Wintery mix

Every Saturday I make a lonnnnnnng walk after I run errands, instead of taking the train. I picked this habit up in about April of last year, when the weather started getting really nice, and kept it up pretty much every Saturday until a couple of months ago.

Getting from point A to point B takes me about an hour, but it’s one of the best hours of my week. New York is so noisy, and I appreciate the reprieve from busyness. The neighborhood I walk through is pretty residential, so it’s always really quiet and peaceful. I pass maybe 15 people at max during those walks.

Every time, I put my iPod library on shuffle and start truckin’. It’s a successful walk if I can make it through the hour and get both “Doushite” and “Stand By U” on shuffle. Today, “Hurricane Venus” came on and I was thinking to myself, “Hmm, I’d prefer to listen to the live version of this instead…” so I skipped it. Skipped the next song too, and then voila, the live version of “Hurricane Venus” came on. Love when that happens.

The things I get out of these walks: 1) fresh air, 2) blue skies when possible, and 3) iPod music study time. Case in point: in the M version of “Two Moons,” there is one aberrant sound on the recording a second after one of Tao’s verses that isn’t there on the K version after one of Chanyeol’s. It drives me bonkers every time I hear it now. I hope you guys can find it. And if you can’t because you’re not a CRAZY PERSON, but it drives you nuts that you can’t find it, you can thank my long walks.

It was so cold today that I was tearing and sniffling like a crying lunatic. I also had to whack myself repeatedly in my thighs because they were starting to go numb. But it was still an awesome hour.

(Photo not from today. First-day-post-snow in the city is gross. City during snowfall is not.)

  •!/swheekun swheekun

    Hm, whenever I want to listen to something specific I usually just navigate to and play it on demand…. but there is a nice spontaneous quality about the shuffling experience that helps keep things fresh. Guess it’s worth doing more often, especially during those times when everything seems to have been overplayed to the point of exhaustion.

  • Jane

    I went and looked for it. Do you mean the ticking sound like a countdown after “Welcome to the night”?

    Please say yes. I just spent 5 minutes of life on this. Whooops.