Airport fashion #4

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Okay, I inexplicably love this outfit. (And Sehun, but shhhh.) The man capris. The ugly shirt. Sehun just wears clothes very well.

And let’s not forget, God of Everything Ever, Duizhang Krees.

  • thekors

    Wow, Sunny with make-up is really quite a different Sunny (although in any case I’d always prefer someone sans-make up)

  • momo

    hi! you’re my inspiration in making k-airportfashion! i really like your airport fashion entries! heehee

  • pincoil

    Sometimes, I think Duizhang debuted just with the intent to look hot at the airport. Like, forget about dancing. And singing. And rapping. He is here to fucking stun us at the security gate.

  • euishim

    kyaaa~~~~ I totes love Sehun’s outfit !! <3

  • shine

    sehunn and tiffany i love it