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I’m way more active on social media than I thought…

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Leave a comment telling me where you guys are residing on the internets.

  • Ane

    I’m on twitter, tumblr, youtube and because I’m a bit OCD, I have 2 blogs, one’s fashion related and the other’s a beauty blog. I’m trying so hard to resist joining instagram now It’s on android and I still don’t really understand pinterest, which is good as I’m not tempted to join.

  • Azmi Zamri

    Awesome. I’ve followed you on Twitter and Tumblr initially. Now I have followed you on Instagram and Pinterest as well. Gosh, I feel like such a stalker now. LOL.

  • elaeye

    Hi there~ Followed you on Tumblr (I’m elaeye). The site does not facilitate very good conversation, but it is such a good place to waste time/procrastinate ;u;