Song of the day

Kanjani8 – Tsubasa ni koi

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So I have a love/hate relationship with this song.

I love it because the instrumental melody is amazing and I get chills listening to the first few notes.

But I hate it so much because omgwtf-my-LORD-who-let-these-people-sing.

This is the only live JE performance I’ve ever watched in its entirety, because I normally can’t even get into the tiniest bits of JE performances, but I gave this one a shot because I like the song so much. And my mind was blown. Longest three minutes of my life and my face was like this, on loop x infinity, tripled for your viewing pleasure:

I like KJ8 because they’re crack-y and don’t take themselves too seriously, but this violates all of that. Subaru thinking he has the ability to adlib makes my fingers curl, and I love that they think they are a band.

But you know who I think would rock this song?

I’m sure even the worst singer in CN Blue can take down the best singer in Kanjani8. Say all you want about Kpop, but…

  • f.

    You should try KJ2 Zukkoke Dai Dassou. Just skip over the member solos… they’re awful. To this day I have never been able to listen to them fully.

  • Tigana

    D: They are soooo bad. Like… “crazy American Idol contestants” – sort-of-bad.
    Kpop groups own Jpop groups. Hands down.
    However, solo artists and alternative groups in Japan own Korea

    • Amy

      “crazy American Idol contestants” – sort-of-bad


  • Joy

    I am so confused because I saw Ryo there and I thought the only group he was in was NEWS. He actually sounds (and looks) pretty good!

    • Amy

      yeah, he’s in both. he’s a lot funner in kj8, methinks..

  • falsteph

    So it boggles my mind that one person can be in TWO idol groups at once, and not even a sub-unit, at that. Is Ryo the leader in Kanjani8?

    • Amy

      The magic of JE. *jazz hands*

      Ummm nope Ryo isn’t the leader in KJ8. They don’t have one, or at least all KJ8 fans seem really offended when you suggest anybody in particular is the leader.