Catching up on magazines

I have a bad habit of accumulating a ton of magazines that I don’t read, so I’ve been diligently going through all of them to read them and then salvage the things I like.

I currently have two notebooks: one for taking down notes and titles of articles I like, and the other for visual scraps. These are some of my visual scraps.

  • Krys

    You have really cute tape. Just sayin’.

    • Amy

      My tape says thanks :P

  • Theleenbean

    haha, like the last column about traditional singular vertical third fingers.  was there an actual figure 2?

    • Amy

      Yes! It was a black and white photo of an angry middle aged man wearing rimmed glasses giving the middle finger :D

  • Rexy

    I second Krys on the cute tape. Where do you buy/order it from?

    • Amy

      They’re all from a Japanese bookstore!