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Airport fashion #4

Ask, and ye shall receive.

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My main literary squeeze, no more

I’ve always answered “Fitzgerald” when anybody has asked me who my favorite author is, and it’s mostly out of habit since I started doing so in high school. But when you’re in high school, any answer you have to anything means nothing when you’re an adult :P

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A general ramble about Suits

So season 2 of Suits just started and since season 1 wrapped up, I’ve watched a … lot of The Good Wife, the only other law-driven TV show I keep up with, so inevitably, I’m starting to compare and certain points are coming to relief.

Suits is good. It’s a fun 45-minute TV show. Zippy dialogue. Shot well. Charming actors. But it’s kind of heartless. And soulless. And brainless too. The thing is that I feel it can be more, because the cast is pretty great and I know they can do more with their characters, but the writing is just so flat. This is what a bankruptcy lawyer says when the managing partners need to leverage him for his vote in the office:

“I know I’ve been demoted down to the 16th floor, but bankruptcy is on the rise.”

Might as well have winkwinknudgenudged on screen.

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Mirror mirror

I watched Snow White and the Huntsman the day it came out because I am a huge winner.

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Listen, and read

For people in a crappy place right now.