Drama styling tips #6: City Hunter

This show should’ve actually been called Lee Min-ho’s Great Blazers, Pants, and Shoes, not City Hunter.

To be honest, Lee Min-ho didn’t wear a great variety of things on the show, but stuck to an easy combination of blazer/coat/T-shirt/button-down/pants/oxfords where he mixed and matched a lot of pieces. I actually enjoyed that because a lot of times in dramas, characters have these insane, unrealistic warddrobes where they literally own every piece of clothing under the sun. Remember how Jandi was “poor” but never duplicated an outfit twice? Ever? Yeah.

Lee Min-ho’s drama style is the reason why I started the series and it’s nice to see he still wows me with his good looks and boner appeal great style.

There’s nothing more I love than coats, blazers, and cardigans with interesting details. Lee Min-ho wears a lot of that in the drama and keeps the rest of his outfits really clean so that they don’t overwhelm the rest of the clothes. G-Dragon should really take note.

I think Trugen provides most of Lee Min-ho’s warddrobe on the show, which makes sense since he endorses them and this all looks like Trugen style.

The outfits are not editorial worthy, but they definitely appeal to my inner love for the preppy-mixed-with-hipster look that I so adore on tall boys. Nothing I drool over more than a great trench thrown over cropped pants, paired with oxfords with a stacked wooden heel. Yum.