Exo notes, July

Just in time for the 100 day tomorrow! I cannot believe it’s only been 100 days since their debut. Longest debut-in-progress-and-aftermath ever.

So these will be round-up posts of random thoughts on Exo. They’re the only thing I’m following this religiously in K-pop since Shinee’s debut, might as well document it properly. (Looking back on it, I wish I kept a better thoughtbox of sorts on Shinee.)

Gonna try to refrain myself to one of these a month ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Into Your World (Angel)

  1. For a long time, I preferred K’s version of this song simply because I liked Baekhyun’s opening line a little more than Luhan’s. That’s the only reason. But then…Baekhyun proved that he couldn’t really capture the essence of the first line very well in the lives. I don’t need him to sing it exactly like he did in the studio version, but I think Baekhyun has trouble in general with singing softly. His soft notes are a little wobbly, and whenever he has to sing something that doesn’t strain him, he has trouble controlling the way his voice reverberates, which sounds counter-intuitive (why would straining be harder than singing softly?), but I don’t think Baekhyun has gotten that first line right in any of the lives that K has done on radio.

    The opening in “Into Your World” is what makes this song, and it’s extremely crucial to get the pacing and the beat accurately: when to let the words hang and glide slightly, when to sing it straight. The line between singing these lines too loudly and singing it at just the right volume, and the line between mumbling the pronunciation and singing the words too sharply are very fine lines, and ones that K and M both haven’t completely mastered yet.

    But after M started singing this song live on several shows consecutively, I’ve come to like both versions of this song equally. I think part of it is the clarity from M’s lives, which I attribute mostly to the fact that there is no backtrack when they sing, so they have to compensate for that. K has only done “Angel” on radio shows, and there was obvious backtrack on each show, and I think they all got pretty complacent with having the backtrack there so they didn’t project as much.

    Most importantly though, I’ve come to love Luhan’s parts. Luhan continues to surprise me in the best ways possible and I can’t stop talking about it, evidently -_- My gut reaction to M and K during “What is Love” was that K had the better singers, hands down. That, I know now, is because I prefer deeper, fuller voices. But Luhan’s voice is magic in its own ways, and his technical capabilities are far better than I give him credit for. In fact, I think out of the six people who sing this song in two languages, Luhan sings his parts the best. His vibrato is great and his harmonization with Jongdae during the bridge is soooooo excellent. (There are other reasons to love him, but that’s another post for another day.)

  2. Jongdae as a singer: Listening to “Angel”‘s lives is also when I realized that Jongdae is a belter. All of his lines that don’t require belting need a lot of work. Jongdae sounds most at ease when he has to reach for notes, like when he has to finish out the verse with “Eternally in love.” Unfortunately, he transitions from lines previous to “eternally in love” so abruptly and the volume gets maximized so suddenly that it takes me out of the moment completely. Work on that control, Chenchen!

Two Moons

I didn’t have a lot to say about this song…until the performance from the Yeosu Expo happened and opened up the floodgates.

  1. Kris is improving with his raps for this song. I think Kris is just one of those idols who can learn to be good at doing idol-y stuff because he’s smart and disciplined, not because he’s innately got talent for any of those things, kinda like Changmin and Seohyun. Him being good at anything performance-related can be credited to hard work, practice, and a good head. He’s got a decent feel for the rhythm of the song and can do his lines aight. But all the aspects of performance that cannot be rehearsed for — aka, the adlibs — you can tell he has not a single rapper bone in his body.

    But I mean, I’ll take that over Tao, who has supposedly won rap competitions prior to debut. Maybe his opponents in these “rap competitions” were Minho and Eunhyuk.

  2. I cannot tell you how little I enjoy watching Sehun perform this song with Kai. Sehun is such a man sloth on stage, and off. When it’s bad, it’s really bad (2:35). When it’s “good,” it’s like his “Two Moons” performance. But he’s so mediocre overall as a performer that his best (and I would say this is some of his best) would probably be Lay’s barely trying. I can be a purist, but I don’t really mind updated or remixed versions of things I know…I just know this performance with Sehun is not it.

