One of my friends gave me this photo for my birthday, and I let out nervous laughter. I love the shot because he looks serene and content. And he has interestingly sad eyes. But what am I supposed to do with this?! For now, it’ll watch over my army of desktop knickknacks.

Some Cali, some New York.

  • Stacy

    Gorgeous pics!

  • elena

    HAPPPPPPPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, AMY! <3 Yay, I see you finally went to Laduree! I hope your birthday was fantastic. I assume that guy is from EXO so hooray for that polaroid, it does look like a nice shot! :)

    • Amy

      It’s actually someone from Infinite…:)

      • elena

        Oooh! He’s from Shut Up Flower Boy Band which is why he looked familiar to me.

        • Amy

          Yes yes, him, haha.

  • pincoil

    What an awesome gift! Is it an original sign?

  • M

    he was in a drama right, i forgot which one though but im sure i watched it