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City Hunter, final thoughts

2011 has been a pleasantly amazing year for Kdramas and I think the year just got a little more amazing with City Hunter‘s end. I think this one will be pretty hard to top.

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Barbie in your heart

Drama styling tips #5: Greatest Love

Haven’t done one of these in forever, yes? (Other dramas I’ve done in this series: Bad Guy, Moon Lovers, Personal Taste.)

So I didn’t really finished this drama — lost steam at about episode 12 and never clocked in the rest — but this was worth watching for styling inspiration alone. I’m going to take a gander and say that Gong probably styled herself, because Gu Ae-jung’s fashion sense is really reminiscent of Gong’s personal style. And I love me some Gong Hyo-jin personal style. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Gong has one of the most beautiful smiles ever ever EVER. I have such a crush.

Alright, vamanos!

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I love lists #1

Of the Kpop variety this week.

Five singers whose voices I love, but whose music is so boring that I just can’t listen to them
1. Shin Hye-sung
2. Park Hyo-shin
3. Lyn
4. Gummy
5. Kim Tae-woo

An assortment of annoying rap lines from T-ara’s songs
1. “Welcome to your wonderland, everyday I knock knock knock knock”
2. “I like it like it dis, I like it like it dat / I like this, I like that, yeah!” (what. the. fuck.)
3. “Limousine, champagne, bling bling jewelry chain”

Songs I’d like Kpop stars to stop covering:
1. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”
2. Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”
3. Anything from Chris Brown
4. Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow”

Any other lists you’d like to see? Lemme know!

This is the video of my dreams