BoA on Sketchbook, 8/17

Two years ago, BoA on Sketchbook, promoting Hurricane Venus. So different, so different.

I’m starting to think that BoA got something of a cure for whatever she has through Kpop Star. It finally rooted her home and somehow put her more at ease. As a result, better peace of mind. Capable of looking people in the eye for longer periods of time. Less uncomfortable laughter. Body language is not projecting a constant state of fight/flight. Compare the talk cut from ’10 with the talk cut from this year.

It’s sad to think that her company didn’t think this — whatever the magical “this” may be for her — was important enough to give to her when she was younger. It’s more sad that she’s only finally starting to get some emotional satiation at the 12th year mark of her career.


That Girls on Top performance. :)

  • hapacalgirl

    See what a difference not bleaching your hair could do. All kidding aside, I am just glad to see her going back to her roots musically and performing wise so to speak and reminding me why I have been a fan since she debuted. Plus the medley definitely brought back some memories. I loved the Girls On Top performance but my favorite was definitely No.1 because I still remember being in high school and just loving that song back in the day . I am just glad to see her enjoying performing again because I didn’t get that feeling when she was promoting Hurricane Venus, she was oh so very awkward during that promotional cycle.