Look at dem misty orbs

I think I need to watch 2046 a second time to fully get all the nuances of the movie, but I bought this movie on DVD just because I loved this scene so much and I couldn’t find a high enough resolution version of the movie to screencap it properly.

Kimura Takuya’s role in this movie was criminally short and I find Tony Leung’s speaking voice to be unfit for movie narration, but that’s neither here nor there.

  • Sophstravels

    I had no clue who Kimura Takuya’s was when i first watched this movie – Never had i seen or heard of a J drama at the time or the horror that is SMAP (sorry all you SMAP fans out there, but seriously, their music is utter tosh!) as i was very much into world cinema & arty movies. But i was blown away by this performance (or was i blown away by his prettiness?) and thought he was one of the most beautiful men i’d ever seen in my life. Cut to a few years later – i’m now immersed greatly in the world of J & K dramas, wow how things have changed! i’m very aware of who this man is and i still stand by my original opinion. Thanks for sharing