The Good Wife, baaaaby

If I haven’t stated it enough on all social media platforms, I’ve watched a. lot. of. The Good Wife. I am all caught up after a week (that’s 51 episodes, folks) and I have a lot to say.

What else is new?

Several things:

  • I really don’t like this Alicia/Will relationship the way it is now. I was all for them for the first two seasons until they consummated their relationship. I am most definitely not out to say that I don’t like Alicia because she’s cheating, but I think that a lot can be said of the fact that she’s doing something just as bad as Peter did.

    An affair is an affair and I have rooted so hard for Alicia to be a righteous person and I wish that she would’ve just divorced Peter once and for all before embarking on a relationship with Will. I did like Will/Alicia because I think Will is a good guy and a much better partner than Peter is, but what Alicia is doing just as wrong as Peter did, and two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t think I should root for Alicia to pursue a relationship while still married to someone else, because that’s what we were supposed to root against in the first two seasons with Peter, so it feels wrong to cheer on Will/Alicia right now.

    I also don’t really care if they love each other, so…whoops?

  • And is it just me or has Alicia become a lot more smug since this new relationship with Will? I thought she was so great under every circumstance in the first two seasons, and now it just feels like she feels victorious just because…I dunno, she’s in a relationship with Will? She’s content?

  • Really tired of Cary’s smarminess and the way it’s used in the same way over and over in every episode. We’re four episodes into the new season and Cary’s scenes have been very vanilla and uninteresting. Season 2 made Cary a great antagonist (though I would say he was never really a hostile antagonist) and now he’s just sort of there as a filler opposition. Bring him back to Lockhart/Gardener. It’d make things more interesting.

  • And then on that note, ditto to what they’re doing with Kalinda. I know that her relationship with Alicia is still sour, but I don’t like that they’re not developing this. It’s the huge elephant in the room and I don’t know if those glances Alicia throws Kalinda’s way are supposed to be meaningful or not. They were such a good duo and it feels like Kalinda no longer has any allies at Lockhart/Gardener and Kalinda’s one of the good guys! She shouldn’t be subjected to that.

    Speaking of Kalinda/Alicia’s stalemate of a relationship right now, I think it’s so bullshit the way Alicia treated Kalinda after finding out about the affair. She was being catty and insufferable after she found out and yes she deserves to feel betrayed, but she completely treated Kalinda with a severity that she has never treated Peter with, and it’s stuff like this that makes me feel like women are always made to feel like they’re competing with other women. I was surprised at Alicia’s reaction because the way she treated Kalinda was so much harsher than I’ve ever seen Alicia, and it didn’t sit well with me and I just didn’t like the way the writers chose to deal with that conflict.

  • Cary/Kalinda. Before I started this series I was all for this ship because interracial relationships, yay! But I can see why while the idea is nice, it would never really work out. Cary is just…I’m not sure.

    First, there’s nothing really that makes me root for him. We don’t know much about his character outside of work that makes him vulnerable or relateable, and that makes him feel sort of like an empty shell.

    Second, Cary looks to be the kind of guy that loves the thrill of the chase. He finds Kalinda interesting because she doesn’t succumb to his advances and that’s nice in theory for like, I dunno, sexual tension, but it’s not a good basis for actual relationship fulfillment. That makes him not good enough for Kalinda in my opinion. I’m not saying she’s an angel, but gimme something to work with here!

    And third, I feel like Cary has no loyalty, and Kalinda — despite what her character’s being made out to be with the Florrick infidelity — has a lot of loyalty. And loyalty is one of those make or break things when it comes to certain couples.

    Perhaps they’ll expand on their relationship more in the future, and make it more nuanced, but as of right now, it doesn’t seem to be a good match, as much as it kills me to say, because…Matt Czuchry, people. With Archie Panjabi. Could’ve been amazing.

  • Joy

    I so need to catch up on this show!

  • Kate

    What about Kalinda with Eli?  

  • nerdzilla007

    OMG, a K-pop blogger who watches the Good wife? I swoon and have even more respect for your awesome blog. BTW, Kalinda, Diane and Eli are my biases.