Questions for SM Entertainment


Dear SM Entertainment,

I’m a long-time listener of the mostly poop you guys release. Because I’ve been listening for so long and have spent so much time, money, and effort on your products, I had a couple of questions I was hoping you guys would be able to answer!

Is that all there is to f(x)’s comeback? Is it that hard for SM to show some understanding of cohesion? Is “don’t start something you can’t finish” that hard to wrap its head around? Does SM have no artistic standards? Does nobody in SM ever feel bored of their own shit?

Do the creatives at the company ever go to work and despair when they have to draw storyboards for music video #4564, which looked exactly like music video #4563? Do you guys even bother making storyboards when you film every music video the same exact way?

How come you guys are capable of making artists at your label outsiders within their own group, but can’t seem to understand the vocal, consistently negative feedback about your videos? Are you guys selectively deaf?

What the FUCK is everyone so busy fucking doing that they can’t be a little more ambitious with their work?

Is there only one person working on everything that comes out of SM? Did the person who dreamt up the “Pink Tape” teaser get tasered for thinking too outside of the box? Did SM punish that person by slapping the person in the face with a giant box? Is there a mythical box being in charge at SM? Did SM have a fight with all other shapes in the universe?

Do you think f(x) fans are stupid? Are f(x) your playthings? Are you unfeeling and callous when you create projects for f(x)? Do you have no consideration for any of these girls’ careers beyond fulfilling whatever sadistic machinations you dream up in your box?

Please answer back at your earliest convenience! I’d be happy to take answers over phone or by email as well.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  •!/swheekun swheekun

    Well said. I’ve been trying to stay optimistic considering SM have made so many great things and continue to occasionally, but at this point the crap-to-quality ratio is getting so ridiculous and inconsiderate–to the fans and idols– that vitriol is completely deserved.

  • pincoil

    Dear Amy,

    We are barely sorry to hear that your experience with our products has been less than satisfactory. If you would like a refund on your five years in SM fandom, our company will provide less than reasonable reimbursement made in sporadic payments over the next 13 years.

    As you know, SM prides itself on creating new male products with tried and true blueprints from 1993 and repackaging our models in slightly different SMP formats every 15 months. When it comes to our female line, we had a special vision for f(x). We wanted to create a group with a name that represented variability and metamorphosis, and we wanted to use the same template of song, dance, and style for each of their promotional cycles to date. f(x), in other words, is a perfect vision of irony.

    In response to your main question, you are absolutely correct–we have no artistic standards. Our standards focus, instead, on intangibles such as cuteness and sex appeal. Our raw source materials are carefully scouted from department stores and performing arts high schools all across the nation. Our final products are then stored in our training factory for up to 7 years before they are placed on the shelves and into the hands of our rabid consumers. This gestation period is intended to foster desperation and low self-esteem in our products which, in turn, extends their shelf life by 3 years.

    We hardly appreciate your feedback and would like to make it up to you by offering you a complimentary KENZIE ballad sung by any of our products of your choice.

    (Please note: if you select Super Junior, your gift will not include any vocals by Henry or Zhou Mi, as they are not a part of Super Junior.)

    Yours truly,

  • lae

    At this point, I’m honestly thinking it’s a ploy to test fandom’s limits – to see how much crap the fans will lap up out of sheer desperation for a comeback (because SM groups are averaging 1.5 years per Korean comeback). And, sadly, most of the fandom will take anything – especially younger fandoms like f(x) and EXO, not to mention what Suju fandom’s been putting up with since Sorry Sorry. And as long as the formula is succeeding, this is what the company will do because what is artistic merit to them? In the end it’s money and profit.

    It’s even worse when teasers have so much potential only to be wasted completely on a totally unrelated and ill-suiting MV AND they had to throw in a weird perv platform ):< praying for that one person who's still trying (re: the teasers) to be promoted to the MV concept creation team

    …fandom revolution?

    • Jess

      I agree about Suju. I really hated Bonamana & Mr Simple. The core of both songs are exactly the same. Frankly it’s disgusting that SM managed to manipulate fans into buying the same thing by just autontuning & turning up the beats for Mr Simple. Acha was the worst song ever released by Suju to date I think. I always thought that they looked super Embarassed while performing it. Thank God sexy, free & single was okay. I enjoyed the fuss free performance after having to listen to Mr Simple and the likes for 2 years plus.

  • suzy

    i’m still basking in the awesomeness of EXO’s “Growl” right now so “Rum Pum Pum” hasn’t really sink in yet.


    (having listened to it a couple of times)

    i kinda expected this already. f(x) & SHINee (well, at least since Ring Ding Dong) was probably made by SM to be given all those WTF*ckery concepts & songs. concepts that are the productive output of SM’s “Creative” Teams’s anger, frustrations, resentments, psycho episodes and whatever have yous. it has become their identity…all the weirdess but hey, it works for them.

    i like Amber’s rap part though…and Krystal’s picture with Kai *gives her the evil glare*

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