This is how I watch TV

Okay, I don’t watch all TV like this, but Tree With Deep Roots is particularly dense and confusing historically, so I really needed to write everything out…

  • Krys

    Sometimes I feel like this is the only way to make sense of some dramas without rewatching the entire episode…not that I do this though. I like your handwriting haha.

  • f.

    I thought it was just me (RE: Deep Rooted Tree), ha. And there’s a lot of Wikipedia browsing involved…

  • munkie

    i’m actually surprised you’re finishing this series. rather curious about your feelings on it. 

  • Stacyngu

    WOW.  I feel inadequate now.  ;P

    Why did you censor bits of your notes?  ;D

    • Amy

      Oh, that’s because I had a telephone # and a name written there that’s not related to my notes, haha.