Keep Calm and Swag On

Look at what my favorite Dragon Soup is wearing:


And look at what I got:


I know, I know. You look at it and for a split second you’re like, “Ugh, how obnoxious.” But after that split second you’re probably thinking, “Wow this is awesome, it’s the best thing ever.” Don’t be jealous.

Anyway. Last week, I went to the Apple store to see if they could get my iPod nano fixed, because the home button on it wasn’t working. I’ve been putting my entire library on shuffle for a while now, because I’ve been sick of all the music I listen to and putting 2000 songs on shuffle lessens the pain a little. I discovered that you can set the home button to skip songs when you double click on it and have been abusing the poor button, so last Wednesday it just got stuck and refused to pop back up.

I usually fret about my electronics a lot and am prone to worry-induced over-preparation, so if this had happened 3 years ago I would have attempted to fix it myself, and if that didn’t work, to back things up before I headed over to the Genius Bar. And…you know, tried to preserve the colossal musical world that lived within my iPod.

But in an attempt to be more careless and under prepared (because that always works out super well for me), I didn’t do anything with my iPod and brought it into the Genius Bar. It was a hardware issue and because I was still under warranty, a Genius member looked at it for five seconds, looked up the model number, and gave me a replacement within 10 minutes. I was in and out of the Apple store in 15 minutes max.

And just like that, the last nine months of my musical life is gone.

If I had thought it through even a little bit more prior to going to the store, I would’ve hated the idea that I was essentially throwing away nine months of records without even making the flimsiest of attempts to jot something down.

(The more I write about this the more angst I feel bubbling up inside me. This was supposed to be a simple writing exercise…)

I can reload my new iPod with music, that’s not the issue. But I have a lot of playlists on my iPod and they are a much better representation of what kind of moods I went through and what happened in my life at a specific time. I order my playlists by date and genre. If you think that’s obsessive, I actually learned to do that from a friend. Prior to that, I only had one playlist at any given time and deleted and added songs as I saw fit. But keeping a record of changes is comforting, which is why I started naming playlists with dates or seasons. I’m also a pretty aural person and sights and sensations don’t trigger memories nearly as effectively as sound does, so I have no idea why I thought not doing anything to salvage my playlists was a good idea.

Lesson of the day: if you are a certain way, it’s comfortable to you and it’s not harmful behavior, don’t be untrue to yourself.

  • lae

    ohh, I’m wincing in sympathy ): I’m an utter nostalgia beast, especially with memories and past versions of things I’ve done so I can imagine the painful feeling of seeing all the history wiped.

    I guess the only thing is that sometimes wiping the slate clean, while not /nice/ exactly, sort of forces you into the present, without any footprints or well-worn tracks to rely on. Hoping you can discover some new things in the process (:

  • pincoil

    Yongguk is and his sensibility are ♥. Other entertainers obsessed with swag, I want to punch in the face. His quest to achieve swag is like an understated but earnest journey to find personal and professional fulfillment in his life.

    I’m sorry to hear about your playlists. I used to make mixed CDs labeled with the season/year. In more recent years, I’ve labeled itunes playlists with a color/year. I don’t keep a journal, so it’s nice to rely on music this way, but I’ve realized I don’t think like Blush 2009 anymore, haha.

  • Brooke

    same thing happened to me a month or so ago. lost ALL my playlists. it was a sad day, i feel your pain.

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