Airport fashion #2

This is mainly just a collection of what Jessica wears to the airport. I’m slightly obsessed. I really wish I know where to find fantaken photos of Sohee, because I know she’d be a gem style-wise as well.

  • Gigigij

    I find it interesting that Airport fashion is the newest thing for fans and korean celebrities. Usually when i go to the airport, I wear sweats and shoes that are easy to take off . I like to be comfortable on the plane and I like to go through the xray scanning as fast as I can so I don’t hold up the line.

  • momo

    who on earth is the person on the left in the first picture? i was an snsd stan for awhile and i can know all their names and faces, but i’m seriously perplexed as to who that is…

    • Amy

      That’s Hyoyeon.

      • Clips and Chips

        speaking of Hyoyeon, I enjoy her airport fashion as well. Her and Jessica I think dress the best, and their outfits don’t look like they’re trying to hard. Sometimes Sooyoung looks like she’s doing the most, although she does usually look quite nice. Taeyeon dresses in what actual people wear to the airport, its so funny how she just doesn’t care. Jessica really has great style, a nice mix of feminine and masculine pieces, structure and flow. Hyoyeon is a little bit more quirky but I like them both.

        • Amy

          Yeah I like Hyoyeon’s style too, I just don’t know where to find good photos of her. You know how it is — some idols’ fangroups have better cameras and more patient photographers who stalk them from every angle, lol.