That Winter The Wind Blows, episodes 1 to 5

I love this shot because Song Hye-kyo’s makeup color palette matches my own layout‘s perfectly.

I’ll talk about “School” and “Flower Boy Next Door” another time. But for now, I gotta cave to “That Winter, The Wind Blows” because I LOVES IT.

I write about the problems with fake brother/sister relationships and why “That Winter” is taking shortcuts that “Love Is Not Necessary” didn’t.. Go read!

Jo In-sung in a suit gives me inconvenient feelings. Definitely doing a style post dedicated to that motherfucker soon.

  • Lisa

    “Jo In-sung in a suit gives me inconvenient feelings.”

    What a line :)

  • Krys

    Definitely enjoyable to read – I agree about the premise being something that could only happen in Asia. Even as I told my Taiwanese roommate about the drama, she rolled her eyes and started laughing while my Dominican roommate was like “This is a show on television, what??” I keep wondering if the writing will delve into those feelings as we reach the midway point, but something tells me…no. Looking forward to the style post, Amy! xx

  • Emma D

    yeah i love this too! never thought i’d say that bc i dont like melodrama but everything is so beautiful and yes jo in sung is hoootttt