I approve of this comeback

This is probably one of the funnest Kpop performances I’ve seen in a while. I would kind of kill to watch them perform this at some sort of venue where I can jump and dance. This song is not innovative to be sure, but it’s just the right amount of 2PM fun that we’ve been missing from our lives ever since their earth shattering Jay scandal, no? Everyone looks so good and the energy of the song fits 2PM perfectly. It’s also really age appropriate, which is something I can almost never say about anything Kpop related ever. (Grown ass girls holding lollipops as props, underage boys wooing women twice their age, adolescent boys dressing up like 50 year old bikers…)

Adolescent boys one-shotting and gyrating feverishly: PERFECTION.

My one and only complaint, and this is a repetitive complaint, is: why is the Junho to Chansung line ration always like 1:50? Who the fuck is paying money to listen to Chansung sing? To even open his mouth, in fact? Don’t get me wrong, I l-o-v-e Chansung but it’s just some sort of worldly injustice to keep a good Junho down to let Chansung rap and sing teeth-gnashingly bad.

A word about the album: it’s good. It’s good in that it’s listenable, which sounds like a backhanded compliment, but I’ve never been a fan of 2PM’s music outside of their promotional singles, so this is big for me. 1:59PM was a bad, bad album, and Hands Up is a good mix of party songs and ballads that don’t completely bore me. 영화처럼 is quite glorious, and I really like Electricity, despite what I’m going to say next, lol.

I know in this fandom, we’re supposed to cherish and hold near and dear to our hearts whenever any idol composes anything, and while I like almost all the 2PM-composed songs on the album, none of them are very original. They don’t sound bad, but they sound uninspired and reminiscent for the most part. Electricity is my favorite of the uninspiredness though, lol. It sounds like a song you would come across on MTV 2 at four in the morning when you experience insomnia and your eyes glaze over as you watch a typical hip hop music video, per chance with some cars bouncing to bass while girls strut in front of the camera wearing a diamond-studded thong. And then in the background you hear Taecyeon (and Chansung) mumble, “Come here, come here, lemme mooove your bodeh, baby come here, come here, lemme mooove your bodeh.”

But I digress, because I do like this comeback. And because this is just too excellent:

  • http://astromantic.org f

    Is Taekyeon supposed to be channeling Freakazoid? aha

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      hahaha it’s even more out of control when you watch that hair in action…

  • T.

    2PM is deeply flawed in so many ways: only one of the members can be considered a “singer” (Junsu), most of their songs are repetitive, over-produced garble, their dancing is bordering seizures despite have some pretty decent dancers (I blame this on JYP who insists on doing everything himself…). But alas, I love these boys and I didn’t expect myself to. I absolutely watching them – they’re hilarious as hell and just simply down to earth and honest, which I find a rarity in Kpop. They also have a lot of chemistry on and off stage. Altogether, 2PM is really likable.

    In response to your post, I absolutely agree with the Junho and Chansung comment. Chansung has a such a harsh voice and is extremely inconsistent. Junsu and Junho are probably the most consistent in the group, though I don’t like Junho’s voice that much. And, I totally forgot Wooyoung even existed.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      I would very much like to challenge you on Junsu being considered the only “singer” :P Poor Junho, always missing out on everything. I’d say Junho is by far the most well-rounded member and while his voice doesn’t have the deeper more attractive quality that Junsu’s has, I much prefer Junho as a performer than Junsu.

    • http://other-worldly.org Justine

      This is pretty much why I’m a 2PM fangirl, they just let themselves be and everything you just said above.

  • Ab

    I’m a fan of 2PM, but I’ve never really been impressed with whatever they’ve already put out, except for Again & Again. So I was very happy when Hands Up came out because it’s different from their beastly and emo concept and the fact that they are back to their 10 Points Out Of 10 Points concept. Yeah, the songs are not very original but I can listen to every single one on repeat lol.

    And just wanted to say that I agree with you about Junho – he’s always being overlooked lol but I think he’s really one of the better members in 2PM. Able to sing, dance, compose, not that bad at variety, a kinda good model. I guess he doesn’t really get that much recognition because Junsu is always known as the “vocalist” of the group while Wooyoung is known for being the dancer in 2PM.

  • Marian

    Your description of Electricity was perfect. haha. I guess that’s what I like about it.(?)

    With 2PM (+pretty much everything that goes on in Kpop at the moment), I always tend to have low expectations with their releases, and I think that helps with being surprised with what they come up with. I tend to just end up really liking their promotional song, and this album release is the first time I enjoyed listening to all of the songs since 10 out of 10.

  • thekors

    I think 2PM is definitely a likable bunch and as someone had pointed out above, they are probably the only group that seem very down to earth and genuinely humble. But in terms of their music career, I think they are just in the wrong company. They’re all excellent dancers stuck with underwhelming choreography, and they have 3 members who i would consider good singers (Junsu, Junho and Wooyoung), whose talent could be much more explored in companies that get better producers and composers.

  • melanie

    I hate how Chansung emphasizes the PUTs and UPs in his part compared to Junhu’s.