“Moon Embraces the Sun” kiddos on pretty pages and photoshoots

The young cast of The Moon That Embraces the Sun in various magazines, including Vogue Girl Korea, High Cut, Allure, and 10 Asia. I love it all!

Up first, Yeo Jin-goo in Allure.

Next up, Yeo Jin-goo with Kim Yoo-jung and Lee Min-ho in Vogue Girl Korea.

Pretty, pretty Im Siwan for 10 Asia.

And finally, more from the High Cut shoot with Yeo Jin-goo, Im Siwan, Lee Minho, and Lee Won-geun.

  • stacy

    I love the men’s hair. 

  • http://skyscope.tumblr.com/ jen

    are these all the feb editions? i might have to go out and buy these.

  • http://im.seventh8th.net/ emma

    i always like these fashion shoots :D nice post