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Spy Myung-wol, episodes 1 and 2

I have no intention of writing this drama off, because my love for Eric gushes through my arteries and synapses and neurons and aortic valves, so no matter how bad it is, I will watch it for Eric.

But right now, it’s sitting pretty on the “pretty bad” side of things.

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Hairy days

Got it dyed, but it doesn’t show up, like, at all. But, baby steps.

Current K-pop #5: CSJH is in the hizzle

What to say? This is a well-deserved comeback to be sure, but it’s underwhelming.

For one, it looks like Dana and Sunday have forgotten how to dance. Dana and Sunday were never the dancers of the group anyway, and on top of that, CSJH was never a particularly strong dance group, so watching the two dance has just been awful so far.

And the other more important thing is — this song is a good example of the sort of stuff that is wrong with the Kpop sound.

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So this happened the other day…

These are this season’s Prada brogues for me.

A little preview of yesterday…