in his eyes man. By the way, I can’t be the only one who notices the way Chanyeol moves his eyes when the camera zooms into him right? He always looks like he’s planning world domination or something and it scares the shit out of me.

    It’s so hard to stan Baekhyun *sigh*. I want to but he makes it so hard for meeee. He can be so cute but he does and say these things and then bam -5 points, bam -10 points. It’s good to be competitive but he’s being competitive in the wrong environment. You’re completely correct when you say he needs to cooperate with Kyungsoo because their harmonization sucks. It gives me so much pain listening to their Baby Don’t Cry performances because he doesn’t fucking want to harmonize with anyone. And he’s hollering and adlibbing all over the place and on top of Kyungsoo’s singing and asagdqwoiuawfjwajfqwo. My heart aches for all the wrong reasons…

    I reallllllly hope EXO-M performs Baby Don’t Cry live, at least once. I want to hear how well they harmonize compared to EXO-K. But I can already bet a million bucks EXO-M will do a better job with Baby Don’t Cry than EXO-K because Luhan and Chen are more forgiving and they don’t try to out-sing each other.

    Phew… I’ve got so much more to say but I don’t know where my glasses are and my face is literally just 10cm away from the screen.

    Also, just a side note but Kai’s ass in dem pants looked hella fineeeee ^^, dayum Kai.

  • Maddie

    Ugh Amy, I agree with you on Chanyeol’s part like he seemed legitimately upset that his two supposed “soulmates” didn’t select him as top few? I’m also irked by the 2nd “Wolf” win where he was thanking the SAME PP Suho just thanked when the chance shld really be given to Kris cos he’s like the other leader?

    It wasn’t enough to make me dislike him though cos I do still see his passion in music and he does harmonize pretty well and plays very decent guitar. He’s a camera whore that’s for sure though.

    I also agree that Kyungsoo pretty much squirms away from the limelight esp when it’s not singing related, something which he has more confidence in showing. Other times, he’ll quickly duck away from attention, like that time at SSTP after he’s done with the sexy dance, he deadpanned and tried to appear as small as possible lmao~ And as much as I want him to appear more passionate during variety shows too, I think it’s a way of making himself stand out as well? Like he’s the only one expressionless whilst the others are laughing like baboons so it makes for a chance for emcees to call out on his non-reaction? I do find that the parts he laughed to are the exact same parts I was guffawing over so I appreciate that he was just being himself. :)

    As for Baeksoo, I’ve always sensed a little underlying competition btwn them but I thought Kyungie was the one who sees Baek as some sort of competition whilst Baek was the one who’s being indifferent. (I’m a Kyungsoo stan btw) It’s the way they behaved when they had to showcase their singing skills individually at live events. Whilst I see Baek being genuinely supportive and happy when Kyungie did well, Kyungie seemed a bit anxious. I attribute that to Baek being generally more confident on the whole, whilst Kyungie seemed to think that his vocals is really the only thing he’s sure can make himself stand out amongst the twelve.

    For the greed part, I think Baekyeol is pretty much on par, though I tend to favor Baek more because he is seriously more entertaining, lol~ Yeol borders on the offensive, whilst Baek’s witty. In fact, I feel that one of the reasons why Baek is ALWAYS speaking up is cos he’s afraid of awkward situations. He can’t stand “dead air”, like that means something is wrong and unfriendly and he doesn’t like that. Like during that time Kangta visited them during practice, he was the first to speak up on how little sleep they were getting when the situation was tensed and awkward. He also tried to make the Apink girls feel more comfortable when they were looking at the gift Taemin gave by asking “is there a letter in there as well?” Basically, he’s the conversation starter and I think he’s pretty good at it. Another difference I noticed is when questions were thrown to them, he’ll look around to see whether anyone is answering it first before speaking, unlike Yeol who pretty much just bulldozed on.

    For the singing over everybody, I do confess that I enjoyed the BDC performance where Baek’s mic was faulty in Sukira much more cos the volume was balanced out. However, I think Kyungsoo is guilty of the same fault as well because during the “Sunday morning” collaboration, he was supposed to be harmonizing during the chorus but he pretty much just overshadowed Chen and Ryeowook. it happened again in “Missing you” during the recent Sukira radio appearance. Their live vocals are really something they need to contd to work on, but it’s weird no matter how many times Kyungie cracked or just went flat, he’s still firmly on TOP in my bias list whereas Baek, who’s more stable and definitely more lively to watch during live performances, is still swimming around with the other members in my list, LOL~

  • Jasmin


    I completely agree that Luhan gives the members way too much leeway. When kyungsoo had ranked Kris, he just said his name without any suffix, and Kris immediately called him on that, while also being a Chinese member who had to also learn about Korean culture. Props to Kris. That’s what Luhan needs to do!

  • Rejca

    Posts like this are the reason why I absolutly love your blog, uncloaded observing of personalitys..
    But this time I’m a little bit shocked. Even though I’m aware of Koreas “age policy” it didn’t cross my mind that he is/was really offensive. I’m wondering what native korean or chinese are thinking while watching this? Is it noticeable?
    OT12 promotions really seem to help members like Kai and Suho to be a little bit more relaxed (even though I’m still cringing most of the time Suho is doing something, but at least he is able to take himself less serious now) and of course gives Chen time to shine! Xiumin seems just as quite in Korea than he is in China…
    But can’t wait for China promotions.. Lay will be able to talk and read(!) without people making fun of him so he can troll everyone along with Chen (hopefully.. does someone knows why he is THAT bad especially in reading korean? even Tao seems to do better and Lay is in Korea since 2008 or something?). I absolutly love these two.. (waiting for d-day a.k.a. Lay dancing nobody).
    Lay winning first place for his dance is plain epic, i can’t with his amazing face and being oblivious to his skills…
    On another note Kris still doesn’t look like he even wants to be there. And D.O. just slays with his straight forward personality.

    Every time I’m about to think “OT12 forever, best friends forever.. blah” I just imagine that I don’t even like half of 14 people I study with. 12 boys/men with different upbringing penned up just HAVE TO clash. They probably should be glad that they are 12 people because they can kind of choose their friends which is more freedom than other boygroups have.. I guess?

  • kanji00


    i’ve always been checking your blog for new posts ever since i discovered your exo analyses, but anyway – literally everyone has said it, but I LOVE YOU i’ve been compiling a big ass personality analysis for exo with a shit load of unnecessary wording and you did it with everything boiled down. i’m glad you’re so blunt with this, i’m so fucking excited right now because i love this kind of stuff fjaeiwo

    we’re on the same wavelength 98% of this post; i think the only main difference is our perception of baekhyun. the greedy part is really interesting because i’ve always thought that baekhyun is just very self-absorbed vs. dominating. it’s like he worries too much about himself (+ his faults) and forgets the people around him; it doesn’t help that he’s so talkative, but the fact that he looks so antsy sometimes definitely doesn’t make me as nervous about his future. he himself has said that he isn’t a stranger to slumps.

    on a side note, suho… why did you interrupt xiumin’s solo shot? like seriously? oomin was fantastic at the dance, too. also /yes/ to chanyeol’s futilely hidden, dank-ass mood, i could feel it permeating through my screen and i swear he recycled that crazy dance from Beatles Code jesus christ.

  • Amy

    OMG When I read your analysis on Sehun I thought THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I THINK,

    Now I dont particularly hate Sehun nor do I love him. ( I admire his body porportions though its amazing lol and I clapped in agreement when Baekhyun chose him for his body in Weekly Idol ). When I first watched Exo K debut and someone told me that Sehun was considered very good looking and the visual of Exo k…I admit I was very confused…I mean I dont find him ugly but next to members like Suho and D.O i didn’t particularly find him attractive. Someone told me he was also the most popular korean Exo member in China for his looks. So then I figured it must be a korean / asian thing since I am neither lol. I tried getting into Exo K but it was hard at the beginning with all the obviously scripted interviews by SM , nervous rookies stammering and i don’t know…I just pitied them so then I started watching Exo M on variety shows which is when I became more Exo M biased with their loveliness on Chinese shows.

    However, ever since the beginning of this year when OT12 began I stated paying more attention to Exo K members too. And Sehun….sigh …..sigh

    He is called the chic maknae on tumblr. People ship him and Krystal because of their similarities as they are both the maknaes but they aren’t exactly bubbly like they should be. Now I am not one of those people who hate Krystal …I actually think she’s really cool and real. But Sehun ..oh god…

    SEHUN IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL. He never bows. I get shocked each time I see it happen and disappointed.

    In Weekly Idol when he entered in the first appearance of Exo …he just strolled past while the other exo members bowed 90 degrees.

