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This stack never gets any smaller

Spent the day digitizing my ginormous collection of magazine rips. Watched New Heart while doing so. It’s surprisingly good. I think I just have an odd affinity for medical related dramas. (Hey, I didn’t watch “Code Blue” for nothing.) Ji Sung is surprisingly adorable. And I lub Kim Min-jung.

But I have so much more…

4th of July celebrations? What’s that?

City Hunter, episodes 11 and 12

Welp, Lee Min-ho has now winked at me, and I don’t know about you, but my life is all of a sudden pretty awesome.

I am mostly loving the epic war building between Yoon-sung and his non-daddy. I love it because it makes Lee Min-ho’s character bigger, better, and more badass. What I don’t love is that non-daddy is becoming a bigger joke by the second and it confuses me because how both characters can exist in the same story? How is one so much better written than the other?

I can only guess that either the writers still watch cartoons for inspiration in writing villains, or they spent so much energy writing Yoon-sung that they just got too sleepy to write Jin-pyo properly.

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There’s hope for f(x) yet

f(x) performs 4Minute’s “Mirror, Mirror” and 4Minute performs f(x)’s “Pinocchio”

I wanna say that f(x) killed it, but “Mirror, Mirror” is such a poor song that it doesn’t even deserve to be described as “killed.” So, f(x) did really well. And conversely, 4Minute did like a stinky pile of garbage. This is where I think people need to give SM, their choreographers, and their company’s discipline style more credit than they’re given. (Oh yeah, by the by, also minorly relevant: SNSD did the Wonder Girls better than the Wonder Girls can do their own song. See a trend?)

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