    You don’t know it until you don’t have it anymore, but Kai has insane dancing chemistry with Lay, and the essence of the routine in “Two Moons” is two dancers who are in tandem with each other. I single out “Two Moons” because there are dances for “Run and Gun,” “Phoenix,” and “Time Control,” but all of those routines were just two/three members dancing in sync, doing the same moves together. “Two Moons” is different because it’s entirely built off of call and response. The two dancers have to feed off each other and a lot of the magic is lost when there’s no chemistry between the dance partners.

    I’m sure some of this has to do with the fact that this was never Sehun’s dance to begin with and he’s not well-practiced, but I think we all know: even if he had practiced more, it wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

    But I mean, despite that, I won’t front. I have a huge soft spot for Sehun. That man sloth thing? Doesn’t bother me at all offstage. Just look at him, him and his mansloth aegyo. Also, he makes very weird faces. And has funny mouth quirks. And I would like to corrupt him.

  3. My Exo buddy-in-crime and I have been jokingly snickering about how Kyungsoo gets no respect in his own group. Not in that Kai-hates-Suho kind of knee-jerk way, but in that he carries his entire group vocally all the time and nobody even tries to help him — they just throw him out there to die alone. Exo lipsynchs an abnormally high percentage of their performances for a rookie group, but just look at their lives. Kyungsoo has to do his own solo lines, does all the harmonizing, and sings all the choruses by himself because Baekhyun is a selfish performer who doesn’t help out when he really can and absolutely should.

    But this is why I love our little Donut. Because he’s used to doing so much of the hard stuff, when he does the easy, mindless stuff, his natural tendency is to throw support anyway, in ways totally unnecessary. My favorite new discovery: In the Yeosu “Two Moons” performance (above), he freaking vocally harmonizes with Chanyeol when he singsongs ‘소리 질러~!’ (~0:15). You probably have to listen with your headphones to catch it, but it’s there.


Not because I ship them. But because I think it’s randomly becoming apparent that Kyungsoo could be Chanyeol’s biggest rival in this group, which is hilariously unexpected. Remember when Chanyeol beatboxed? And then Kyungsoo beatboxed better? Remember when Chanyeol rapped? And then Kyungsoo, while not that good, was not completely awful? Remember how Kyungsoo can also sing and dance and Chanyeol cannot really do either? Yeah, tough luck, Chanyeol.

With that said though, I still see potential in Ye Tall Ent. It’s interesting to continually see him display his music interests outside of his own industry’s mainstream pop. His rapping is sorta messy — he sometimes just shouts things instead of exercising proper restraint with flow and punch — but those qualities in his raps are not completely absent, so I have faith he knows how to actually rap. I’ve given up on him dancing though, because ummmmm what the actual fuck.

I like that Chanyeol has good onstage instincts (~1:15) and a sense of spontaneity while performing, which is why I can only learn anything about Chanyeol when he’s not performing any of Exo’s tightly choreographed and rehearsed songs.

I think Chanyeol just needs to take a step back, breathe, and learn to fulfill his own potential instead of feeling threatened and then needing to overcompensate for it.

The three Baekhyuns

I still don’t know how I feel about Baekhyun. Love him as a performer, as well expressed prior, and that was about the extent of it. But a lot of things have happened since that last post.

I surmise that there are three Baekhyuns: onstage Baekyhun, offstage/on-camera Baekhyun, and offstage/off-camera Baekhyun.

Onstage Baekhyun is good. Offstage/on camera Baekhyun can be a nuisance. Though fans always have a way of capturing, offstage/off-camera guy redeems that previous guy, because those are the smaller moments when he isn’t so mindful of the camera. That guy is quite mellow. Adorably age appropriate. A sleepy baby doing some sleepy aegyo to prevent himself from falling asleepies. Pets shrubbery. And just wants to be loved like a little puppy, for god’s sake.

I dread K doing any variety activity completely because of Baekhyun. I don’t want to see offstage/on-cam Baekhyun in action because I like the other two Baekhyuns so much and I know on-cam guy is gonna ruin everything. It’s a tradeoff with Baekhyun.

Does nobody like Suho?

Why does he inspire so little loyalty and love from his own group? And worse yet, Exo is a 12 membered group. It’s not like they’re a quartet. He can’t find a single person outside of Donut in his ginormously numbered group who’s good enough friends with him to share some backpack space with?

Kai, the onstage sexual deviant

I don’t mean it like that. Okay, maybe I do. Kai has WEIRD energy onstage: there’s all this excess adrenaline that he doesn’t know how to properly channel, and thus it results in things like this and this. He looks like he wants to mate with something onstage all the freaking time.

