Nom nom nom, food

I’m not a huge food picture taker. I’d rather dig into my food immediately and savor that, than slave over getting a shot of my food. I’m by no means a foodie, but the food experience is a thousand times more rewarding to me than taking the picture. Sometimes I’ll very quickly snap a shitty photo with my phone, but that’s about it. I wish I could get into food photography…

  • Krys

    Mmmm, looks live you’ve been eating some VERY good food!

  • MiMi

    The bowl of noodle soup has me wanting: so basic, so ubiquitous but for a very good reason: it’s just so good.
    You make me want winter to end so bad, so I can get out and about to get good food (and fresh strawberries)!

  • Stacyngu

    UM, more pics of food, please!  I’m always deeply curious to see what other people eat.  And I like these kinds of shots.  they’re not over-styled. 

    You know what I crave the most in the post?  Actually, the bread and butter.  Looks pillow-y and yummy.

  • thekors

    that last picture gets me.. too yummy!

  • Melissa

    I want to eat this post.