Jung Il-woo for First Look

So I’ve seen a lot of photoshoots cropping up for First Look/1st Look. Seems like they’ve got a High Cut magazine vibe going on, I dig. And of course I’m going to showcase Jung baby. I love these shots because they’re so quiet and pensive, so unlike the loud and brash Cha Chi-soo he’s playing on Flower Boy right now, and I like him better this way.

  • cattey

    Most probably, it’s just me. His eyebrows get overwhelming, starting with the fourth picture. Even then, though, he still looks handsome in those photos.

  • Dalnotavailable

    LOL @Jung baby

  • http://youcanfindbowonssummerat.wordpress.com Charlotte

    oh LORD. unnfff

  • http://twitter.com/falsteph falsteph

    His nose is divine. I love his side profile. And I love, love, love the last photo.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

       His nose is ridiculously perfect for his face.

  • Stacy

    I like the B&W pics the best. Get a huge kick out of the coats, esp the one with leopard print.