Airport fashion #5


According to my archives, I average two airport fashion posts a year. No matter, I’ve collected some good stuff in the year since my last airport fashion post, lol.

These peeps are by far my favorites to keep an eye out for, style-wise: Kris (Exo), Krystal (f(x)), Hara (Kara), Jessica (SNSD), Taeyeon (SNSD). These are rising in the ranks: Jiyoung (Kara), Sehun/Chen/Luhan/Baekhyun (Exo), Sulli (f(x)). And these guys I generally always like, but don’t care enough about them/their groups to follow their style extensively: Gayoon (4Minute), Dasom (Sistar), Sohee (Wonder Girls).

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ews20130825airportfashion29 ews20130825airportfashion30


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ews20130825airportfashion16 ews20130825airportfashion17

ews20130825airportfashion18 ews20130825airportfashion19

ews20130825airportfashion24 ews20130825airportfashion25

  • jjkjk

    Yay I’ve been waiting for this post. I think the Jung sisters have the best airport fashion. You can never go wrong with a slim fitted pant + a loose/oversized top.

  • pincoil

    Sulli’s red pants outfit is a winner. Love it.

  • emmaherself

    really loving the leather on the first pic. wonder who it’s by ?

    • Amy

      No idea, sadly :(

  • Sherica

    I really like the laidback look when going to the airport! I’m usually like that too! my fav! :))