    In Idol Championships he just strolls around past his senior idols without bowing once. EXO IS A ROOKIE GROUP LOL AND HE IS THE MAKNAE. Luhan was bowing left and right but sehun….he ONLY bows when the other members initiate it….and even then it’s half assed.lol

    In other interviews when Exo K made a mistake because Kai coughed, all 5 members bowed down so fast whereas Sehun was nonchalant in the middle and smirked. I gaped when I seen that.

    I have never seen Sehun do a 90 degree bow…EVER. Its always like 60-70 degree and it’s really obvious when he’s standing on stage with full EXO when other members bow.

    When Hyungdon said ” I KNEW he would be called out ” in Weekly Idol I snorted because its true. Asian people especially elders have a sixth sense when it comes to these things. Sehun just has an air of chic impoliteness about him and I think it was due to the previous Weekly idol episode where he so calmy spoke informally to Hyungdon who is MUCH OLDER AND SENIOR.

    About the Hyung issue.I am going to use Tao as an example. Sehun never calls Tao hyung even though he’s one year older. And you know what? I sorta understand it. When Tao first arrived in Korea , he couldnt speak Korean so Sehun figured hey I can speak informally and China doesnt have that culture so Tao didnt care. They became close friends as trainees and since Sehun didn’t have friends in SM ..they were all hyungs…. so he’s especially close to Tao. That’s why they have all those ghey moments lol. When I watched the clip of Tao’s birthday and Sehun had to awkwardly call him hyung.( because it was an official place with fans)..even Tao was surprised and said ” what hyung? you always speak informally to me!” and Baekyeol were like ” Hyung? LOL we thought you guys were friends xD”
    I found it cute and somewhat endearing at the time. This was 2012.


    I watched that Olleh interview with Exo and when they were picking the members for aegyo ..I clearly heard Sehun said ” Tao has the most votes!” to try and get out of it. I was shocked for a second but then I remembered that he never calls him hyung anyway.

    In a recent radio show Tao was talking about how he always asks Sehun and Suho to go with him diving practice but they always say they’re busy. When Tao was re-enacting the conversation with Sehun and he said ” Tao-yah” I was stunned LOL. I knew Sehun didn’t call him hyung but i never thought he would call him Tao-yah….I figured he would just call him Tao like how westerners call names. Even korean exotics were shocked as I could read from the comments. They were exactly like me lol. They all commented “Wow…Tao must have a pretty cool personality …I mean I knew Sehun didn’t call him hyung but…”.

    To add yah to someone’s name implies that they are the same age or that they are inferior/younger. Since they aren’t the same age it just shocked me. Kai is considered the same age as Tao because he is an early 1994 yet he makes it very clear to Sehun that he is older and makes Sehun call him hyung. I wonder whether Tao will ever make Sehun call him hyung as he starts to get used to Korean culture because what must it feel like to see Sehun call Kai hyung but just refer to Tao by his name….

    Sehun does the same to Luhan even though luhan speaks fluent korean because yes Luhan is sweet and nice and sugar and spice. I’m sure he calls him hyung more than he doesn’t but there’s no question that he speaks informally to him. Honestly, that’s why I think Sehun loves Luhan and Tao though because Sehun doesn’t have any same age friends and he can never speak informally to his korean hyungs ..he’s always bounded by strict customs so when he’s with Exo M he just gets loose and free.He always visits Exo M dorms too.

    You can’t put 100% of the blame on Sehun though. It is entirely up to Luhan and Tao to be strict on making Sehun call them Hyung. If they don’t then why should we care right? Plus like someone pointed out he always calls Kris hyung….( Kris is very strict on making everyone call him hyung…even korean exotics call him kris hyung as a joke lol) .

    Sehun will forever be a maknae. He is the youngest in his family so he’s spoiled. He’s good looking and was scouted for his looks so he’s treated nicely by people. He’s the maknae in a group of 12 people so they treat him like a baby. He even LOOKS like a baby with his white skin.He does things like bend down and tie his shoe laces mid performance because he can. He makes the leader hold his water bottle while he stands around because he can. He goes to fan meetings and fan accounts say he never smiled once or waved at the fans because he can.

    Xiumin revealed that SM seniors treat him the best. Sehun admitted it’s because he is the maknae of SM. The annoying thing is you can’t even hate him for it. Sehun has this thing about him that seems fragile somehow. Suho said you can’t criticise him directly or he gets hurt easily. Sehun admitted that in an interview he needs to be told nicely lol because hes blood O type. Luhan said that Sehun makes people want to take care of him. Which I’m sure Luhan did since trainee days when Sehun was shorter and a cute junior high student. Kris buys everything he asks for and spoils him.

    And here is where D.O comes in. Sehun doesn’t mess around with Kyungsoo. I think partly because D.O is very observant and he sees just how spoilt Sehun is so he doesn’t enable Sehun’s bratty behaviour. He punches him in the arm when Sehun goes out of order and glares at him when Sehun bothers him by consistently poking his ears and treats him exactly like a dongsaeng yet never spoils him. Thats why Sehun wrote in his confession ” I’m so grateful that you always take care of me, even though you probably can’t be bothered [and consider it a chore].” He also wrote that sometimes he likes D.O and sometimes he doesn’t. LOL

    Wow this is long but I’ll add my final thoughts on Sehun. Sehun entered SM for his looks. He cannot sing nor can he rap. And I don’t mean the lines he gets to rap in his songs…I mean he has NO interest in rap unlike Chanyeol or Kris. He will never be an actor unless he fixes that habit of him licking his mouth sticking his tongue and generally all the things he does with his mouth when he talks lol. But even then he has his lisp which he’s famous for. He is an amazing dancer but he’s not creative. He dances EXACTLY like what he’s told and lacks any perfomance facial expression like Kai. ( Even SM dancer said the same thing). Is it just me or did he seem extra nervous and not confident during dance time in weekly idol?

    Right now he said he loves performing as OT12 as Exo…and I get it ..more members meaning more hyungs to spoil him but not only that he gets to hide….when there’s 12 members he gets to get away with not bowing and not talking…rolling his eyes and mucking around with Chinaline because he can.
    I just hope that he has ambition at the very least because being the maknae will only get you so far with youthfull cuteness. Once he’s much older and Exo members will be doing individual schedules with their talents it’l be a different story.

    (P/s I see a lot of comments about Baek and Chanyeol and I have my analysis/thoughts on them too if anyone is interested just comment to me)

    • doitlikethis123

      me! i’ll like to hear more thoughts on chanyeol ‘cos i have been getting negative vibes about him but then i also see some good parts of him? more observations from others will definitely be interesting~

      • Amy

        Okay! I’ll add my analysis on Chanyeol ..this might be a bit long too but I’ll be detailed because I dont want to seem biased or anything. Like Ive added previously I started to pay attention to Exo K members when OT12 started but I already knew all the members anyway.

        Chanyeol is an extreme case lol. What I mean is that he has fans that either love him or completely dislike him. There is no inbetween. It’s because his personality causes people to be extreme towards him you can’t have grey its all black and white with this guy. He has tons of fans in Korea, had fans even BEFORE he debuted as a trainee, also known to have the most sasaeng fans in Exo. ( Probably why Sulli is being bashed endlessly for being too close to him)

        My personal feelings towards Chanyeol in a timeline would be
        slight interest -> completely dislike -> not hate -> couldn’t care less.

        When I first watched Exo K interviews I still remember how shocked I was that such a deep bass voice could come out of someone so cute looking. I was impressed by Chanyeol’s bright wide smile and he seemed so …friendly? Which is why I think he was the second most popular korean member when they debuted right after Baekhyun. I didnt fall in love but I admit I was slightly interested thinking he seems funny and nice. He calls himself happy virus and declares himself in charge of reactions and fans nicknamed him teeth rich blah blah.

        The exact moment when my feelings ( AND other Int exotics) changed from like to dislike for Chanyeol was during the Idol Championship sports event. He was the only Exo member who went but didn’t participate for god knows why. When the other members participated he provided reactions and supported them but I think it was during Tao’s high jump that cemented my dislike for him. When Tao was nervous jumping, members were all supporting him and Chanyeol too But if you watch carefully from fancams and many fans have noticed Chanyeol’s main priority was the camera that was filming them. Sehun,Luhan, Baekhyun were all at the back cheering him because they couldn’t care less about the camera ESPECIALLY when it was Tao’s final rounds. Suho was the leader so he had no choice but to be in front. When Tao completed the jump, Suho clapped hardly eyes ONLY on Tao and same reactions from other exo members only sometimes looking at the camera for thumbs up.

