Miss Ripley, episodes 1 and 2

This is one of the best drama posters I’ve ever seen. It’s compelling to look at and symbolic in relation to the story’s content. My only gripe with it is that everyone looks so happy. Did they shoot the posters before reading the scripts–which call for incessant crying, critically ill parents, dead parents, divorce, and sexual assault?

Anyway, I digress. Miss Ripley is shaping up to be pretty good. It’s definitely setting itself firmly in the “melo” camp and I don’t think I’ve watched a true all-out melo since…Snow Queen, which I watched years ago (boy, that was melo.drama.tic).

What I really like about Miss Ripley so far are the characters. I care about their plights, what motivates them, what happens to them.

I don’t love Lee Da-hae’s Jang Mi-ri, because it feels like she’s the kind of anti-hero hero that’s been done a lot, but I do like how they’re laying down the tracks for her to really push the boundaries down the line. Jang is the anti-pushover and she lives in a kind of do-or-die situation all the time, which can be exhausting to watch, but can also make for some pretty intense storylines. I for one didn’t expect for her to go Sydney Bristow on her sleazy interviewer’s ass, but I’m glad she did and I’m glad that her character’s one that will do that sort of thing.

I actually find Jang Myung-hoon more compelling than Jang Miri, and this is putting my Kim Seung-woo bias aside. He’s kind of an alpha male, kinda not. It’s interesting to see that dynamic where he is ambitious and knowledgeable in some manners (with work), but very clueless and naively sincere in others (with love). What makes him happy? What makes him angry? So far, he’s mostly only been portrayed as a guy who goes on autopilot with work because he is comfortable with work and he knows work well. With his more human desires, he’s less certain. This is, I’m sure, where Jang Mi-ri will come in.

As for Yoochun’s Yutaka (what’s his Korean name…? I can’t be bothered to re-watch to look it up…) and Kang Hye-jung’s Moon Hee-joo, I’m ambivalent. I guess I’ve always felt this way about Yoochun pre-JYJ, but I find him incredibly awkward as the nice guy. He’s better when he’s sarcastic and mean (to Junsu, lol). So to watch him play the boy-next-door guy, saying romantic things about pretty eyeballs and crap…that just doesn’t fly with me.

As for Moon Hee-joo, I love Kang hye-jung a TON, so it pains me slightly to watch her play a character so vanilla. There is an aura of second-lead-ness about her that is so easy to spot from far away. She is a tad too nice, tad too straight-forward, tad too sweet, tad too easy. But I have faith that Hee-joo will ultimately be more complex, because I feel like Kang Hye-jung isn’t just one of those actresses who will take any role, and it’s been a while since she’s done a drama (Kang’s last full-length drama role was in 2007). But she is SO adorable in this.

On a shallow note, why is this drama so ugly to look at?! It’s like someone doused dirty toilet water all over every camera they used to film. Gahhh.

Also, my hots for Kim Seung-woo are going STRONG, y’all. There are three male celebrities in the whole wide world who make me ache when I watch them act: Jason Bateman, Kimura Takuya, and Kim Seung-woo. I swear I don’t have a thing for old married guys, but all these men just happen to be happily married with multiple children each. FML…!

  • http://ofstrangersensibilities.blogspot.com Joy

    The same feelings as JB over @ Dramabeans about the camera quality. Indeed it’s pretty shitty!

  • Emeldy

    I am in love with this drama. I never knew Micky before SKKS. So I am pretty impressed with his acting skills. To me he fits well with Yukata character.

    So you are a DBSK girl ha. I have watch his interview with JYJ member. They said it was painful to watch him acting noble in SKKS. I guess if you knew him really well it is difficult to identify with the character he plays.