There’s hope for f(x) yet

f(x) performs 4Minute’s “Mirror, Mirror” and 4Minute performs f(x)’s “Pinocchio”

I wanna say that f(x) killed it, but “Mirror, Mirror” is such a poor song that it doesn’t even deserve to be described as “killed.” So, f(x) did really well. And conversely, 4Minute did like a stinky pile of garbage. This is where I think people need to give SM, their choreographers, and their company’s discipline style more credit than they’re given. (Oh yeah, by the by, also minorly relevant: SNSD did the Wonder Girls better than the Wonder Girls can do their own song. See a trend?)

Even though “Pinocchio” is a fairly weak single, you can’t write it off completely because it’s got intricate choreography and does require some vocal talent to do the whole speak/sing thing smoothly. I actually really like 4Minute, but I don’t even know what I was watching them do.

I don’t even ask much from idol groups–I just ask that they be in synch with each other, and 4Minute was not. You can say, “Well, this is not their song,” but f(x) looked like “Mirror, Mirror” might as well have been their own song, and might as well have been promoting it for two months. Props.

Something else that bothered me about 4Minute’s performance was how messy they were and how little they looked like they were trying. Ji-yoon and Ga-yoon are 4Minute’s only saving graces, so I don’t have much to say about them but LOL what the FUCK was Hyunah’s rap. Hyunah is just one of those idols who are really easy to hate and this doesn’t make it any better. What, you couldn’t rap that live? And of course there has to be a shirt-stripping move incorporated into it, right?

  • Justine

    LOL I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. 4minute did SO bad with Pinocchio it’s like they weren’t even trying as for fx to do the most horrible song within the kpop heavyweights this year (personal opinion of course, I still like 4minute nonetheless) they did a really great job with Mirror Mirror and I was so proud of my girl Amber <3 I'll just give 4minute the benefit of the doubt that they didn't practice as much with Hyuna's upcoming solo and her Dancing With The Stars activities.

  • rianna

    yup.. fx did a reaaaaally good job with mirror mirror.. i like krystal’s voice in it. and their clothes are just nice… what i really love about sm is that when they perform they wear new clothes/costumes.. they made their own version of 4minute’s costume which i srsly love <33333333

    4minute's danger.. ugh. nvrmind.

  • Joy

    I love how there is just no sleaziness in f(x)’s performance of “Mirror Mirror”. That song is such an ear sore. I always want to like 4minute (despite logic and reason telling me not to) and in the end, I can’t bring myself to like them no matter how hard I try. Their songs are almost always crappy and they try too hard to seem “sexy” which almost always comes off as trashy. I don’t really understand what the hell is going wrong with 4minute because Cube Ent. is doing such a brilliant job with Beast/B2st. 4minute is always getting the shorter end of the stick with the bad songs and bad stylists. Even G.Na is doing better!
    P.S. Hyun-Ah please stop substituting squealing for “rapping”.

  • Alixana

    Oh yes, I know what you mean by saying Hyunah is easy to hate. She half-asses everything. She messed up every performance with Won Bin, she’s awful in dancing with stars and she is pretty much the ruin of every 4minute single, with her awful, nasally rapping. Sohyun raps better than her.
    On the side note, I really liked the way Gayoon handled that high note in Pinocchio, that was really good.