        Chanyeol? First reaction is the camera. Cheer for Tao then back to the Camera then his exaggerated reactions and oh god I just couldn’t with him at the time. He just loves the spotlight so much even when it’s not supposed to be his. Interesting that the members closest to Tao who adore him were at the back nervous for him while the member that he’s not as close too was at the front were the camera was. He’s is also very calculating when it comes to fan service, He is very much aware of Baekyeol or Chanbaek because it is the most popular ship in korea. When other Exo members were busy with the back’s turned from the fans to watch the sports, Chanyeol had his full focus on his fans doing aegyo for them and then at one point very very deliberately go to Baekhyun and have his hand around his neck and whisper something to Baekhyun in a seductive manner. Of course fans went wild and Baekhyun laughed and pushed Chanyeol away. I was so creeped out by his actions that I escaped from the video. He kept initiating skinship with so many members for no reason and it was SO obvious that was for fans sake. The amount of times I see members push him away because I’m sure even they know it’s fake.However whenever Tao initiates skinship they always accept him.

        I want to use Tao as an example again because it;s very easy to judge exo members in how they treat Tao lol. Tao is very pure. He is like a child seriously. He might be vain but he’s so honest you cannot hate him. He cannot be fake whether it’s his emotions or behaviour. When he’s sad he will cry on television. When he’s happy he will laugh and when he’s sad he’ll pout , when he’s angry he will yell LOL. In Weekly Idol when Chanyeol is picked low ranking for his looks he tries to PLAY IT OFF AND ACT COOL but when its Tao he whines and complains and doesn’t fake it. He is sulky because his hyung didn’t pick him top in looks. How can you hate someone so real on television? lol

        Some people say Chantao is interesting because it seems like Chanyeol dislikes Tao.

        I agree there is a love/hate relationship with them. In my opinion Chanyeol doesn’t dislike Tao …I just think he doesn’t know how to handle someone so pure and untainted. Tao is like complete opposite to Chanyeol who seems to repress himself sometimes. Chanyeol likes to initiate skinship and not have it done to him but so does Tao…so when Tao initiates it Chanyeol hits him LOL.

        In Idol championships when Minho appears and pays attention to Tao….Chanyeol is right there again staring at Tao, hitting Tao in frustration for not doing exactly what Minho says even though Suho laughs it off too and Sehun laughs too. Why was Chanyeol so serious anyway?

        At a backstage music event last week ( music core I THINK) Minho came to greet Exo and Chanyeol pushes other exo members out of the way, runs up to Minho grabs him hugs him just being overbearing and overwhelming in general, minho shrugs him off and shakes hands with all members and sees Tao smiles warmly and puts his hand on Tao’s shoulder…holding on to Tao’s arm it was so sweet. Meanwhile Chanyeol is staring at their conversation clearly wanting to join in while the other exo members couldnt care less.

        I also agree that OT12 promotions really benefited members who were quiet like Kai who became so bright always laughing talking in interviews , Sehun even seems less chic now, Suho actually is funny. I disliked him for his awkwardness at the beginning but he’s hilarious. Chen it just pure gold and Im happy promoting in korea helps him come out of his shell.Even Chinaline is making me laugh on variety shows.

        Now Chanyeol on the other hand. I think OT12 is actually pushing his self esteem down. He never makes me laugh. ever lol. Just like the owner of this site says he ALWAYS talks but never says anything, When they first appeared on beatles code …what did he do again? Chen was so real with his fist love story , Suho made people laugh with his name and Luhan is just so cute with his awkward korean that he makes people laugh.
        Chanyeol always seems like he’s taking care of his image so when the nose picking thing came up on Weekly Idol you could tell he was devastated and everything went downhill from there. Then the dancing and well…you could tell he was sad with the rankings and I could see it in head ” This wasn’t supposed to turn out this way”. LIKE DUDE JUST GO WITH THE FLOW man up and seriously argh.

        You can just see it in his eyes when the camera is on him. He tries so hard to be funny and witty but all he does is just talk non stop.Lately him appearing on radio shows makes it really hard for me not to hate him. I’ll give examples.

        In the love game radio when the host asked Chen why he chose to go into Exo M. You could tell Chen was emotional when he described how nice chinese hyungs were to him when he first entered SM late which makes sense because of korean trainee system sunbae/ hoobae crap. So he chose to go into Exo M and what does Chanyeol say?” Its probably because he was a familiar face to them”. Get it? A remark that they were only nice to him because Chen looks like a chinese person. SMH

        She then asked Chen and Baekhyun that it must not have been easy getting close to members because of their short period of time. Chanyeol then talks about how he was surprised that when they first met ChenBaek were so loud and friendly and not nervous. His exact words ” When they first entered SM they met us all for the first time during the profile shots…now usually when you are surrounded…by..well good looking people like us you get nervous but they weren’t”

        YES. He was literally shocked that these two guys weren’t in awe of his looks. ROLLS MY EYES. and then when she asked ChenBaek their reply made me love them ” I mean yeah we noticed the members were good looking but ..we didnt really care lol we like oh huh cool anyway” LOOL love them.

        In Boomstreet when he’s bragging about himself I cringed and rolled my eyes. Kris does the same but you can tell that Kris is being dorky and that he really doesn’t think that way whereas Chanyeol REALLY DOES. When it was O / X time all members put up O when the question was does Chanyeol think he’s the best looking in Exo. Listening to him talk after how why makes me really wish I couldn’t understand korean just so I could block him out lol. Even Boom said afterwards ” I’ve only been with the Chanyeol for a little while…but I can tell exactly what kind of person he is now” LOL Chanyeol did seem mildy embarrassed though when Boom made him yell out ” I am handsome!” which is partly the reason I think he was so into talking about Tao’s bathroom story. I mean it was so obvious his main purpose was to embarrass Tao into oblivion while making people forget about his earlier remarks on his looks. Seemed cruel to me.

        There’s also the infamous story where Chanyeol poked fun at Kai’s dark skin colour. Is Kai even that close to Chanyeol? Or even D.O? They seem like the kind of kids who wouldn’t stand Chanyeol’s personality lol. I think even Kris is taking the last straw with Chanyeol when he picked Tao as his fan Exo member instead of Chanyeol even though Chanyeol who was sitting next to him asked him to pick him lol. ( I do like krisyeol though)

        I don’t hate Chanyeol though. I really don’t. I just thing he’s very careless with his words and easily tends to offend people. BUT he doesnt like it when it happens to him and THAT is why I will never truly like him as a fan, He is a hypocrite that way. When Exo first appeared On Sukira and Suho jokingly picked Chanyeol as the member most likely to confess to a girl if he likes her….Chanyeol was so pissed off I mean it was obvious as usual that he was pretending it didn’t matter to him but it’s was so clear even Chen rubbed Suho’s back as Suho quickly tried to explain that he picked Chanyeol because he is a social person. And anyway what is the negative thing about being picked for that? It is a good thing in my eyes makes it seem like you are confident but I guess Chanyeol didn’t want to be seen as a player.

        Once again – Image caring. sigh.

        My final thoughts:

        People tend to put Baekhyun and Chanyeol together and the people who don’t like Chanyeol tend to not like Baekhyun too because they both talk a lot and hold on to microphones in interviews. But I don’t find them similar at all. Baekhyun is an amazing singer and even SM chereographers call his dancing perfection for someone who trained less that a year. Chanyeol’s dancing…..well…..we all seen from Weekly Idol lol.

        Baekhyun is not the most handsomest Exo member nor is he the tallest. And I know deep down Baekhyun is aware of that. Which is probably why he fanboys Kris lol. Baek just seems like the funny kid in class that you want to be close too which is why Kai is attatched like glue to Baek lately. D.O is probably too serious for Kai and now that Kai is letting himself loose he’s always around Baek having fun and laughing out loud and seeing Kai smile is so…..pleasant :)

        The question we should ask ourselves is why not Chanyeol? Baekyeol… they are considered similar , they are both loud and happy people….and Kai and Chanyeol knew each other for years as trainees hung out together even BEFORE Baekhyun arrived at SM. So why is Kai not attached at the hip with Chanyeol but instead with Baek?

        Its because Baekhyun is sweet ..ever seen how he treats Lay? When Lay was injured he would hold his hand and lead him around, when Lay got embarrassed because his voice went out tune in radio Baek comforted him quickly, and all beef pendant story with Tao and sigh…. He is just so likeable and that is why he is the most popular member in Korea.

        (I agree there is some tension with D.O some korean exotics have noticed it too but I wont talk about it here cuz its too long already lol )

        While Chanyeol and Baekhyun are ambitious with entertainment ideas…I have a feeling Baekhyun will succeed because he doesn’t have looks or height to rely on just his born with it witty humour that makes him seem likeable whereas Chanyeol needs to learn how to be likeable first before wanting to seem funny on television.