Once offstage, the orgy well dries up in 5 seconds flat.

Lay, the shy and demure Movement God

Love our Unicorn. So he’s not a very good speaker (still). And he has dead eyes. But he’s the only one who knows that Duizhang doesn’t use a cup when he brushes his teeth. And he moves like this to kill time while stage crew set up. No biggie.

– – – – – – – –

Okay, I’m exhausted. More next time.

  • N

    I really like this post, especially the Sehun part. The word to characterize Sehun would be complacent, even with his habit of not bowing properly. He’s still cute.

    But! You don’t think Seohyun has innate talent? I would disagree. Also I am not as impressed with Luhan’s voice but he is better than I expected.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      I’m sure she wasn’t a complete dud with no musical blood in her body when she was a trainee, but yeah I don’t think she has a lot of innate talent. She’s one of SNSD’s current bests, but I attribute that completely to her being a diligent trainee.

  • http://other-worldly.org Justine

    Wow.. you really are in too deep!

  • Mika_San123

    I love your EXO analyses! I agree with your comments on Luhan – Luhan’s voice is really smooth and soft, and maybe it’s just me, but his cute babyface seems to add to the mellow feeling of “Into Your World”.

  • http://twitter.com/hazelbeads hazelbeans

    I’m glad Luhan isn’t the Sulli/Dara of M. I can like him for his skills, not only for the fact that he’s adorable and hilarious around his members.I’m really curious about the chemistry inside K, as M members seem pretty tight with each other. What we’ve seen so far of K makes me think Suho’s life is very sad.
    Kai makes me uncomfortable. Baekhyun is as interesting on stage as Kai, but without all the pent-up sexual frustration. That “K members’ reaction to fan cams” post said offstage/off-camera Baekhyun is very private and quiet, it’s amazing how much he transforms when he’s “working”.

    I was losing my interest in Kpop before EXO’s debut, now i’m sucked right back in. Seems like I’m not alone :)

  • K.C

    I’m curious as to what you think of Lu Han’s talent? At first, I thought he was a probably the weakest singer by far out of the four-part vocal line, mostly due to his voice, and because of the fact his interview singing wasn’t the best. But I’m really impressed with him now, and he’s proven more than once that he’s quite talented in his own right. Do you think Lu Han has innate talent? Or is it another branching of off Seohyun and Changmin?

    Thus far, the people in EXO who stick out to me are D.O, Lu Han, Chanyeol, Kai, Baekhyun, and Lay — so I guess they’d make up my perfect EXO, lol. I love ChenChen, and it could be due to lack of live performances, but he doesn’t engage me the way, say, Baekhyun does. Funnily enough, I don’t really like off-stage off-cam Baek that much either. I think Baek is just one of those people who were born to be idols? Watching his pre-debut clips and other fanaccounts made me feel like he’s just one of those people who were made for the limelight.

    I can’t believe EXO just debuted. Feels like I know so much already. Bleh. All I want now is to hear a PROPER M live performance, see Chanyeol rap all the way through a full song without having Kris/Sehun/Kai try and derp through it, aaaand hear Xiumim sing a proper song in Korean — he’s killing me. Apparently he has a good enough voice to second place Jino, and I want to properly hear it for myself.

    “I think Kris is just one of those idols who can learn to be good at doing idol-y stuff because he’s smart and disciplined”
    I agree, although, I wish he had exercised a bit of that discipline whilst he was a trainee -_- I’m not sure if he can even properly hold a melody.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      I think Luhan was a disciplined trainee, haha. What he innately does have is a voice that would probably be easy to mold and be easy to listen to (his natural speaking voice is just greaaat), so that didn’t hurt at all. But at the end of the day he looks like a textbook case of being a good little trainee.

      I don’t think Kris is completely incapable of holding a melody. I see minor potential here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FfGHVWpF8E

      I think that worry should be reserved for Sehun -.-

  • http://twitter.com/pincoil pincoil

    We’ve already discussed much of this, so I’m gonna shorthand it. ^^

    You already know how I feel about Luhan’s first line (and his parts in general) in “Into Your World.” I love that he sings and dances with textbook precision. Not because I like that in general, but because it shows off his discipline and effort.

