Out of a funk

This spread was from a recent issue of New York Magazine. Every so often I look up at it, or I glimpse it out of my peripheral vision and I feel slightly better. I’ve had my room redone for a while and I stare at this enormously blank (but beautiful) wall every day and I’ve been patiently waiting to see what I want to do with it. These photos are a good start.

I’ve been kind of MIA around these parts, huh? Things are kind of getting a little busier. My emotions as an unemployed post-grad kiddo fluctuate a lot depending on the weather, the projects I’m working on, and every little thing, no matter how big or small, affect my mood and productivity. And my questionable moods as of late have definitely taken a toll on this blog, as I was in no mood to update it at all. My itch to update has come back.

It helps that I’ve been getting busier. I think the thing people have to realize is that having free time all the time is detrimental to one’s outlook. Seriously, the novelty wears off after 2 weeks. Doing more makes you motivated to keep the momentum going. Not doing anything at all makes you lazy and unable to create anything substantial.

I know I’m going to regret saying all of that somewhere down the line when I’m rammed up the butt with projects, but for now it makes me feel less of a moping loser. Fingers crossed.

I mean, seriously, this is one of the mundane things I’ve done in my free time:

Sort tape by category. Seriously, people, seriously.

(Side note 1: if anyone can recognize any books off my shelf based on what they can see of the spines — minus the ones with really legible titles — you get to be my good friend.)

(Side note 2: I should’ve placed some Murakami, Zadie Smith and Dave Eggers books mixed in with DVDs of obscure French movies behind the washi tapes. That would’ve made the photo a true hipster STAR, y’all. Imagine the Tumblr reblogs!)

Shopping post & Kimura Takuya post coming up. Watch these parts, yo.

  • Guest

    Mao’s China and After by Maurice Meisner

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy


  • Kender

    I totally get you…this is going to be me next year and I’m already depressed about it

  • Anon

    War Without Mercy.

    That’s a great book. =)

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      I loved that book! John Dower is a great writer.

  • Marian

    Totally know how you feel. I’ve been an unemployed post-grad since last year. :/
    I see some of my books from my Asian Studies courses…wow…kinda miss them. haha. Is that Mao’s Last Revolution and Keene’s Essays in Idleness? Mao’s China!