        • kakikaki

          oh wow. your observations are so detailed! im a very casual fan so I couldnt never figure out why I disliked chanyeol but not baekhyun. now im really interested in your opinions of the other members xD

        • Choco

          Hi! Does this include Baekhyun’s analysis too? If not, I’d be interested in what you think of him since he was discussed in a fair amount of detail in the article. He confuses me because I can’t figure out if I really like him or if I really don’t like him. Perhaps that his humour doesn’t come across as well in translations since he’s so popular in Korea?
          Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your analyses on Sehun and Chanyeol. You were very critical but observant and fair. Have you thought of compiling these in a blog or something of the sort? I’m sure loads of people would be interested in reading them. :)
          Being a non-Korean, I never realised how rude Sehun’s actions were but it makes sense now why they call him a spoilt brat. As for Chanyeol, he’s definitely a cam-whore and quite sensitive but I wrote him off as harmless.
          (Did something happen between Baekhyun and Kyungsoo recently? Because they seemed to be lukewarm/ok friends before…)

          • Amy

            Thanks!! actually I never written this up before ..it’s all in my head and I don’t know…I don’t want to post something online and have fans who are Sehun biased or Chanyeol biased to attack me lol. But you can use anything I write up. It’s actually therapy for me in a way because I tend to keep all these thoughts in my head so it’s good for me to release it here.

            For me, it’s always the bad things that certain members do for some reason that stays in my head especially because all the boys are lovely, yes even Sehun lol

            I also tend to be fair because if i don’t like someone I usually have a very good reason but I tend to hold on to my thoughts until they prove me wrong because I could be wrong. Usually I’m not though lol. Sehun isn’t a bad person, he’s cold looking but he’s a good guy who just happens to be very spoilt. Whereas Chanyeol could be seen as harmless because he is not exactly mean but to me his personality just ticks me off the wrong way sometimes and it seems a lot of other people feel that way.

            I don’t really have a deep analysis on Baekhyun aside from what I wrote previously because like i said its always bad things that stick in my head and from what I observed of Baekhyun he’s sweet and really kind in general ( aside from talking a lot lol ) so nothing he ever did bothered me. He is witty, makes me laugh and there is nothing to not like about him! xD

            I’ll write what I think about Baek and D.O but I don’t think it will be very detailed since this is a recent issue and I don’t really have a lot of information and like I said I only started paying attention to Exo K when OT12 started this year. I find their relationship fascinating like Chantao lol. The easiest way to describe their relationship is like how a boy would tease the girl he likes and he enjoys getting a rise out of her. The boy in this relationship is Baekhyun and the girl is D.O. For some reason and I don’t know why but Baekhyun knows exactly how to get a rise out of D.O. As far as I am aware they have the LEAST moments together in Exo K which is very weird and unusual because they are the same age ( finding someone who is the same age as you in Korean system is like akin to finding your soulmate LOL esp for idols ) and most of their moments that do happen is just D.O glaring at Baek or Baek teasing him. It’s no secret that D.O and Kai are the members who are hardest to get close to in Exo because of their stoic
            demeanour. Chen and Baekhyun have said again and again that Kai looked scary as trainees when they first met and they thought he was actually older than them LOL. D.O is no different to Kai in my opinion.

            For some reason I have noticed D.O is more comfortable in friendships when he is the hyung (aka popular Kaisoo ship) or when he is the dongsaeng ( aka mother of exo/father of exo Suho+D.O) of course his close relationship with Ryeowook too. It’s hard to explain without going too much into Korean culture but I think he feels comfortable when there are strict boundaries that way.

            But in Exo he is the same age as Chanyeol , Baekhyun ( Exo K ) and Chen ( Exo M) so they are friends but its all love and hate relationships….well with ChanBaek anyway. Because they are friends they tease D.O and enjoy it but I think Chanyeol knows his limits perhaps because they were friends as trainees together for so long whereas Baekhyun likes to test D.O’s limits…a lot and especially lately.

            Which is why D.O wrote a letter in Sukira to Baekhyun asking him why does he tease him a lot more than usual lately with Baekhyun pretty much answering that he enjoys doing so. I think at the beginning when Baekhyun first entered SM in 2011 he was very cautious around D.O and then later on when Exo K debuted he tried to get close to D.O by teasing him, annoying him etc because I guess he doesn’t really know how else to overcome the wall. The funny thing is I think it works too lol. D.O (SOMETIMES) enjoys the attention and Baek loves it when D.O gives any kind of response whether its negative or positive.

            Like in Happy Camp when Baekhyun picks Chanyeol instead of D.O or in Weekly Idol when D.O practically bashes Baekhyun’s head with that toy hammer lol.

            While this kind of friendship is cute and all …it’s delicate too. Because it is exactly these kinds of friendships that can easily get into one big fight if one person isn’t in the mood and ruin it for everybody. (Lets pray that never happens lol )

            Now about them Vocally. Lol.

            I believe most tension comes when they perform together. While I don’t think it’s one sided at all ..sometimes I have a feeling it’s more from D.O. Whenever Baekhyun is singing alone it always seems like D.O is paying extra attention ….kind of anxiously?. I also agree with the owner of this blog that when they perform together it seems like Baekhyun is fighting vocally instead of harmonising and all the adlibs at the end of Baby don’t cry just gives me a headache.

            Vocally they are different and in my opinion D.O’s voice is unique but Baekhyun is more diverse. D.O’s voice has a very strong colour ( He even said himself he worked hard to have his own vocal colour) which makes him special but it can also limit his opportunities. Sort of like Onew from Shinee…I find them similar vocally in that they have honey voices ( ggul moksori in Korean) which females love. This is a reason why D.O was chosen to feature in goodbye summer and not Baek. Baekhyun however is more diverse AND he can sing higher which is why he was chosen to sing for the Korean national anthem during the soccer game and not D.O.

            Now I am not saying that one is better than the other but if even I who is nowhere near a vocal expert notices this then I’m 100% they know this fact themselves.

            I think the main event that everyone is talking about the tension was the latest Sukira radio when all 12 members appeared and it was practically the D.O show lol. He sang a lot and it was fun listening to him and all but I wondered why Baekhyun wasn’t singing too even though he is a vocalist himself. But I guess he was probably tired from his 2 radio schedules pre hand and which was probably why Kai was extra nice to him holding his mike and stuff.

            So what does Baek do to pass time? He teases D.O non stop , mimicking the way he sings soulfully lol, calls him hyung even though he isn’t until D.O can’t take it anymore gets up and hits him. Korean fans commented it was cute that he was teasing him but it was also obvious that Baekhyun probably wanted to sing as well. Ryeowook obviously fan boying over D.O non stop wasn’t helping probably. Sigh I wish Ryeowook paid more attention to Chen and Baekhyun too. He is soo D.O biased that I feel bad for the other vocal members sometimes. It seems like they crave his attention sometimes esp Chen.

            Wow why is this so long lol. Guess I had more than I thought. Final Thoughts

            Baekhyun in my opinion doesn’t have the highest self esteem as I’ve mentioned previously. When he entered SM he said himself that the trainees were all good looking, good at dancing and good at singing. When he said in Weekly Idol that ” Ive always been ugly” after D.O spitefully ( lol) asks him why he looked especially ugly that day it confirmed my thoughts about him. Even though he is most confident in his voice he was rejected by many agencies for a long time before by luck when someone from SM overheard his singing. Exo was about to debut but they needed an extra vocalist and BAM there was Baek. And in one year he vastly improved his dancing so much that he is in the top 3 dancers in Exo K right after Sehun and Kai. Kai said that he was so impressed that he would help Baek and I’m sure even though it was hard to get close to the trainees because he came in so late, his efforts were appreciated by the members. Sehun even said thanks for trying to get close to us at the time.

            Baekhyun always tried.

            Even though Chen was intimidated and volunteered to go into Exo M, Baek preserved and that’s why no one makes fun of his dancing or singing. Even Suho said he was glad that Baekhyun appeared because they love him for his class clown like behaviour.

            I feel like Baekhyun sometimes never truly feels comfortable in Exo because he came in so late and even when he said that he felt that he had no right to cry when Exo won 1st place for Wolf for the first time. I have a feeling he’s always very careful like ….”it’s not my place to do this” or ” I don’t have the right” etc.

            D.O on the other hand doesn’t really have much personality, couldn’t care less for variety shows, sure he can dance but he doesn’t care much for it. All D.O wants to do is sing and that’s all. Its so obvious he hates being an idol because of all the overbearing fans, intrusive sasaengs and just invasion of his privacy. He even said he sees normal fans as sasaengs lately and that his personality is changing for the worse. On one hand however, D.O knows he is handsome and while he is not tall , girls love him for looks so he’s confident in that regard unlike Baekhyun. He is also a more of a behind the scenes kind of guy whereas Baekhyun is greedy with his dreams and wants to be a huge entertainer.