    Let’s be real. Little garden gnome’s swag in “Two Moons” could have been so embarrassing. But it really wasn’t. His enthusiastic little face, that little smirk at the end, his surprising flair for rap and beatbox–Kyungsoo has the right attitude when it comes to music and performance. He’s not afraid, he doesn’t limit himself, and he’s practiced his voice to translate well across a variety of genres.

    I want to know the backstory to the current Jongin/Suho relationship. He treats every Suho touch like Bad Touch.

    I’m really digging Lay these days. Not static photos of Lay, or Lay the Blank Unicorn, but Lay the person and performer. And I love Kray. Maybe when you get around to corrupting Sehun (mansloth, lol), you can whip his manners into shape. And get him to wear his hair up more often–he looks more handsome like that.

  • muaff

    I swear I came here to read your thoughts on Big but lo and
    behold–a new Exo post to distract me :D

    Following a kpop group from debut has been a weird
    first-time experience for me. My opinions of and feelings towards each member
    keep changing as I see more and more of them, and that actually makes me a bit
    anxious (wth fandom should not be this draining lol).


    I’ve always liked Luhan’s delivery of the opening line in Angel
    more than Baekhyun’s, and based off of their lives Lulu might be tied with D.O.(whose
    voice I prefer but it was oddly hoarse during most of their radio performances)
    for me when it comes to this song.

    And maybe I’m just hanging around a different crowd, but I see a
    lot of people giving Chen so much more credit as an Exo vocalist. Apparently
    he’s the best of the four leads, but I’ll agree to disagree on that–at least
    for now while his control is still shaky imo.

    Two Moons:

    That SeKai Two Moons perf. made me realize that I took Lay
    for granted despite already having thought that he was great. I wasn’t expecting to
    notice a huge difference in quality before watching those fancams, but I also
    wasn’t too surprised afterwards. My teaser-era thoughts on Sehun haven’t
    changed much though; I still adore the guy and still find him really attractive haha.

    Everything else:

    Three months ago I really liked Chanyeolo, but now he’s
    starting to irk me. I need him to calm down on ALL fronts like asap because a)
    he is really wearing out that goofy charm of his, b) I can’t take him seriously
    as a performer with all the derp, and c) he is starting to remind me of the Towel-CF
    Baekhyun that I don’t like (ahem http://d-o-nuts.tumblr.com/post/27323825145/chanyeols-cf-attempt-please-close-your-mouth).

    And speaking of Baek…I think what you wrote is the most apt
    description of him and I <3 all the gifs you embedded. I *really* like two out
    of the three Baekhyun personas and atm that’s enough for me to say that I like
    Baekhyun, period.

    Much to my surprise, Kai kind of shot up from the bottom of my bias list into
    my top six-ish. I love how he seems so into his craft both on and off stage.
    Also loving those really rare but presh moments when he's just this awkward
    18-year-old (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6vuzlx31T1qlpdfwo1_500.gif).

    As for the rejected Suho…lol. He has his roomie Sehun though, as I recall
    them speaking fondly of one another on different occasions. And does Luhan’s “I
    love you” from a bazillion years ago count?

    • muaff

      Blech. Formatting fail.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      Chen is obviously a good singer. And I think Mama is much more suited for Chen’s range than anyone else’s in Exo, so I would expect him to do fairly okay. But he lacks control right now, and he desperately needs more practice. I probably worry about his live abilities the most out of all the good singers in the group at large because there are a lot of difficult notes he has to reach, and he’s shaky as is, I can’t imagine how bad it’ll be if SM keeps M languishing in lipsynch land.

      Chanyeol is getting exhausting to watch. I understand he has a persona he’s already defined and projected to the public but he really needs to slow the fuck down. He’s gonna burn out. He’s gonna hate being an idol. And then I’m gonna have to suffer by having to watch his downward spiral. He’s not being very smart about planning out his career right now, or he just lacks hindsight.

      I find Sehun attractive, but lately I’m thinking he’s a huge brat. He’s gotten complacent being K’s maknae and the kid has no manners, whether to his own peers or as a member of a rookie group who should be more courteous and respectful. It’s really bothering me. I hope I don’t keep noticing new things, because I do find that there’s something about him I really like.

