These dance room practices are my favorite

Someone’s getting fucking fired tomorrow, but lo and behold, Changmin and Yunho practicing to a 5-membered version of Maximum.

I love it when someone leaks new practice videos of SM’s army practicing in their famed sky-blue wallpapered dance room. These videos show works-in-progress and there are too many over-polished and over-gleamed appearances in K-pop — works-in-progress are much desired.

This version of the song proves one important thing to me.

I think Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong’s singing is better when they sing SM produced songs. There is no hard and fast rule on this and it’s mostly my preference, but I just never really liked JYJ’s stuff post-split. Their JYJ song style is different: the dance tracks were a little too hip-hop-y for them, the ballads were a little too tragic and reeked too much of the an-idol-composed-this syndrome. (I still haven’t listened to “In Heaven” in full.)

One of the reasons why I love SM music (yes, there are people like us out there) is that their dance tracks really require vocal ability and being the masochist that I am, I just really love seeing people like DBSK, BoA, Luna, Jonghyun, Onew strain to reach notes while dancing and doing it perfectly anyway. That’s skill and professionalism to me, and the things that I look for in K-pop.

And with the split, JYJ never really got the music that I liked listening to. HoMin has that advantage — which is a serious advantage, other than having, y’know, SM backing them — but HoMin’s thang was that they aren’t the main vocalists, which is a disadvantage. What am I supposed to do?! JYJ has the voices I like listening to more, but their music sucks. HoMin has better music, but I can’t listen to Changmin scream for 4 minutes on end and Yunho just won’t fucking quit it with the nasally voice of HELL, so I can’t deal. (#firstworldproblems)

So a 5-membered Maximum is like a marriage between good music and a good blend of voices. Maximum is probably my favorite HoMin song and it just sounds velvety smooth with Yoochun and Junsu in the mix. Jaejoong sings a surprisingly little number of lines in this but in the bridge where he and Junsu harmonized, I almost teared. That’s the good thing about in-house music production — they know the strengths and weaknesses of their singers and work songs around those strengths and weaknesses. I haven’t heard notes as impressive as that bridge in JYJ’s new music.

Can someone PLEASE break into SM’s offices and steal a recording of this song? :(

But, let’s face the music, it’s time to move on and stop hinging on the “what if”‘s. It’s the most dangerous question of all time.

  • Anonymous

    “JYJ has the voices I like listening to more, but their music sucks. HoMin has better music, but I can’t listen to Changmin scream for 4 minutes on end and Yunho just won’t fucking quit it with the nasally voice of HELL, so I can’t deal” THIS!.

     Okay, I don’t think their JYJ stuff has been that bad and I actually like quite a few of there songs especially “You’re” (I just love Yoochun’s rap in this song and how JJ and Junsu sound in it) but I agree that it hasn’t been amazing either.  I actually like the songs SME gave Homin but I hate the vocal processing they are doing with the two and like you said, I think Changmin is a good singer but I hate hearing him sing and I just can’t handle the screaming for the whole song (he has always been my least favorite voice in the group) and Yunho should really stop with the nasally thing he does because voice actually iimproved post-Goong musical so it would be nice if he showed it more. 

    Oh well it is what it is.  I do hope someone leaks the recording of this song though.

  • Marian

    Tbh, I am also one of those people who like to see singers “strain to reach notes while dancing and doing it perfectly anyway”. There is this rawness to it even if the sound is manufactured, especially during live performances.
    I agree with your comment of JYJ and HoMin’s music styles. I think JYJ is keeping it safe, and since it is their own compositions, they play to what they are comfortable at doing, which keeps their music mediocre. HoMin has the advantage with the music production, but their voices alone….it is quite hard to listen to. 

    There was a reason why these 5 voices were put together. With the 2 groups divided, it makes it all the more clearer. I always try to “move on” and not think of “what if” scenarios, but it is hard to when things like this surfaces. It really can make one wonder, especially if one really appreciated the sound that the 5 voices used to make, what other recorded tracks are there that just has not been released. But yes, someone, please get a clear copy of this version…risk getting fired! HA!

    With this recent leak, I want to keep my hopes up for the recorded version of SM the Ballad’s “Miss You” with the original version that had Junsu, Jonghyun, and Kyuhyun. That song may not have been the best, but the “what ifs” of that song + mini album….GAH.

    • Marian

      Oh, and JYJ sang a bit of “Stand By U” today too? What day was it today?! “Remind Fans of OT5 Day”?! T_T

      • Amy

        Say what?

        • Marian

          Nothing big, just a little snippet of it. Coming from Japanese fan cams, not the greatest quality, but yeah…heh.

  • lala

    Haha i like your pun in the last sentence. finally got it lol.