            Unlike Baekhyun who was rejected from companies a lot, D.O was always winning singing competitions and that is how he entered SM. You have these two guys who are so different but because they are the same age and they are both in Exo K , they have no choice but to be close friends. I’m sure it was through a lot of effort by Baek and D.O gradually succumbing to Baek’s efforts but I hope they manage to understand each other deeply and while
            they may not be the closest exo members, I can tell they respect and admire
            each other which is always nice to see. :) The moments they do have together is sweet~ That’s all~

            • Rejca

              “Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your analyses on Sehun and Chanyeol. You were very critical but observant and fair. Have you thought of compiling these in a blog or something of the sort? I’m sure loads of people would be interested in reading them. :)” – Choco
              I really enjoyed your analysis because it shows another point of view. As an european fan not that familiar with korean culture its really interesting to read this, I would love to read your observations on all of EXO.

            • nhu

              could you also do an analysis on chen and his relationship with the other members? thanks i really like reading your analysis and getting another point of view :)

            • doitlikethis123

              Haha! I thought the boy-teasing-girl-he-likes analogy was so spot on ‘cos yes, I felt that way too! And I’m not sure if you’re noticing the same thing but I definitely felt that whatever tension btwn the two had before were ebbed out recently. The two seemed to be keeping a cordial rlnship until Baek bc more and more reckless in his teasing and Kyungie, who previously kept a nice distance, fought back (literally) and oh well, boys way of ending stuff- I think the physical fighting brought them closer instead.

              I appreciate them finally finding a proper outlet (even tho it’s thru violence lmao) to hit it off with each other and yes, I had the same feeling that Kyungie was the one more anxious prior (I was the same person who left a comment previously under the name “Maddie” cos my comp was being stupid) BUT, I thought the reason was exactly cos Baek was more confident than Kyungie in so many aspects.

              You can tell alot by the way someone was brought up by the way they respond to others. And with Baek, he was definitely someone fearless (remember how their company noona gifted him a ring or smthg cos during the course of early promos he sort of felt depressed a bit, and she said ‘where’s the fearless baek i always knew?”) and even Kai, during a recent intv, likened him to a Yorkshire with “pride”, so he’s definitely not those kind with a low self-esteem. Probably had his down days but ever since the kind noona’s reminder, I think fearless Baek is back. If anything, I felt that the one with the low self-esteem is Chanyeol.

              Back to Kyungie, I don’t think he finds himself more handsome. Have you seen his pre-debut pics? Homygosh, I don’t think girls dig that kinda look but anywayz, I felt that his confidence in his looks only sorta got better after debut. Heaps of opinions from people around him and online probably established how he felt about his looks now. I believe somewhere in his upbringing, he was told to just accept compliments nicely and not rebutt others when pp pay him a compliment. Like what Amy (the owner of this blog) pointed out, pp concedes to what he’s saying 100% simply bcos he’s always been rather on point and doesn’t sugarcoat things. Including the way he views himself. I believe the reason he placed Baek last was 1. for entertainment’s sake since Baek’s always making fun of him 2. He knows Baek won’t take it to heart. And I don’t agree that he doesn’t have much personality, in fact, he’s the one with the most complex personality in the group, I feel. I agree that he’s more of a BTS guy tho~

              As for the Sukira show with Wookie, I don’t really think Baek was trying to sing more than him trying to liven up the atmosphere. I’m not entirely sure why Chanyeol prefers to collaborate more with D.O. and even Kris rather than Baek (since he proclaimed him as no. 1 soulmate), my guess is the genre of songs they listen to is slightly more similar? But regardless, I think it’s more of a lack of proactiveness on Baek’s part since he ALREADY knows he’s good in singing. Wookie himself had to remind Baek that since he’s one of the main vocals, he would expect him to prepare smthg as well.

              • Amy

                Oh yeah I remember the trainer noona story but even so that and what Kai said just confirms my thoughts lol. Like I said at the end of my analysis he persevered when he was a trainee even though it was hard for him he never gave up and was put into Exo K with hard work so I can see why Kai likened him to a yorkshire :).
                When he down with low self esteem and things were hard that noona gave him that ring and he persevered again! lol

                Ohhh!I didn’t mean D.O didn’t have any personality I meant more on variety shows he doesn’t like to reveal a lot about himself and prefers to stay quiet and go with the flow unlike Baek and Chanyeol . I do understand he’s a complex character…. probably the most in Exo. I like him because he’s kind of a no bullshit kind of guy.

                While D.O wasn’t handsome when he was really young…he’s very handsome right now lol. The past doesn’t seem to matter …infact he was pretty handsome even as an SM trainee from the pictures I seen of him with Kai. As far as I know two female idols picked him as their ideal type.

            • taohun

              as with everyone else, i rly enjoyed reading your analyses! very insightful and observant, and they drew my attention to things i otherwise would not even have noticed or paid attention to! would love love love to hear your full analyses on the other members (esp tao, and also an analysis with wider breadth on sehun — past his spoilt-brattiness hahaha), and YES please do create a blog compiling these :’) have a great day!

            • taohun

              oh yes, also; i was wondering what your take on chen wld be in this weekly idol episode? idk why but i just seem to feel some tensions between him and the other members at times. i rly liked him when they first debuted, but seeing other members’ (at times) cold reactions to him made me question whether it was a personality problem on his part. but anw, watching more recent interviews and performances again reminded me of why i liked this guy in the first place — he rly just strikes me as someone who’s genuine, talented, and good-humoured. nevertheless, wld wanna hear what you’d have to say! :)

            • shai

              Loved your entire analysis on chanyeol! I have always wondered what ticked me so wrongly about him, but now I know! I have never liked him and I never understood the people that did. To me, he seems fake. but, as someone said here in the comments that there are some people who automatically love him and some who hate him, there is no middle ground. I also loved you analysis on sehun, beakhyun, kyungsoo, and kris and kyungsoo’s relationship. Everything was spot on!

        • doitlikethis123

          Ah… from this post, I fathom Yeol is an airhead? Haha~ He’s just loud and… childish? Maybe that’s why he was the one being disciplined the most by Suho before debut. And I’m actually interested in the observations by Korean fans between Baeksoo ‘cos I did notice underlying tension before, but for recent stages, they seemed to be opening up more and more to each other, and I don’t detect the vibe as much? In fact, Baek was one of those who didn’t wanna hit Soo with the toy hammer in Weekly idol, and in the most recent ep, although they were jibing at each other and ranking the other last, I don’t actually sense the competition anymore

          • Amy

            Honestly, I dont know if Chanyeol is an airhead or not but to me he seems too smart/calculative to be an airhead lol. But yes thanks for reminding me that Suho had to discipline Chanyeol a lot during trainee years I forgot to add that xD.

            I wrote my thoughts on Baeksoo below if you are interested it’s really long tho…..

        • Sammie :3

          Hey! :D
          Im researching about chanyeol (since im a new fan) and i think….. Chanyeol and I have many simillarities. I mean like him, im an extrovert, sensitive and i always smile alot!
          I always try to hide my feelings since it’s my way of defending my self and i think Chanyeol is doing the same. We are both sensitive at others judgement not because we care about our image but i think its because we’re insecure.
          “I know i deserve this, but why didnt i get this.” <~ I always get this feeling whenever i work hard since i always gets rejected and that makes me insecure specially the time when i got bullied.

          The difference with us is that my EQ is higher than him & im open minded because like i said I got bullied and i became sensitive about others feeling at the same time i got insecure.

          Baekhyun's personality is pretty much the same with Chanyeol but Baekhyun's EQ is alot more higher than Chanyeol since Chanyeol's family is a little… Yeah! xD and I think their looks affected their personality too ^_^…

          This is what I thought so far. ^_^ THANK YOU FOR READING! :D I hope youll reply your 'argument' AHAHAH XD i would like to know whats wrong with my annalization so far :3

          • Amy

            I completely agree with you but think that’s why Chanyeol makes me uncomfortable….I always feel I’m never seeing the real Chanyeol because he’s always trying to be happy and smiley…so it makes me uncomfortable…

            not two faced exactly….just he’s not 100 % himself?

            See I’m exactly like Kris…I seem cold and distant to new people because I don’t want to reveal everything and be vulnerable so I’m only close to my friends and it takes a while for people to know me. They say I look cold and unapproachable But I don’t always TRY to be hyper and super friendly to everyone because I don’t have that ability and frankly I dont care to lol

            While Kris and Chanyeol both hide their feelings because they are insecure at least Kris doesn’t try to be everyone’s best friend and not be himself…

            There is always a part of Chanyeol that we never see and it scares me…that’s why when I thought he would be scary if he was angry …I was right

            the exo members said the same thing lol

            I don’t know why I never get this feeling with Baekhyun….He just seems to be himself all the time and I never get the feeling that he’s hiding a part of him….even Tao said he never gets angry even once so that reveals how gentle and patient he is..

            I do agree with you that I think he’s sensitive…I could tell by how upset he got in Weekly Idol…but I also think he tries too hard to please everyone and that’s why he’s so off putting to me….