      Luhan’s “I love you” totally does not count. I think it was stage-propelled fanservice. Being in front of a bunch of new fans on your first stage probably makes you say some dumb shit you normally wouldn’t say. Luhan doesn’t even seem to be the kind of person to throw that around ever, so I really didn’t feel a ton of sincerity behind it, particularly because Suho’s “I fell for him at first sight” thing also felt extremely stage-driven. I guess they did play nicely at Disneyland but that was very brief. Blink and you miss it kinda thing.

      And being Sehun’s roommate…that story also came with the stupidest made-for-fans pun about Suho being a guardian and I had to excuse myself and throw up, lol.

      Haha I realize I come off as trying to dispel every notion that Suho has any friends, but I’m not. Every time Suho does anything I feel inwardly “aww” at him because I pity him. I’m rooting for him but he doesn’t do much to further his own path as an idol, nor does he do much to further his relations with his own group mates, which I find especially odd given he’s been a trainee for so long, he should know how this shit goes, and he’s a leader. He needs to step up.

  • CM

    Have to agree about Baekhyun. The only thing I don’t like about him is when he starts doing his “yellow towel CF” and SNSD moments. It’s overkill. A lot of fans love it but it’s just too much for me. I know he can be funny, shameless, and weird, as seen in his pre-debut videos, but in his offstage, on camera moments, it’s obvious he is too conscious of the camera. It’s interesting that you mention his mellowness because he has such a reputation now for being one half of the crazy side of Exo, along with Chanyeol. I’m interested to see him on variety so I can see more of what he is really like, so long as he doesn’t resort to yellow towel cf levels for laughs (which he probably will unfortunately). In the end, his presence onstage and his adorableness off camera are enough for me to really like him. I also find it very sweet when during the 100 days event Tao talked about Baekhyun wearing a taurus pendant that he gave him.

    Also, I’m loving D.O. too. He really is absolutely wonderful. I’ve always wondered why Baekhyun hardly ever bothers with the chorus and why so many of their performances are lipsynched.

  • Echo

    I really like reading posts like these because it’s opinionated without being –oppa-can-do-no-wrong– or –i-hate-them-just-cuz–, which i see wayyy too many of. In regards to “Angel,” I’ve always liked M’s version more because I felt like their voices were sweet, smooth and mellow enough for the instruments, they really blended in well with the music. I agree with you on the lives. Hearing K do “Angel” live the first time was a disappointment, their vocals and delivery were not what I was expecting. I don’t know…..it seemed like their vocals were too loud or rough to mesh well with the music, except for Suho, I liked his voice in the live. Exo-M’s live of “Angel” is much better (in my opinion). Again it is because of how smooth all of their voices are, their transitions from one member to the other is much better than K’s (although M still needs to work on that)….wait actually that’s my biggest problem with K (when they sing Angel). K ends their part very abruptly so the song doesn’t flow and connect.
    About the members:
    I’m soooo glad Luhan isn’t just the pretty boy visual, like I was expecting, he has sweet vocals(hehe but isn’t it funny how he always misses the first note in “Angel”) and he dances well. Chanyeol gets super excited onstage (or anywhere actually), I don’t think it’s a marketing thing, I just think it’s his personality. He’s fun and engages the crowd like in the 2 Moons performance. D.O is just a donut full of talent. I can’t wait too see what else he’s capable of. Lol Kai IS weird: confident on stage, shy guy off. He’s a very very passionate and showy dancer where sometimes I think it distracts from the performance as a whole. He’s so pow-pow-sharp-anst- moves that when I see them dancing in a group shot….it looks off….. cuz the others aren’t like that. Totally love his facials though. Baekhyun…lol I still haven’t watched his towel CF cuz I know I’l just cringeeeee. When I first heard What is Love, I was wowed at his voice, such a deep, rich tone for someone so delicate and small (Him and D.O tie for prettiest hands). I’m kinda interested in seeing them in variety, kinda not because they still seem unsure and shy and image-conscious in front of the camera, M has been adapting pretty well in their interviews and shows [remember the multiple awkward silences]. As for Lay, he’s not a show-boat dancer like Kai, but during a solo or a trio you can definitely see that he’s the best dancer in M. I was also surprised that he sang “Angel,” I’m impressed unicorn. As for Kris, he’s just an awkward diuizang dancer, he’s just awkward (like Chanyeol) at dancing…..but I do think he leads his group well. Just work on the dancing and stage presence and energy Kris and you’ll be golden. On the other hand, Leader Suho is one of the most consistent member in EXO, in terms of singing, dancing and performance. Granted he doesn’t have to belt out any high notes or have as much lines as the main vocals, but even from the first real live performance, he was the only one with a stable voice.Also after watching some in-the-streets-of-London fancams, I find him really endearing and sweet (especially when you see how uncomfortable everybody else was). Chen!! Power vocal right here!! He has a really unique sound quality to his voice. I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about his Chinese pronunciation, I can’t tell since I don’t speak Mandarin, but what do you expect from someone that’s only been learning the language less than a year. I guess that’s why the Chinese MVs have Chinese subs….. Xuimin hasn’t had many opportunities showing us anything really. Didn’t he win 2nd place in a comp. so I don’t understand why he doesn’t have more parts. And being in charge of shouting…..really?!!….hopefully Baozi will be able to show us more.

