2012 is here

And it will be mean, but I think I’m ready. No resolutions for the year, just goals for this month.

Do you guys have any goals?

  • Shirley S.

    I definitely agree with you up there with jogging. The cold months of winter is making me feel very lazy and making me more hungry than usual, so I would need to burn off some calories. I wish you would have an awesome January and definitely blog more, because I enjoy your writing a lot. =)

  • http://astromantic.net/ f.

    Definitely blogging more. I moved blogs (needed a change) and the sparseness is depressing to look at.

  • Anonymous

    My resolution is to be happy, simple but very hard to accomplish.

    My goals though are to:
    1) Successfully survive until July and not crash from the NIH deadlines and conference presentations I have along the way.
    2) Get into a masters program
    4)finish half the books I started
    5) finally finishing paying off my student loans (yay!!)
    5) keep more up to date with current cutting edge research
    6) try to take more time to do photography
    7) learn at least one song on my guitar.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      What are you studying? :)

      • Anonymous

        School wise?  Hard to tell with all my kpop blog commenting but I am actually a biologist.   I studied molecular biology in college and have been a biomedical researcher since I graduated. 

        • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

          That’s pretty awesome. So is the career track for a biomedical research something like working in a lab or can it be stuff like working at a pharmaceutical company and researching what certain drugs do to certain subjects?

          • Anonymous

            The career track in biomedical research varies depending on your level of experience and expertise. Most people that go into biomedical research do lab research for a certain amount of years than either go the PhD route and eventually teach at the university level or they decide to get a masters or specialized training and continue doing research. I originally wanted to get a PhD but after working with professors , I have realized that they spend most of their time writing grants or teaching and not actually doing research ( they leave the research to people like me). I personally love doing experiments so I am opting to get a masters instead. Plus to get a PhD takes 5-7 years followed by 3 years of additional training and if you are lucky and have amazing research, then you might get a tenure professor position but its unlikely especially in this economy.

            With a Bachelors degree in science you mainly do lab research in either a pharmaceutical/biotech or academic lab. I personally do research on my own individual project in an academic lab. If someone wanted to conduct pharmaceutical/ drug research directly on human subjects or do clinical trials they would need to get a masters or take a specialized training program and then take a licensing exam before they can do so. However I think MD/PHD’s do not require the extra training. But MD/PhD programs are ridiculously difficult to get accepted into and are ~10 year programs.