What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

(via Harper’s Bazaar Korea)

I hope it’s only in my imagination that Kim Soo-hyun looks like a cocky prick in all his photos since Moon/Sun wrapped. Sigh.

  • GS

    Nah, I think they tried to show a different side through this Bazaar photo shoot and it kind of didn’t work out with some people. I think he is still the same dorky and awkward KSH, if you see his other CFs (specially the Beanpole ones). Maybe I’m too biased and couldn’t see what you are seeing. :)

  • lostmunkie

    well weren’t there reports that his personality has always been rather prickly/not very pleasant. but boy is talented. and very nice to look at lol. 

  • http://twitter.com/EmilyDark1892 emily dark

    I heard he is very polite but also that he is very shy on first meeting.  You should read the Bazaar interview, very cute:)

  • Bongbong

    I have been his stalker for two years now and have seen most of his interviews 
    Yeah he can be sometimes as playful-immature-cocky as a boy in his early twenties can be
    but unpleasant not