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Protect the Boss, episodes 5 to 8

I think this is the first drama I’ve watched in a while where I’ve witnessed essentially no complaints from the viewers about anything. Nada. There are no complaints about the story, there are no complaints about the characters, there are no complaints about the actors, there are no complaints about the chemistry. Everything is in perfect tandem with each other.

But despite that, I’m starting to feel an inkling of impatience. I’m not sure if there’s one particular reason for it, but I think it’s because I find Cha Ji-heon a wee bit exhausting to keep up with.

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Simplifying and decluttering #2: Beauty

I’m not a huge beauty buff but I started building a beauty routine over the last two years, and the routine is a product of blunders and errors. When I first started exploring skincare, I was, as usual, a horrible shopper. I bought things on whim without researching, and neglected them just as easily after I purchased them. The biggest problem with beauty is not buying on whim, but buying without knowledge. The beauty market is a shit hole of products because you are made to feel like you need everything, and while the same can be said of luxury items, at least luxury items are on a scale where affordability is what can hold you back from purchasing. Five dollar cleansers? Well, you can buy four bottles and still not feel that bad. But the dollars add up and so does the clutter. Oh dear god, the clutter.

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Spy Myung-wol: that one questionable scene

I thought in jest about writing a series called “Questionable K-Drama Male Behavior towards Females,” but I think I’m actually going to do it, and episode 13 of Spy Myung-wol is a good place to start.

Spoilers for the latest episodes, so read with discretion.

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Organizing my polaroid and instax shots…

Color of action

From Vogue Girl Korea, February 2008.