            I prefer I- dont -give -a -shit characters like Sehun and D.O lol

            I guess because you are similar to Chanyeol you can relate more to him? I’m an introvert maybe thats why xD

    • shukri

      Hi Amy can you analyse chen and what do you think about Tao and D.O relationship.

      • Amy

        I don’t really have a lot of information about chen Im afraid…BUT! he seems like a friendly guy who likes to troll with a lots of aegyo and its hard to hate on him. I’m noticing a trend where members pick on his looks but let’s hope he doesn’t take it to heart!! He’s also very popular in Korea right now :)

        D.O has a very motherly side to him. He is caring but at the same time he has a very low tolerance for immaturity and clingy-ness. D.O takes of Tao sometimes and Tao likes D.O attention…..not as much as he does from Suho and Kris but its more rare.
        I’m noticing how maknae line Sehun-Kai-Tao all crave D.O’s affection but Kai matches D.O the most because he’s more mature that the other two and he’s not as clingy but a bit more possessive…whereas Sehun is a naughty kid and Tao is like a baby LOL

        D.O seems to dote on Tao just a tiny bit more than Sehun because Tao is more helpless and he doesn’t enjoy annoying D.O like Sehun does.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if their relationship was awkward though because they were both born in 1993 but D.O is the hyung because he was born early in the year …but chinese people doesn’t have that culture so Tao might want to just be friends lol.

        It is important to understand that Exo has 12 members…..so there is no way all of them will be close friends…

        Just like Chanyeol and Lay may never be best friends…..

        or Kai and Kris may be never be super duper close…

        Tao and D.O may also be the same…..but it’s nice to see D.O taking care of him like a maknae :)

        • shukri

          i dont know if you have watched when exo were guest on shimshimtapa and Tao said someone said to him “how did someone like you come into EXO?” some people thought it was chanyeol so did I. i wanna know who you think it is.

          • Amy

            Yes I watched it long ago and I was shocked then…I’m afraid I can only tell you who it is definitely not based from what was said and the reactions ….

            Kris , Lay , Luhan , D.O, Chen, Suho , Sehun , Baekhyun, .and maybe Kai?

            Xiumin stayed quiet like always…I thought it was Chanyeol for some reason but I can’t be sure…anyway I think this was when Tao’s korean was poor and he misunderstood the question..

            “HOW did you enter Exo?” with ” How did someone LIKE YOU enter Exo?” if that makes sense lol

    • Mei

      Im sorry but about Sehun speaking to the chinese members “impolitely” in China when you talk to someone you don’t have to use honorifics like you do in Japan or Korea unless they are for example ten years older than you. So maybe thats why Sehun just calls the chinese members without honorifics. I know this because in chinese.

      • anon

        but the thing is they are in korea, and in shows they all speak korean. Since they are immersed in the korean culture, it is more suitable/appropriate for Sehun to say hyung or just act a little more respectively towards the elder members.

  • eternalfive

    Lol at your rant about Sehun. So true, especially the Asian Discipline Intuition, omg. XD Sehun’s lack of manners is so well-known in the fandom haha, it’s THAT OBVIOUS. It’s not that he’s a bad guy – he just doesn’t give a fuck.

    What you say about Luhan is my major dilemma with him actually. He is definitely the epitome of the word 乖, srsly. He’s extremely nice and considerate, and these are innate traits of his that haven’t changed at all despite everything else that may have happened to him during his 23 years of life, which is something that I hugely admire. It’s a big big biiiiiig reason as to why I like him so much, and why I think he’s so popular with fans despite not being that outgoing. But at the same time, I do wish he’d be a bit harder sometimes, a bit more vicious, and not just with disciplining his dongsaengs or things like that, but also with getting more screentime during shows, and getting more public recognition and fans, because I care a lot about his success and career. And also just…there are so many different kinds of people out there, and a lot of them like to screw with people who are nice and seem like easy targets. =.= But doing that means he ends up losing a part of his charm, as well as part of the reason why I (and others probably) like and admire him so much as not just an idol, but as a person. So yeah, I’m kinda ambivalent on this, but tbh I like how he is now, and sometimes I feel like he’s kept these traits with him because he has strong values and beliefs about that, and that’s fine with me. I sound like a cheesy, overly-sentimental fangirl, but as long as he’s happy, it’s all good, haha. ^^ Also, ultimately, while he’s a very very nice guy, I don’t think he’s a pushover.

    HAHA yes, Tao is so vain. Idk though, he’s really grown on me. He’s just so shamelessly honest, and says what’s on his mind despite the fact that it’s being broadcast on national TV, and is willing to be laughed at, and has good variety sense. He’s unafraid to put himself out there and be made fun of, and I think that’s the difference between Tao’s vanity and say, Chanyeol’s vanity. Tao ultimately forgets about it. Chanyeol takes it to heart. Tao naturally isn’t afraid to show everything about himself. Chanyeol feels the need to hide a lot of things about himself. I see it as because Tao is sensitive but good-humored, and confident but knows his limits mostly, whereas Chanyeol seeeems to have low self esteem, needs compliments to confirm his views of himself, and gets a little spiteful to the people around him when his ego takes a blow. Argh, I just don’t know how to explain this effectively, haha, but it’s why Tao’s vanity just amuses me, but Chanyeol’s makes me uncomfortable.

    But yeah, I decided a while ago that I don’t like Chanyeol. He has his strong points, and he’s not malicious, but his personality just rubs me the wrong way. Also, he is SO. AWARE. of fans. It hit me the most when EXO went to Changsha for HC, and there were all these pics where he gravitated around Lay (which he NEVER does normally) because ofc since it was Changsha, Yixing would have the spotlight and it just…that was when I was just like “nope, don’t like him”. =.=

    Omg, Chen. He is one of the best things about these OT12 promotions for me. I prefer MOT6 promotions infinitely more, but OT12 Korean promotions means that Chen gets to showcase his personality and wit and charm in a way he can’t on Chinese shows. I remember thinking during MOT6 promotions that Chen would be a huge riot on variety if he just KNEW THE LANGUAGE, and I was sad because he’s seemed to be so witty and fun and nice and he couldn’t really show it in China.

    Hdu Yixing always looks handsome okay. o/ No lol, that is actually a huge joke and completely untrue, I’m just really really biased like that. :P But yeah, he’s looking awesome again after the blonde. <333 And yup, I love his dancer relationship with Kai. :)

    Crap, this is so long. Anyway thanks for the post Amy, I love reading your EXO notes. :)

    • Amy

      LOL I laughed at your comments about Chanyeol gravitating towards Lay in Changsha. ITS SO TRUE ..I noticed he tends to gravitates towards Kris a LOT in airports ( on purpose ) and basically whenever he notices fan cameras around because of his largest fansite Dobby which takes pictures of him and Kris together..

      • Tathi

        Hello Amy!! I would like to see your analysis on Krisoo LOL Not only about the members separately but also about their relationship with each other. I liked your analysis, some things we agree, others not that much. But I respect your analysis and I like to know others people opinion, because sometimes someone see something that you didn´t pay atention before.
        I hope you understand what I wrote, I´m still learning english, so… Thanks!!

        • Amy

          Omg I adore Krisoo !! they are one of the rare people I ship ( other than the rarest Kairis haha) its so cute …I think they have been close for a while but not one really paid attention to them until OT12. I seen Krisoo moments in Disneyland when they went as Exo last year.

          I noticed moments when they are overseas mainly mostly from D.O towards Kris…I think he ….hmm I don’t want to say the word admire…I think appreciates? I think he’s glad that they have someone like Kris on their team…I think most Exo members think of Kris as a big brother and a leader but EVEN more so when they are overseas and he is in charge of speaking english or chinese. The satisfied looks I see Kris gets from his members I rarely see them give to Suho LOL.

          Have you ever watched the MAMA press conference interview? Kris starts off with 4 languages and impresses the hall , gets cheers from the press….exo members looks proud….when Suho talks he stammered awkwardly like three times …lol….

          SO many overseas interviews when Kris speaks D.O has this immense smug face on it’s so cute he’s so proud. When they are on stage, or red carpet ,when they receive awards. When Exo stands in formation D.O is only like two people away from Kris so whenever Kris talks you can see D.O’s expression. xD

          But at the same time sometimes I get the feeling that D,O takes care of Kris instead of the other way around. Like Kai said in an interview ” People may see Kris as cold and stuff but Exo members see him as a cute hyung”

          I think Kris towards D.O is definitely admiration especially for his voice whenever D.O sings Kris just jams along to his voice and looks happy haha. Maybe that’s why Kris has been declaring himself as the main vocal lately…it was so cute when D.O brought it up in Sukira teasing Kris and Kris laughed and nudged D.O like ” why did you bring it up?” SO CUTEEEE.

          Kris also picked D.O for the couple quiz in ShimShimtapa radio and he picked him as the member who pays the least amount of attention to his clothes in Naver Starcast X)

          They are both the quietest members in Exo but they are having so many moments lately.