    —–OK I’m just gonna end it here cuz I feel like I went on a tangent. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • http://eggtartbox.wordpress.com/ Krys

    I’m not sure what to say besides that I agree with basically everything that’s already been said (and I’ve been enjoying reading these posts…Amy, I can’t wait for more), but I’m going to repeat that I believe SM got really lucky with Luhan considering they pulled him off the street. All considering he could’ve turned out to just be a face, but turns out, yeah, he can hold a note and he has a nice speaking voice and is clearly a hard worker. (I agree, like Changmin.) Jongin’s onstage facial expressions are amusing, sometimes cause me to gape at my screen when I’m not paying attention, but I do enjoy watching fancams focused on his dancing because he does hold himself like someone who’s actually studied other disciplines of dance. Kyungsoo continues to surprise me. I love it.

  • otterised12

    Amy, I’m gonna be an ass & whine to you bcos good Lord, I was once again brought back to your blog (the last time we converse was regarding D.O preciously singing to the mandarin lyrics) bcos of (ironically) this: youtube(.)com/watch?v=FGeJC_gIhDk I was getting exasperated bcos I was trying to clarify the main voice they hear during live Mama chorus is D.O, but a few Baekhyun supporters were adamant it’s definitely Bacon. I wrote an ass-long essay on Tumblr on why it’s def D.O. but.. cut long story short, I gave up trying to convince them & thought probably no one thought the chorus they’ve always heard is actually our precious cornflake and somehow! I got to ur site from a link and saw this post. Bless U and arrggghh.. I love reading thru ur entire post cos not only did it get me uplifted that yes! Pp notice his freaking effort on stage, also the Bacon’s part- u literally took the words out of my freaking mouth & the Chansoo part- Yes! *pumps fist again* EXACTLY what I noted. AArrghhs.. I love you so much for that. Here, take a piece of my heart (the rest is with kyungsoo) :p

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      Donut lovers and defenders unite! :]

  • araimon

    I enjoyed reading this so much. And clicking on all the links xD

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      Hehe ^^

  • firstofmay

    hi, this is my first time comment on your blog. I love your critically style posts about Exo, ^^. Just my 2 cents about who singing the chorus. I dont know about History because lack of live per, but with mama I’m pretty sure at least 3 voices in exo k harmonizes. Take a look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp52D8FvltM , please listen with a good headphones, not ear-in type, pay close attention to this part 1:18 to 1:26, after Baek finish his first high note, he put the mic down, from 1:20 to 1:23 I can hear at least 2 peoples harmonize chorus, then Baek join in, their sound changes and noticeably stronger. Same goes with the second verse at 2:54. Also from 1:36 to 1:39 it’s D.O and Baek sharing 2 lines, 1 each, again same goes at 2nd verse.
    Please again listen with a good headphones, you’ll see the very detail changes of their voices.

    love your blog , heartu!

  • http://twitter.com/KQuatre kacy quatre

    “”Him being good at anything performance-related can be credited to hard
    work, practice, and a good head.”” THAT granted you my love. I don’t
    really know about others but this is what attracted me to k pop in the
    first place. There is talented people you enjoy listening to but those
    we usually like are those who make us follow them, I don’t know, like,
    you want to see the result of their effort. Every performer is the same,
    I guess, countless hours of practice just to be able to stand on the
    stage for 2-3 minutes of glory. In their hard work lies the beauty of
    their dream.

    Your reviews are really entertaining, thank you!