Hair inspiration

I am getting a much-needed haircut soon and I’ve had long hair for a while now (or forever, whatever), and while I’ve gotten it cut shorter and shorter each time I go to the salon, I’m actually just going to chop it off and get it dyed. Not sure if I’m getting a perm yet, but I’m trying to do this thing where I act a little more spontaneous and be less afraid of trying new things. And hair grows back — that is the biggest lesson.

I don’t actually want this haircut, I just want this color. So brassy, I like.

I don’t know who this is–dangers of surfing on Flickr–but eep, she and her hair are so cute.

  • slubtastic

    This is a bit weird to ask but you have great taste in style and what not. I’m in need of haircut but do you know what hairstyle would go well with thick hair and a round face -_________- ? I want to go out of my regular hairstyle but I’m too scared that my hair would turn puffy :(

    • Amy

      Hmmm, if thickness is a huge problem, I suggest getting it thinned out. As for puffiness, I would go with smoothing serums. I use Moroccan Oil as a smoothing treatment, though it’s not designated as that (it’s meant for “treatment”), since it works wonders for me.

      As for haircut, I think thick hair is good for getting a wave perm since it holds. Or if you want it long and straight, think about blunt bangs like this! I love the haircut of the girl on the right, but bangs are not something I can pull off. You can also try the bangs with a shoulder-length bob instead. That’s always fun.

      I also find shoulder-length cuts with a perm super flattering on round faces, a la Hyoyeon.

      Hope that was helpful!

      • slubtastic

        Ooooh thank you! I will definitely look into this!

  • hapacalgirl

    Oooh I love getting my hair dyed, especially since I have always had really dark brown hair and really light skin (hair from my asian side, skin from my caucasian side). As for cutting hair, its good to be spontaneous but you should kind of have an idea of what kind of short cut works for your face. i cut 10+ inches of my hair post college and couldn’t wait for it to grow back (the cut was fine, but my hair is thick and can go wavy so I found myself always having to straighten it when it was short, when its long the weight of my hair straightens it out) and it just now is finally long again. I am actually trying to find a haircut that will keep the length but a different style.

    For short hair I like the last pic but blunt bangs are really hard to pull off if you don’t have the right face shape. If you want other ideas, I actually got the idea for my favorite haircut of all-time (so incredibly flattering to my oval face and so low maintenance) from this site:

    *just to let you know, the whole site is in japanese though

    • Amy

      Not to worry, lol, I know what haircuts fit my face shape. And I love rasysa, I just don’t really like Japanese hairstyles.