          I dont really have much information though just….,the dynamics of the tallest guy in Exo and the shortest guy is so adorable somehow xD

          • winnie

            Will you also do an analysis on kaisoo. I know its one of the more popular ships in EXO but I never really understood why…

  • stuffing

    1:13 = why i love D.O

  • Drey

    I agree with most of the things you said here, especially at how spoiled Sehun is. And it’s getting worse. Everyone babies him and sometimes it seems like he doesn’t give a f*ck anymore. It’s his charm, but at the same time, his biggest flaw.
    However, about Chanyeol, I feel the need to defense him a little. I see so many people hating on him because he seems “fake” and “calculated”. Though it’s true that he’s actually really smart and a lot of his actions were driven by the facts that he knows us so well: what we like, what we expect from him, what would trigger us etc, like one of the comment here said, he’s not malicious. I feel like he does a lot of fanservice because he genuinely wants to please the fans, not just because he wants to be more popular. He also seems like the type who doesn’t like to show his weakness, and thus, always keep a happy face no matter how hard it is. Because of this, I kind of appreciate his “fakeness”? Of course I could be wrong. Most of the time, I’m just lukewarm about him, so I don’t really pay close attention to him. Maybe there’re lots of things he did that I didn’t know about.

  • Mia

    oh wow, I agree with mostly everything, but I also have to disagree with you on some points;
    -Luhan might be a seriously nice guy, and that is NOT A BAD THING. I understand that to survive in this industry, you will need to have some balls, but I wouldn’t ever want Luhan to change or to “learn to be more aggressive.” Luhan is known among fans as an extremely friendly and polite person. His lack of variety skills is his weakness, I admit; he is horrible at variety. But the MCs interferring because they want to give him more spotlight should not make fans frustrated at Luhan, because honestly, it’s quite obvious that he prefers listening and watching the other members shine rather than being in the spotlight himself.

    -I can literally not understand how people can think so badly of Chanyeol. I’m pretty sure that his “happy virus” persona is quite exaggerated, and I believe that he’s smart in the sense that he knows exactly what to say and do to please his fans, but like the comment below me pointed out, I think he does it because he genuinely cares about his fans and he wants to please them. He seems like a sincerely friendly and nice guy. And I’m actually rather happy that the teasing seemed to bother him, because it shows that despite his positivity and constant happy face, he also has feelings and can get hurt when being critised.

    Then your other points;

    KIM FREAKING JONGDAE. This dude is hilarious. I love him so much. Ever since promoting in Korea, Chen’s personality has really begun to shine through. He is an absolute sweetheart through and through, he’s funny as hell on variety shows and he seems to care a lot about his members.

    I love Tao because he’s so ridiculously honest about everything, and he literally wears his emotions on his sleeve. Some people are so transparent about their feelings, and Tao is one of them.

    I kinda agree with you on Baekhyun, in that he seems to be more focused on making himself look and sound good instead of the group as a whole, but I also think that Baekhyun is a natural at basically everything it takes to be an idol, and that anyone with those kinds of talents and charms would gladly show it off when he gets the chance. This IS a competitive industry after all, and your popularity in a group MATTERS, especially when there are twelve members. So although I think Baek is a bit of a fame-whore, I also love him to bits, because he’s a witty, charming and talented social butterfly.

    And I would really like to see your take on Xiumin. I think he’s a really good dancer, but mediocre at everything else. I know Xiumin gets little to no exposure at all, but I don’t really feel like he ever tries or WANTS to do anything to make himself more known. He gets a lot of opportunities to showcase himself, but he usually just gives a blunt answer or tries to give the microfon to someone else. He’s probably not a very talkative person, but he was really more bubbly and happy when EXO-M were promoting seperately. I miss seeing that. Also, it’s so sad that he’s so insecure about himself. It literally broke my heart when Xiumin said that he dieted and lost weight because he didn’t like the way he looked before. Xiumin during debut days was NEVER fat, not even CLOSE to overweight, and it’s so sad that he would ever think he had to lose weight.

    wow this was way too many words, but I really like your EXO rants :)

  • bladraven

    is D.O your bias in EXO? i don’t know if you don’t notice this or what. No offense tho, but i just want to point this out. in the show i notice that D.O has less respect and called his chinese hyungs only by name, he called luhan only by name, then called lay by saying “igo” (i’m not sure how to spell it), then he called kris also only by name, kris even had to correct him and saying “not hyung?” and D.O just respon him coldly. but on the other hand, he called suho by suho hyung. i don’t hate D.O but i think he should has more respect toward his chinese hyungs. D.O case similar to sehun.
    in most cases that you mention i agree with you.
    i think most of the brats are in exo-k, like you mention; sehun, kai, chanyeol, baekhyun, and i mention D.O.
    also, i saw many fancams in youtube, i notice that exo-m members are the most humble to fans, especially the original chinese members, especially again luhan and lay. they mostly always smile, wave and bow to fans. kris also did that but not as many as lay and luhan, i think. but still better than exo-k members. on the other hand, chen and xiumin along with exo-k members look don’t really give a shit about the fans. not saying they are arrogant or something but they seem don’t really respon to fans like look at them and smile, wave or bow like luhan and lay did.
    i dont try to bash exo-k or exo in whole, i don’t hate them, i do really like exo. just share my opinion about what i feel or see about them. it think it would be better if they can be nicer to each other; younger members to older members, and to the chinese members, and warmer to fans.
    just my opinion, correct me if i’m wrong about them :)

    • bestie

      i think they made a mistake with ‘igo’. i thought D.O was referring to sehun because he placed his hand on sehun’s lap after doing the hand gesture for luhan. and when he did the ranking, sehun was after luhan so and lay was near the end. so i honestly think the igo was for sehun

    • Wow

      lol. Chen is super famous in Korea for making close interactions with fans and even smiling to saseng fans. I know this because Im a Korean and I live in Korea. Personally, I just think that you are just favoring Chinese members.

  • Orange

    Hi Amy, really enjoyed reading your blog post. I think a lot of things you mentioned in the article are pretty accurate and I like how you judge their personalities by their words and actions.

    I think you were SUPER right when you said that Chanyeol is really attention-seeking. And wherever there’s a camera, he just automatically zooms in on it and as an EXOtic, I get pretty freaked out when he does that. It’s almost as if he’s just way too aware often cameras around him already. That’s why I like how Kris and the rest actually play it cool around the cameras.

    I’d like to share my thoughts regarding Suho (kinda irrelevant, but just for the fun of it). He’s the leader, but I think he’s so distant from the rest of EXO. I think it probably stemmed from the seniority he has over the rest of them (since he trained 7 yrs). And everytime when the members call upon him, it’s like pretty much “he knows how to use his card well to treat us”. And it’s pretty much it. I thought he was the most pretentious member in EXO at first, because of the smile he gives. And then I decide to label him just awkward with the members, hence the genial smile. So overall, Suho is a leader, but I don’t think he’s the One who connects to the little young ones well enough.

    I’d like to know how you feel towards the rest of the members (I’m a greedy reader). I think your writings are very good and worth reading!

  • rainy_redNara

    sorry, you’re not asian are you? so you didn’t some of asian things, i guess ? for your info, those are all SCRIPTED . there were only some ad libs. they’re were asked to do all that stuffs. it’s not like they had a choice. i know this because i was one of the crew behind . i was there when they were preparing before recording the show. please don’t label them or whatever just because of these. i was just surfing around and then i saw this article and i was quite shocked.

  • rainy_redNara

    sorry, you’re not asian are you? so you didn’t know some of asian things, i guess ? for your info, those are all SCRIPTED . there were only some ad libs. they’re were asked to do all that stuffs. it’s not like they had a choice. i know this because i was one of the crew behind . i was there when they were preparing before recording the show. please don’t label them or whatever just because of these. i was just surfing around and then i saw this article and i was quite shocked.

    • Anonymous

      Oh please. No one believes that you were there behind the scenes. Your comment lost all credibility when you pulled a baseless claim like this.

  • anonymous

    Really loved how you describe/judge about personality of exo’s member.
    I really like exo’s song lately, you can say that i’m just a fan of exo.

    But some point i agree with your opinion about how greedy and how stand out of baekhyun. I love his sexy voice and sometime i like his funny comment or joke at radio broadcast / another variety show.

    But just really greedy of him, i think he must just give opportunity to other member. For example : you can watch at sukira broadcast about suddenly he join to sing along when DJ Ryeowook ask Chen to show his singing skill and chen stop singing because being interrupted by baekhyun. And baekhyun’s answer just because he want to sing together. (WHAT?!!! Pleaseee.. give other member to show their skill too).

