Best of Boys in Caps, part 1

Yes, this is going to be the best post ever. And of course there’s going to be more than one part.

Who are these dudes? Source?

  • pincoil

    Best. Post. Evar. Squish.

    (ILU for including this photo of Minwoo in the Best of roundup.)

  • Mai

    Who is in the 8th picture? (between Jonghyun and Onew&Taemin)

    • Mei

      i think that’s JR from JJ Project.

      • Mai

        Thanks! I thought he looked like a mix of Key and Kyungsoo on that picture.

        • Mei

          no problem. ^^ I thought he was Kyungsoo at first glance too, but i saw the tag for the fan site and figured it out from that.

  • km313

    Bless this post.

    I wish Onew wore hats more often.

  • Lulu

    who’s the guy in first picture? the one with eyeglasses?

    • Mei

      That’s Kris from EXO.

  • Brooke

    Who are the two in the black and white picture?