Current K-pop #5: CSJH is in the hizzle

What to say? This is a well-deserved comeback to be sure, but it’s underwhelming.

For one, it looks like Dana and Sunday have forgotten how to dance. Dana and Sunday were never the dancers of the group anyway, and on top of that, CSJH was never a particularly strong dance group, so watching the two dance has just been awful so far.

And the other more important thing is — this song is a good example of the sort of stuff that is wrong with the Kpop sound.

Let’s just consider “One More Chance” on an aural level, because the song’s content — while not very sophisticated — is noteworthy in its’ slightly feminist message. Again, “slightly” being the operative word and “not very sophisticated” being the other ones.

One More Chance is not completely horrible, because the chorus has been stuck in my head for the past two days, and it’s got some merit in it. But as a whole, it sounds just kind of #kanyeshrug-ish. Like…meh, the world could’ve done without this song.

I hate this speak-sing style that’s taking over all of SM’s songs and it just makes songs sound so ugly when they’re performed live, because nobody does it properly at all. Through no fault of her own, Dana singing her first line is just BEGGING me to punch her in the face. I can understand it being used stylistically right before the bridge as an alternative to rapping, but must we use it this consistently?

Dana and Sunday perform like idols who were trained in a very different era of idols and what One More Chance is requiring them to do really highlights how out of place they are in this current Kpop mainstream. They’ve been out of it effectively for four years, and four years in Kpop is like a quarter of a century. Choreography was simpler back then, songs were more straight-forward, the idea of a “concept” wasn’t as difficult and gimmicky to pull off.

And the thing that sucks about this all is that CSJH never really had an image and never really developed a “concept” that they made theirs’ before they were whisked off to Japan, where they proceeded to fail miserably, and then effectively went MIA for years. There is no legacy to CSJH, which makes this comeback difficult to watch because the combination of little recognition + a not-so-great song makes them look like rookies. Kpop is ALL about legacy and seniority, and for a group that’s headed into their sixth year of debut, a comeback after a 3-year hiatus is not being treated as such.

As far as the technicalities of the song — it’s really not suitable for Dana or Sunday. Both of them have to throw their voices a lower octave to sing the chorus and then switch immediately to speaking like petulant 7 year olds and most of the song is being sung in an uncomfortable range for the both of them. The song is at its best towards the last sixth when Dana and Sunday finally get to show off their vocal ability.

And what good is a song if it’s not anything that suits the singers’ voices and vocal capabilities?

  • asdfg

    I honestly don’t get sing speak songs.
    I didn’t bother with this comeback until I read your blog about them and I became curious..
    and omg, the song sucks? It sounds like they’re just talking throughout the whole song.
    It definitely underwhelming.
    They do look like noobs from a nobody company.

  • Arie j

    I agree with all of thus. This song is is just blah I totally forgot it after the first listen. Their comeback stage is kind of awkward and makes them look like rookie’s; very very new. I think once they gt a better song and figure out what exactly they want to do,then they might have a successful comeback.

  • f

    Even Hyunah does more singing in Bubble Pop than these ladies :/