    And lately at variety show, the comment / joke of baekhyun is not unacceptable. (I think maybe it’s called painful joke? for example : point to skin colour of Kai or make joke by imitate another mistake again and again). Maybe it’s true he caugth at the positive feedback that doing good at anything (singing, making comment/joke,dancing,etc). So maybe he think that he’s so good and become greedy and arrogant.

    That’s just my opinion about baekhyun after watching exo show. I hope that himself will find this article / negative opinion about him. (Because i’ve read article that baekhyun is really sensitive and we must to be carefull with out negative comment, but i think he must to read this just for his sake).

    To Baekhyun’s fans : sorry if my negative opinion / my word hurt you idol. Its just my opinion about him lately.

  • blehh

    I find this thread kind of rude. I was just searching on the Internet and stumbled upon this. Honestly, none of you personally know any of the EXO members and all of your judgements are based off of variety/reality/talk shows. I’m not usually the type of fan to get offended when kpop idols are criticized, but a thread like this really puts a bad name on Exotics.

    Btw, is this the love Chen and hate Chanyeol website or something? Cause that’s all I read…

    • Shawn Amber

      Well it’s more like a hate sehun website -_-

  • Maeve Matas Dorado

    ,,,,?? ihyo

  • Plo

    You are entitled to your opinion, yes, but I just want to comment something about Sehun being “mannerless”. It’s given that he was brought up in a culture that highly values respect but when you are really close to someone, you’ll drop the honorifics. I don’t even know if you know that one because it’s apparent that you keep on pointing out and insisting how “manerless” Sehun is. Your claims are weak, too and I won’t even bother to delve into that. I know lots of people who hit their best friends and it’s completely nothing to them (unless one of them is in a bad mood). And oh, by the way, I am Asian. Just saying before you go on prancing and telling me (possibly) that I have no idea about Asian culture.

  • Megumi

    I respect your opinion, I really do & I actually think this is a good review. Although,they can’t change themselves if that’s who they really are. Whether you like it or you don’t. Some people are going to like them and some people won’t & that’s normal. Why not just be a fan of exo? Because it’s tiring to see fans fight over members in the same group. But you’re probably thinking who I am to say that. EXO and other groups gets enough criticism from anti-fans though. Why not just focus on the good side instead of the bad. But I guess if people can’t do that then thats reality.

  • Fleur

    Hello. I really respect your opinion although I might not entirely agree with some things. I think it’d be really interesting and cool if you also analyse exo from Exo Showtime! :D I was wondering if you intend to review them based on that show as well? It’ll be awesome and cool to see you review it! please do! :D <333

  • Diana

    hey, can you please share me the link of the video that sehun called luhan during the championship. I’ve been looking the video for awhile now :( thanks in advance and pardon me for my terrible english

  • Jessica

    I don’t really agree with you about Sehun, I mean he is the youngest and he has his hyungs that sometimes let him go of easily, but he dose bow properly and on Weekly idol one of the fans asked EXO to bow for them, they did even Sehun did he did it really well. I like Sehun’s attitude cuz I am just like him.

  • Pippy

    Well, I didn’t interpret Sehun like you did and I kinda disagreed with you about Sehun.
    I think Sehun is a good kid with soft heart. I really like him through this show though. I find him a very opened mind, playful, and do care for other exo members.

  • enzi
  • dkkensnd

    i disagree with a lot of what u said. u dont even know them lmao. u based ur entire article on one episode haha i laugh.

  • Young

    Wow. First of all, you don’t judge a celebrity from a talk show thats scripted ( I know this because I’m a 100% Korean and I live in Korea. Almost all the variety shows in Korea are indeed scripted and they exaggerate a lot of stuff to make things funnier. I’m not saying that every single line are planned out and memorized but a lot of things are exaggerated. And You are right on how strict it is to use honorifics to your elders but those kind of things just go away when you are that close like Luhan and Sehun. You are taking things way too seriously and you are over estimating them. Oh, but you are right when you said that Chanyeol was kind of an attention seeker. But I understand him because he really isn’t that famous compared to Baekhyun, Xiumin, or D.O in Korea so he has to do more in order to keep his place since he is an K member

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  • Yanah

    It’s okay if your bias is luhan me too… But don’t compare people they have different faces and different personality… If sehun know about this he will be sad after all… Don’t judge them .. Because they not judging us…


    You’re basing your opinion from just what you saw..and judging them like WTF? You’re being irritated by Sehun because he’s like that to his hyungs , Tao is vain and saying that Chanyeol is an attention seeker.. What the heck…You’re ridiculous.. You want them to be like this and that…I’m sorry if they can’t meet you’re expectations..Tsk. Who are you to judge them.. Unlike you, they are not perfect..they have flaws.. but they are still doing they’re best to be a better person..They’ve been through a lot of things and from what I just read, I don’t think you know anything about them (so sorry if I’m wrong).. I’m really happy that they don’t understand english (except for Benben) because if they do they will just laugh at this crappy notes of yours..Sorry not sorry.. ~XOXO~


    This notes are just wrong.. You’re the attention seeker not Chanyeol.. Stop judging them when you have no idea who they really are! Argh, you are irritating me =___= but i don’t want to waste my time..so i’ll just summarize everything. You

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  • peachmilk

    you are one hella of a shallow minded white girl l o l

  • http://twitter.com/jongsation Kkaebsong.

    I don’t agree on the Sehun part, and I partially don’t agree with the Baekhyun part, but I think all of your notes about the other boys are spot on.

    And just so you know, it’s completely okay not to use honorifics to people older than you if you are very close.

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  • EXO :) Wuyifan

    I didn’t watch the show… but I think it’s not that nice to just judge people like that… it’s like you’re鸡蛋里挑骨头,i don’t know how to describe it in english. To be fair, I AM an EXO-L, so I would be a bit biased. And I respectfully disagree with some of you’re opinions. you’re words are… a bit harsh and over-exaggerating. Ok, sehun might not be a BIT spoiled. But that doesn’t make him a brat, not if others don’t mind it. So Luhan is easy-going and well liked. So what? And fyi, he does stand up for himself, but it’s just that he doesn’t mind most things. And Tao. (Yeah, Tao’s my bias). You say he’s vain. WHY?! You can not like him, but at least give me a reason. I personally find him adorable. And after the Kris Lawsuit, he’s always unhappy and sad, and it pains me. so yeah. I hope you can reconsider some of your opinions with some of the members.

  • whateva

    Me..i second the points on baekhun and sehun..dunno why..i also can sense the so called uncomfortable moments btween DO and baekhyun…

  • waherever

    the fuck.. sehun is not a mannerless brat.. no offense but U R RUDE AS HELL.

  • Jongdae

    I agree with all of your points lol, yes sehun is too mannerless and spoilt. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are no good and Chen is literally an angel,, well.. luhan won’t have to deal with that anymore

  • Luhan’s nampyeon

    I totally agree about the Luhan needs to be meaner part. I mean not really meaner but, he’s too nice. I mean it’s good to be nice but… sometimes you just have to …. you know what i mean. Luhan just laugh and stuff…I want him to say something… I don’t really care about how Sehun acts towards Luhan. But still Luhan need to be more … (I can’t find the right word)…

  • Passerby

    I think Luhan treat Sehun as his very close friend more than a little brother, he did take very good care of Sehun tho, u know what i mean. Also he is a chinese, they don’t really care of that kind of stuffs. And maybe thats the really why Sehun loved to be around with Luhan, like they could make fun of each other with no burden.

  • mate

    i do agree with your notes except the ones regarding sehun. being the youngest he definitely enjoys testing the boundaries and pushing his hyungs as far as he dares though it’s all done with a joking manner (that obviously doesn’t mean it’s okay). It’s true sehun’s not the most manner full of all the members but it would be going a little far to call him a “big shit mannerless brat”

  • hmm

    I guess everyone has their own opinions but the way you talked about some of them were a bit harsh and too judgemental.
    Maybe try putting yourselves in their shoes and think about how they’d feel if you were to be talked about in such a negative way.
    I’m pretty sure you’d be quite upset – and don’t give excuses like “I will change my manners and work to be better” or some lame shit like that just to defend yourself.
    But I will say I agree on some of your points, but some of them are… A bit over the top. You should’ve made it sound nicer, because if saesangs found you, they will certainly have your ass kicked out ta space.
    I’d be careful if I were you.

  • ohdult

    sehun’s spoiled not only bc hes the youngest but also because he’s well loved by the members. sehun is close to all of them and they always ponder around him because his heart is huge and hes just so kind. you have no right to assume things about them when at the end of their day their relationships between eachother are definitely better than the shit u pulled out ur ass. sorry but its a variety show and everything is p much scripted LOL stop taking it so seriously and go take a walk in a park

  • Anonymous

    cmon guys foreigners probably don’t understand how frustrating it is to be disrespected so calm your tits, accept the truth and stop defending something that you don’t understand